Jaya tells court, I am not weak

She was calm and poised and despite her advocates telling the court that she is weak, she said she did not want any break.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa had to spent an entire day in the court and tomorrow will be no different for her. Today she spent the entire day answering 380 questions in all posed to her by the prosecution. She still has another 1000 questions to be answered and that would continue tomorrow.

The proceedings began with her advocates saying that Jayalalithaa should be given a break every now and then since she is very weak. However she was quick to speak on her own and said that she is perfectly fine and would not need a break. She said that she would take part in the proceedings and there would be taking part in the trial.

One of the members present in the court the entire day informed that she was calm and cool all through the trial. Although it is mandatory that an accused stands while deposing, she was permitted to sit down and answer the questions. She did not throw any tantrums and spoke in a calm manner. On the whole she ensured that the proceedings were very smooth and there was no delay what so ever.

Jayalalithaa arrived in Bangalore this morning in grand style. In fact most of the police personnel in the city were missing as there were 1500 of them guarding her when she deposed before the court. The convoy which escorted her to court comprised 20 vehicles.

Security around the court hall was at an unprecedented high today and not a single person barring her legal team were allowed inside the court hall. There were a flurry of journalists and her supporters who waited outside the court. Some of her lawyers/supporters sought entry into the court, but they were prevented from doing so which eventually led to a minor skirmish.

Jayalalithaa neither interacted with her lawyers nor the media. During her lunch break she was escorted into her vehicle where she had her lunch before getting back to the court.

Long day ahead for Jayaa and Yeddi

3.01 pm

After an hours break, the proceedings both at the special court and High Court have commenced. While Jayalalithaa answered nearly 300 questions while recording her statement, Yeddyurappa’s lawyers contiuned arguments at the high court of Karnataka.
Yeddys counsel is stressing on the point that the case against his client is frivilous. However the court observed that they need to put out a valid ground if they chose to seek interim bail.
Jayaa meanwhile continues to stand in the box and record her statement.

1.29 pm
The Karnataka High Court has adjourned proceedings on the bail plea filed by yeddyurappa to 2.30 PM. arguments on the inetrim bail plea by a battery of lawyers will continue in the afternoon after the court resumes following a lunch break.

11.34 am

The Karnataka High Court commenced hearing on the bail plea filed by B S Yeddyurappa former Chief Minister of Karnataka. A battery of lawyers are in the court to argue the case.
Yeddyurappa who is in judicial custody has sought interim bail.

10:57 am

Uday Lalith who was the  special proisecutor in 2G case will argue the case on behalf of B S Yeddyurappa, former Chief Minister of Karnataka. The proceedings at the High Court is expected to commence in a while.
Yeddy who is in jail after the Lokayukta court rejected his bail plea had moved the high court against this order.


There were some minor skirmishes at the Special Court Bangalore as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa entered the court hall. A battery of her lawyer/supporters who were present at the venue demanded that they be let inside the court hall and when they were prevented from doing so they engaged in arguments which eventually led to pushing. The police however brought the situation under control.
Jayalalithaa’s statements would be recorded at 11 am and this would go on till 5 PM barring a lunch break between 2PM and 3 PM. The Additional Commissioner,  four DCPs and 1500 police personnel are standing guard to provide her security.


Amidst all the chaos in the courts today, Bangalore had something to cheer about. The much awaited Metro Rail known as Namma Metro was flagged off for commercial operations.
In the first phase the metro rail would run between MG Road and Bypanahalli on elevtaed tracks.

10:31 am

Jayalalithaa has just reached te special court bangalore. the proceedings will commence at 11. a special van has been arranged for her where she would be until the proceedings begin.

10:19 am

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa arrived at Bangalore in a special aircraft. Guarded by 1500 police personnel she was driven to the Special Court which is at Parapana Agrahara, 20 kilometres away from the city.
She will have to step into the box at 10.55 am following which her statement will be recorded.

