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Political funding- All but INC had representation at CIC

A full bench, comprising Chief Information Commissioner Satyanand Mishra and Commissioners M L Sharma and Annapurna Dikshit, of Central Information Commission (CIC) reserved its verdict on political funding.
It has been hearing a matter on whether “political parties should be declared as public authorities andt brought under the purview of RTI”. Except Indian National Congress (INC), all recognized national political parties i.e. CPI(M), NCP, BSP and BJP sent their representatives to argue their respective cases.
NCP said that the information regarding the donors to the political parties might be used to threaten the donors. The donor would be intimidated by the rival political parties. Continue reading “Political funding- All but INC had representation at CIC”

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Highest tax paying politicians in HP

Balbir Singh Verma, an independent from chopal constituency in Himachal Pradesh has declared the highest income of Rs. 1.41 Crores in his last Income Tax return. This is as per the report prepared by the Himachal Pradesh Election Watch and the Association for Democratic Reforms which has analysed the IT returns of candidates contesting the forthcoming elections.
Verma is followed by G.S. Bali (INC) from Nagrota constituency and has declared income of Rs. 1.12 Crores in his last ITR, and Sanjay Kumar Guleria, an independent from Jawali constituency who has declared income of Rs. 62.99 Lacs as per his last filed Income Tax Returns. Continue reading “Highest tax paying politicians in HP”

HP-Congress tops list of criminal candidates

HP Vidhan Sabha. Pic: Himchal Alive

In Himachal Pradesh, the Indian National Congress tops the list of most number of criminal candidates who will contest the forthcoming assembly elections. A report prepared by the Himachal Pradesh Election Watch in association with the Association for Democratic Reforms would show that out of the 445 candidates 65 have criminal cases pending against them.
Out of these 445 candidates analyzed for the Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections, 69 candidates or 16 % declared criminal cases against them. In 2007 assembly elections for the whole of Himachal Pradesh, 18% candidates had declared criminal cases against themselves. Continue reading “HP-Congress tops list of criminal candidates”

Himachal Pradesh crorepati jump- 16 to 33 percent


The number of crorepati candidates in Himachal Pradesh has risen since 2007. In the year 2007 the number of such candidates were at 16 per cent and this year it has shot up to 33 per cent a report just released by the Association for Democratic Reforms and the Himchal Pradesh Election Watch states.

The affidavits of 445 candidates have been analysed out of which146 candidates i.e. 33% are crorepatis. In 2007, there were 16% crorepati candidates.

Continue reading “Himachal Pradesh crorepati jump- 16 to 33 percent”

ADR backs seizure of unaccounted cash during elections

The Association for Democratic Reforms has said that legitimate business transactions based on cash should not suffer, but supports the ECI’s measure to seize unaccounted for cash.
This comes in response to a Public Interest Litigation filed before the Gujarat High Court by the business community seeking “restraint and moderation” of the Election Commission’s order that rules the seizure of cash beyond Rs. 2.5 lakh in transit unless the money has been appropriately accounted for.

Continue reading “ADR backs seizure of unaccounted cash during elections”

Gujarat- Political donations and income

Pic: TOI

As the state of Gujarat braces itself for an election this year, it would be interesting to see the donations received by the political parties over there and also the list of candidates who hold a criminal background.

An analysis of the total income and donations prepared by the Association for Democratic Reforms and the Gujarat Election Watch would show that with regard to share of donations received in excess of Rs 20000 from the total income, a total of Rs 135.89 crore in excess of 20,000 was received by the INC between 2007-08 and 2010-11 whereas BJP has received 167.14 crore in excess of 20,000 between the same period . INC has shown that its share of donations received in excess of 20,000 from total income is a mere 9% and for BJP it is 21.71%. Continue reading “Gujarat- Political donations and income”

Politcal Donors in Himachal Pradesh

In Himachal Pradesh, the BJP leads the table with Rs 82,000.50 lakhs collected from donations over a period of 7 years, between 2004-05 and 2010-11, followed by the Indian national Congress with Rs 27,250.48 lakhs collected from donations during the same period.

The data analysis done by the Association for Democratic Reforms states that the BSP has declared a total income from donations to be Rs 30,731 lakhs (data for 2006-07 is awaited), followed by CPM (Rs 17,546.15 lakhs) and CPI (Rs 548.96 lakhs) between 2004-05 and 2010-11.

BJP has declared that 82.43% of its income has come from donations received between 2004-05 and 2010-11 while INC has only 13.57% of its total income derived from donations between the same period. 54.40% of total income of CPI; 42.05% of total income of CPM and 28.93% of total income of BSP have come from donations to their parties. The National Party, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has declared that it has not received any donation above Rs 20,000 from a single donor in 7 years between 2004-05 and 2010-11. It should be noted that the total donations of Rs 30,731 lakhs was declared by the party in its Income Tax Returns statement. Continue reading “Politcal Donors in Himachal Pradesh”

RLD in Telangana- What is cooking?

An interesting development in Telangana is taking place with the launch of the Rashtriya Lok Dal today. The party which is headed by Ajith Singh will launch the Telangana wing of the RLD. Terming it as a sub regional party, the RLD will focus only on the Telangana region and will not make its entry into the rest of Andhra Pradesh.

The party will be headed by the Telangana United Front President, Dilip Kumar who is also a Memember of the Legislative Council in Andhra Pradesh. The leader of the party Ajith Singh is in Hyderabad already and is holding a series of meetings with leaders of the Congress and also the Telangana Joint Action Committee. He is meeting particularly with the leaders of the Congress from the Telangana region. The meetings are taking place at the residence of Madhu