Meanwhile the Karnataka High Court will hear the bail plea filed by former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. The matter to be heard by Justice Pinto is listed at serial number 55 and is expected to come up by 11.30 am.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, on Thursday, is expected to have a long day ahead at the special court in Bangalore. She may have to spend around seven hours at the Court on Thursday.
Apart from tight security no other special arrangements have been made for the Tamil Nadu chief minister within the court hall, which has been shifted to Parapana Agrahara that also houses the central jail in which former Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa is lodged.
Jayalalithaa will also have to stand in the box just like any other accused. She is expected to arrive at the court premises by 10.30 am and would enter the court hall at 10.50 am. Special judge B Mallikarjunaiah will record her statement at 11 am.
The procedure will continue till 2 pm, when the court breaks for lunch for an hour, following which the process would commence and go on till 5 pm.
Although CM Jayalalithaa will not receive any VIP treatment within the court hall, a special bus would accompany her from Chennai on Thursday. She is expected to take rest in this bus.
The special court is hearing the disproportionate assets case against her. The case was shifted by a Supreme Court verdict five years ago from Chennai to Bangalore.

Jayaa trial- of delays and adjournments

The Special Court trying the disproportionate assets case against Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has begun recording her statements. The marathon proceeding which commenced at 11 AM will go on till 5 PM today.
Jayalalithaa arrived in Bangalore amidst tight security and currently there are nearly 1500 police personnel guarding her. Security is at an unprecedented high and no one barring here lawyers have been permitted to enter into the court.
The case against the TN, Chief Minister has not been short of drama. The case dates back to 1996 and has had a long history of delays, adjournments and several appeals. In all there have been 150 adjournments in this case. In fact even before she appeared before the court in person today, she had moved the Supreme Court complaining about the security arrangements, but the Supreme Court had rejected that claim on the assurance that the Karnataka Government had made adequate arrangements.
Jayalalithaa is the Prime accused in this case. In the year 1996 the DMK government had filed a case suo motu against her based on the complaints filed DMK leader K Anbazhagan. It was alleged that she had amassed wealth worth Rs 66.6 crore which was disproportionate to her known source of income. In this case the other accused persons are her close aide, Sasikala, V Sudhakaran and Ilavarasi.
The case against her commenced in Chennai but then once she became the Chief Minister in the year 2001, the DMK moved the Supreme Court stating that the case be shifted out of the state since she being in power would mean that she would try and tamper with the evidence. The Supreme Court took cognisance ofw this petition and ordered the transfer of the case to Bangalore, where a Special Court was set up.
Once the case was transferred to Bangalore the proceedings started off on a positive note, but then it was dogged by delays due to various reasons. One of the main reasons was that the documents which were all in Tamil had to be translated and the Karnataka government was not finding the right persons to do the same. These documents involved the deposition of at least 250 witnesses.
In the midst of this there was also an application moved before the Supreme Court seeking certain explanations on points of law relating to this case. The case was then stayed for nearly a year before the stay was vacated and the proceedings could commence. After this the special judge who was hearing the case was elevated as judge of the High Court and it took a while before a new judge could be appointed.
Two months back Jayalalithaa had moved an application before the same court seeking an exemption from personal appearance. She said she would give a written explanation and would also face the trial through video conferencing. However the same was rejected and her personal appearance was sought.
The matter then went up before the Supreme Court and the court was of the view that she appear in person and no such exemption could be granted to her. Just two days before she could appear before the Court she once again moved the Supreme Court stating that not enough security arrangements were made for her and hence she could not appear before the Court. The Supreme Court however on Wednesday rejected her application and asked her to go before the Special Court in Bangalore on Thursday.

This is not my Ram Sene

The Shri Ram Sene which had been in the news following the pub attacks in Mangalore is once again back in the news. This time it is for the assault on Prashanth Bhushan and also some supporters of Anna Hazare.

However the supremo of the Ram Sene, Pramod Muthalik remains unfazed as he said he is the biggest supporter of Anna Hazare and he would never do or get something of this sort done.

I know there is another group based in the North which also goes by the same name. I strongly suspect that it is that organisation which is carrying out these attacks. I am aware that all the fingers are pointing towards my organisation but let me be honest we have absolutely no presence in Delhi. Our activities are nill over there and hence there is no chance that any of my boys could have carried out this attack.

Moreover we are strong supporters of the Anna Hazare movement. During the fast that he undertook I was one of his strongest supporters. Our organisation took place in every possible programme at that time and hence the question of us carrying out this attack does not arise at all.

According to me the party most affected by Anna Hazare is the Congress since they have decided to take this party head on. It is more likely that they could stage manage such an attack because they are the one’s who have everything to gain if the Anna movement is silenced.

I have decided not to react to the fact that the name of my organisation is being dragged into it. I am not filing any case of defamation, but yes I would hope that a thorough inquiry is conducted the name of my organisation is not taken up without any  reason.

Goa mining scam-chaos on its way

There is expected to be chaos in the Goa assembly when the Bharatiya Janata Party raises the issue of illegal mining. The issue has become a major one with the Shah Commission probing the illegalities pertaining to the mining industry inGoa.

The Shah Commission continues to examine the illegalities committed in the Goamining industry and here are a couple of examples of what they would be probing. The government records show that from the sixty-six mining lessees – 1, 54, 44,245 tons (15 million metric tons in the past three years) where extracted illegally. Even if we take the sale price of that iron ore extracted at only Rs 4000 per metric ton as per the lowest market value of iron-ore sold in the open market; it will give you a sum total amounting to over Rs 6100 crore, which is a estimate of the illegal mining done in Sattari and Sanguem as per the government of Goa own records.
R S Shetye & Bros in its mines, TC No 70/51 had not obtained its Environmental Clearance under the Wildlife Protection Act from the Chief Wildlife Local Warden, yet in 2008-09 it extracted 11,71,234 tons and in 2009-10 it extracted 11,77,707 tons.  If we put a figure to that amount it is a shocking total of over 939 crore.

Sesa Goa in its mines, TC No 6/55 had not obtained its Environment Clearance as well from Wildlife Board yet it extracted in 2008-09 7,45,562 tons, 2009-10 6,65,976 tons and 2010-2011 (up to January) 5,12,378. If we put a figure to that extraction of iron ore it is another shocking amount of over Rs 769 crore. In its mine in TC No 28/51 the company extracted 26,732 tons above the Environmental Clearance Quantity capping which amounts to over Rs 10 crore.
VG Quenim mining lease of TC 16/55 had an Environmental Clearance Quantity capping of only 4,37,000 tons per annum. Yet in 2008-09 it extracted 2,24,683 tons more and in 2009-10 it extracted 2,81,401 more making a gross total over 5,06,083 tons more than what was permitted. It is over Rs 202 crore.
Chowgule & Co in its mine in TC 31/55 also did not obtain its environmental clearance from the wildlife authorities yet it mined 1, 99,937 tons in 2008-09, 2, 32,795 tons in 2009-10 and 1, 20,273 tons up to January 2011. A total of 5, 53,005 tons of iron ore was illegally extracted which amounts to Rs 221 crore. In TC No 41/56 this company has extracted 60,366 illegally since it did not have its EC from the Forest Department. It illegally extracted ore worth over Rs 24 crore.

Damodar Mangalji & Co in TC 95/52 extracted a total of 17,500 tons in the past three years; however it did not have its EC from the CWLW. – An illegal mining worth Rs 7 crores. But in TC No 2/71 for the last three years with EC it extracted 74,708 tons illegally worth 29 crore.
VS Dempo in TC No 20/54 extracted 1, 64,656 above the EC quantity capping for the last three years, illegal mining worth over Rs 65 crore. In TC No 5/54 it extracted 3, 88,352 tons more that EC quantity capping permission worth over Rs 155 crore.

In TC No 7/41 Emco Goa Pvt Ltd had not obtained the EC from the wildlife authorities yet in the past three years it has extracted 99,627 tons from its leased mine worth over Rs 39 crore, illegally. The contractor as per government records is Minas E Minerias De Goa Ltd

In TC No 88/52 Soc. Timblos Irmaos went 28,964 tons above EC quantity capping, when computed it amounts to Rs 11 crore. However, in TC No 87/53 it did not have it EC from the wildlife authorities yet is extracted a total of 10, 70,675 tons of iron ore amounting to Rs 428 crore in the past three years.
VM Salgaocar & Bros in TC No 50/53 extracted a total of 8, 14,999 tons of iron ore even when it did not have it is EC from the wildlife authorities, this ore extract is worth over Rs 325 crore. In the TC No 13/55 the company has extracted 1, 59,383 tons more the EC quantity capping permitted, this iron ore is worth over Rs 67 crore. all this in the past three years
NCP leader Prafulla Hede Company having his mine in TC No 30/50 extracted iron ore even though it did not have the EC clearance of 22,087 tons worth over Rs 8 crore.

Mine lease in the name of the late Cipriano DeSouza in TC No 7/58 even though it had no clearance from the wildlife authorities. This mine extracted iron ore of 1, 52,049 tons in the last three years at a currently valued amount of Rs 60 crore. This mining contractor is Salgaocar Mining Industries
The lessee company Mohanlal Rege in TC No 50/58 according to the Department of Mines record extracted only 3848 tons in the last three years but it did not its EC from the forest department. The value amount when compared to the other companies is Rs 1.53 crore.

The mine lessee belonging to the Late Atmaram Palondicar in TC No 17/49 extracted 2, 10,000 tons of iron ore worth over Rs 84 crore even though it had not got the EC clearance required under the Wildlife Protection Act and from the wildlife authorities.

Shantilal Kushaldas & Bros Pvt Ltd in TC No 28/52 extracted 2, 28,367 tons of iron ore with getting the EC clearance from the forest department even though it got a clearance from the wildlife authorities. The value of the ore extracted is estimated to be over Rs 91 crore.

Chowgule & Co in TC No 22/50 extracted in 2009-10 192,270 tons of iron ore more than the EC quantity capping permissible. The estimated value of this illegal extraction is Rs 76 crore.

In the mining lease belonging to Ravindra T Deulkar at TC No 20/51, 1, 12, 288 tons of iron ore was extracted even though no EC from wildlife authorities was obtained. The estimated value of the illegal mining on this mine is Rs 45 crore.

The contractor of this mine is the Timblos Mineral Pvt Ltd.

In TC No 65/51 belonging to the mining lease holder the Late Amalia Rodrigues Fiquereido even though there was no EC clearance from the Forest Department yet 2, 30,956 was extracted which is worth Rs 92 crore. The contractor to this mine as per government records is Imran Traders.
Sesa Goa in its mine in TC No 69/51 extracted over 36, 46,214 tons of iron ore and it did not even have the EC clearance under the Wildlife Protection Act. It is a shocking amount of Rs 1458 crore according to market estimates in the past three years.

Mines owners Mineira National Ltd in TC No 62/51 extracted 4, 63,866 tons in the past three years over and above the EC quantity capping permitted to this mine. The ore extracted is worth over Rs 185 crore. The contractor is Hardesh Ores Pvt Ltd.

NS Narvekar mines in TC 40/51 did not get its EC clearance from the forest department yet it extracted 3, 23,700 tons in the last three years. The amount is estimated to be worth Rs 129 crore. The contractor to this mine as per government records is Hardesh Ores Ltd.

Soc Timblos Irmaos Ltd in TC No 143/53 extracted 62,803 tons more the EC quantity capping permitted in January 2011; the iron-ore is worth Rs 25 crore.

The mining lease company Sova (Balkrishna Avde) in TC No 45/54 had not EC clearance from the wildlife department yet it extracted 11, 44, 545 tons of iron ore estimated at shocking value of over Rs 457 crore.
In TC No 41/54 belonging to mining lease holder the late Ahilibai Sardesai, without an EC clearance from the wildlife authorities this mine extracted 8, 17,506 tons in the last three years valued at over Rs 327 crore. The contractor of this mine as per government records is VS Dempo & Co Pvt Ltd.
Mines owners Marzook & Cadar Ltd in TC No 4/55 did not have the EC according to the rules of the Wildlife Protection Act and it extracted 3, 06,424 tons in the last three years valued at over Rs 122 crore
In TC No 2/57 belonging to Mahableshwar Garco 1, 21,000 tons of iron ore was extracted even though this mine also did not have its EC clearance according to the Wildlife Protection Act rules. The estimated value in the market is over Rs 48 crore.

From Cong to CBI-Jagan bares all

Photo courtesy: teluguone.com

An entry with a bang and then a series of cases against him. Jagan Mohan Reddy, son of late Dr Y S Rajashekhar Reddy has been in the news ever since the quit the Congress party and formed his own party known as the YSR Congress party in Andhra Pradesh.

The wave was evident and right from day one of his much hyped up Odarpu Yatra of Andhra and Rayalseema, he pulled crowds in large numbers. Riding high on his father’s image and a sympathy factor, he went round seeking the blessings of the people. However this was cut short for a while with the Central Bureau of Investigation launching a series of raids against him.

Even when former Karnataka minister and mining baron, Janadhan Reddy was arrested, it was seen as a ploy to curb Jagan who is said to be close to the Bellary Reddy. The Odarpur Yatra which he is undertaking today came under a cloud thanks to the CBI cases, but what one witnesses is a scene no different from the first of the Yatras he undertook. Jagan is a picture of confidence and calm and says in this interview that the CBI raids are nothing but a witch hunt and the final judge is God.

As he continues to meet with various families under distress, he says that the next Government in Andhra Pradesh will be formed by him and no amount of raids can deter his chances since the people know by now that such raids are only being conducted out of malice since the Congress is worried about his growth. My father was a great source of support to me and he is the one who brought the Congress to power in the state.

Until I was there in that party, my father was a great man and today that I am out he has become a villain in the eyes of the Congress. The entire state knows what he has done for development and no amount of bad mouthing by his opponents can take that away from him. In politics each one has to face a lot of hardship and I am prepared for it. There is a witch hunt on against me and it is just a matter of time before the truth comes out. I am not worried about the CBI arresting me.

I know all the businesses are clean ventures and during the course of the probe, the CBI will also get to know that. In this state I wonder whether there is an opposition at all. At the moment I am playing the role of the opposition since the Congress and the Telegu Desam Party appear to have joined hands to fight me. It is a strange situation, but as I said I am prepared for everything and it was expected that they would try to stop my growth.

At the end of the day what matters is the love and support of the people which I have in abundance. I had said this on day one and will say it now too that the CBI raids against me is nothing but a witch hunt. I doubt whether it would result in my arrest since I have enough proof to show that all the ventures in which I am involved in are clean. The CBI has not called me for questioning, but I am open to any investigation. Today they are targeting my father in connection with the Emaar case when everyone knows that it was Chandrababu Naidu who cleared that project when he was the Chief Minister. This probe is aimed at not only ruining my political prospects but also the create a headache for my investors. However I maintain that all investments were legitimate in nature and this can be proven at the right time. The allegations are endless and it is being said that I had taken money and my companies had benefited when my father was the Chief Minister.

They speak about the Sandur Power Company which has an investment of Rs 150 crore. The fact is that the clearence for this project was given much before my father became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. I have heard a lot of allegations that I may try and destroy the evidence. It is an unfair statement make against me. The CBI itself has not come up with any concrete evidence against me as yet and they are yet to call me for questionining. On the future of his party, he says that it will go far and he has the confidence that his party will emerge victorious.

The people will cast their vote for me and today they all realize that the Congress is after me since they fear. Let all this continue since at the end of the day it will only help us from going from strength to strength. I am confident that my party will win 240 seats in AP. Many surveys have indicated the same the love which I get from the people also goes on to show me that picture. I connect with the masses at the grass root level and they do understand that I am here not only for their votes but since I am genuinely concerned about them. On the question that he may get back to the Congress, Reddy says that this is not a possibility. I am not thinking of anything of that sort and there will be no pre or post poll alliances with the Congress either. About the question of other alliances too, I am not thinking about it since I firmly believe that we will win the 2014 elections with a majority and would not need any support. This is not arrogance, but this is confidence that my people have given me. I know I am being accused of making the Congress weak and they blame me for the recent spate of resignations. You are free to ask any of them whether I have asked them to resign.

I have not even been in touch with them. Most of them are upset with the fact that the Congress has been targeting my father. They know what my father had done for the party and they will not take unwanted allegations against him. I guess these MLAs too were hurt and hence they came out of the Congress. How much can they sit and listen to the allegations against me and my father. It was bound to wear off someday. The Congress should realize that they have only more to lose if they continue to accuse and try and crush me. Many of the MLAs in the Congress had won only on the name of my father. They too realize that by staying on in a party which is accusing him they only have a lot to lose out at the end of it. On the current strength of the Congress, he points out that he does not think too much about that. I know that Chiranjeevi has joined them. What I have seen of him is that he is able to pull crowds and not votes. The Congress does not have any leader today who can pull votes leave alone a crowd. Regarding the controversial Telangana issue, Jagan has to say that it is up to the party in power to decide on that. I am not in touch with any of the Telangana leaders. They feel humiliated by the Congress at the end of the day and hence there is such a split in the party on that issue too.

Setback for Jayalalithaa in corruption case

The Karnataka High Court today quashed the investigation by the vigillance against Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. Justice Jaganathan while quashing the decision of a probe by the vigilance also ordered the special court in Bangalore to conduct the trial on a day to day basis.
A petition had been filed challenging the decision to probe the disproportioante assets case by the director of vigilance. It was alleged that this probe had been initiated after Jayalaltihaa had come to power. It was stated that this probe was set up with her to weaken the case against her and she being the CM could influence the probe agency to her liking. It was further stated that the Supreme Court had already transferred the case to Karnataka and it was under trial and hence when this being the case there was no need for a seperate probe.
The High Court while allowing the petition directed the trial court in Bngalore to conduct the probe on a day to day basis. Jayalalithaa will have to now appear in person before the court following the Supreme Court order which was passed a week back.

The richest Indian ministers

Praful Patel is the richest minister in India with assets worth Rs 122 crore while S Jagathrakshan comes in second with Rs 70 crore. A distant third is Kamal Nath with Rs 41 crore worth of assets. This data is as per a report put out by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) disclosed the financial assets and liabilities of Ministers online base on which this report has been prepared.


77% of our Ministers (59 out of 77) are crorepatis.

The average asset value of a minister in the current ministry is Rs. 10,63,55,097 (Rs 10.6 crores). In 2009, the average asset value of a minister was Rs 7.3 Cr.

The current ministers on an average are Rs 3.3Cr richer than in 2009. This is inspite of the fact that 19 ministers in their 2011 declarations to PMO have not given the value of several of their movable and immovable assets (details in Annexure I).

The highest asset increase in rupees has been for Dr. S. Jagathrakshakan of DMK whose assets show an increase of Rs. 64.5 crores in two years (from 5.9 crores in 2009 to 70 crores 2011). He is followed by Praful Patel with an increase of Rs 42 Crores (from 79.8 crores in 2009 to 122 crores in 2011) and Kamal Nath with an increase of Rs 26 Crores (from 14 crores in 2009 to 41 crores in 2011)

The highest asset increase percentage wise has been for Dr. S. Jagathrakshakan (DMK). His assets have grown by 1092%. He is followed by Panabaka Lakshmi (INC) with a growth of 828% in her assets and Panabaka Lakshmi (INC) with a growth of 705% in his assets.

The richest Minsters are Praful Patel (assets worth 122 crores), S. Jagathrakshakan (assets worth 70 crore) and Kamal Nath (assets worth 41 crore)

15 ministers have shown a decrease in their assets as compared to the assets they declared in 2009. 6 of them have not given the value of several of their assets.

Asset increase details:

Dr Jagathrakshan of the DMK has disclosed assets worth Rs 70 crore for this year. This is against the Rs 5 crore that was disclosed in the year 2009 which means his assets have increased by Rs 64 crore at 1092 per cent. The moveable and immoveable assets are at 61,23,16,011 and Rs 91973700 respectively.

In the case of Praful Patel the asset increase has been from Rs 79 crore in 2009 to Rs 122 crore in 2011. The asset increase is at 53 per cent. His moveable assets are valued at Rs 33,35,78,927 and immovable at 88,67,24,687.

In the case of Kamal Nath, the asset increase has been at 183 per cent from Rs 14 crore in 2009 to Rs 41 crore this year. The moveable and immoveable assets are 30,73,93,019 and 10,26,58,357 respectively.

In the Rajya Sabha it is Rajeev Shukla who has shown an increase of 294 per cent. In the year 2009 he declared assets of Rs 7 crore as opposed to the Rs 30 crore this year.

Ashwani Kumar of the Congress comes in second from Rs 8 crore to Rs 25 crore at a per centage of 193 per cent.

Jayanthi Natrajan comes in third at 191 per cent. Her asset increase is from Rs 7 crore in 2009 to Rs 23 crore this year.

The top ten:

Praful Patel- Rs 122 crore

Dr Jagathrakshan- Rs 70 crore

Kamal Nath- Rs 41 crore

Kapil Sibal- Rs 38 crore

M K Alagiri- Rs 34 crore

Milind Deora- Rs 33 crore

J M Scindia- Rs 32 crore

Rajeev Shukla- Rs 30 crore

Kishore Chandra Deo- Rs 28 crore

Ashwani Kumar- Rs 25 crore

SC to Jaya-Go to court

In a set back to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalaltihaa, the Supreme Court today directed her to appear before the Special Court trying the disproportionate assets case against her. The Supreme Court verdict comes in the wake of an earlier application filed by her seeking exemption from a personal appearance on the ground of security and also the fact that she needs to be in Chennai in view of the budget session.
A Division Bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justice Dalveer Bhandari and Justice Deepak Verma while passing the order however observed that it would be the discretion of the trial judge to decide on whether the trial would be conducted in a separate room or in the regular court. The TN CM would however have to file an application to this effect seeking a order.
The trial court houses in the City Civil Court in Bangalore is crowded and is a hub of activity. Jayalalithaa who enjoys heavy security was apprehensive that there could be a threat to her life in the wake of her being asked to be personally present. A battle regarding her appearance has been on several times in the trial court which was set up almost five years back.
The Supreme Court which today directed her to appear before the trial court on October 20 however added that she be examined in a proper environment. The trial has been going on at a very slow pace ever since the special court was set up thanks to various reasons. A couple of years back the Supreme Court had stayed the trial for sometime due to certain technicalities which were raised by the accused persons.

GJR breaking

The court has remanded Janardhan Reddy to custody. While rejecting his bail plea, the CBI court has remanded him in 14 days custody.
More in a bit.

Janardhan Reddy and the CBI team have now reached the CBI premises in Hyderabad. He has been taken into the CBI office where certain formalities will have to be carried out. They will kept at the CBI premises before being produced before the court later today. CBI DGP, Lakshmi Narayan informed that the Janardhan Reddy and Srinivas Reddy have been treated as accused for various offenses under the IPC and the Forest Act. We will investigate the matter and put out a detailed report, he said. We will seek their custody before the court. Let us see what the court has to say, he also added.

Looks like the CBI is going for the kill. After taking into custody, Janardhan Reddy followig a spate of raids, they are now raiding the official residence of B Sriramulu who is a close aide of the Reddy brothers.

The CBI is now conducting a raid at the official residence of Sriramulu whose name figures in the illegal mining report of the Lokayukta. Sriramulu had quit the Karnataka assembly on Sunday stating that he was hurt that his name figured in the illegal mining report. Sriramulu at the moment is in Mysore and is about to embark on his state wide tour seeking justice from the people.
Janardhan Reddy has reached Hyderabad. He was brought to Hyderabad by a CBI team which arrested him this morning.
He will be priduced before the CBI court. Earlier the CBI planned on producing him at 11.30 but there were delays due to the travel from Bellary. however the CBI has decided on producing him today itself and will seek his remand for questioning.

The raids being conducted on Janardhan Reddy are yeilding results. The CBI has now seized Rs 3.5 crore in cash and also 30 Kgs of gold. The CBI has also found 3s 1.5 crore cash in the residence of Srinivas Reddy, the OMC MD who was also arrested today.

The CBI raids continue in Bangalore and Bellary against the Reddy brothers. The nuch hyped chopper in which Janardhan Reddy used to travel has been confiscated by the CBI. In addition to this they have also secured several records relating to the Obalapuram Mining Company.
Raids were conducted in the apartment belonging to the Reddys in Bangalore. The CBI is now trying to access one of the rooms but have not found the keys as yet. They have sought the help of the local police now to open this door.
The Reddys meanwhile have decided to make a political issue out of this. Although Jagan Mohan Reddy has stayed away from this contrevrsy, the reddys brought his name into the picture. They now say that this is a witch hunt by the Congress. First they target Jagan and now us. We have done nothing wrong and this is nothing but political vendetta, they also added.


B Janardhan Reddy who was arrested this morning by the CBI is expected to be produced before the CBI court in Hyderabad at 11.30 am. The CBI will seek his remand for further questioning.
Reddy is being brought by road to Hyderabad and is expected to reach in an hour.
The CBI team of ten which conducted the raid at his residence will question him and his associates in connection with the illegal mining case. The allegation is that he had carried out illegal mining in Bellary under the name of Obalapuram Mining Company. The lease for the OMC situated in Andhra Pradesh was granted by the AP government under the Chief Ministership of Dr Y S Rajasekara Reddy. However after Rosaiah took over following the death of YSR he ordered a probe into the issue on the ground that the terms of lease were being violated.
Several questions are being asked regarding the impact this issue would now have on Jagan Mohan Reddy who is said to be close to the Reddys. However in the Jagan camp there is no activity and they maintain that they have no interest or stake in the OMC.

It was trouble for B Janardhan Reddy, the mining baron from Bellary. A ten member CBI team after conducting a raid at his residence has taken him into custody and will be flying him to Hyderabad for further questioning.
Raids were conducted late last night and early this morning in connection with illegal mining case.
An aide Srinivas Reddy too has been arrested by the CBI team. The case pertains mining activities in Andhra Pradesh. An inquiry was ordered by then CM K Rosaiah based on which a CBI probe was conducted.
CBI sources were not available for comment. They would take the Reddys to their office in Hyderabad and would question him in regard to this case. The legal team of the Reddy brothers have not reacted to the news as yet and say that they would pursue legal action accordingly.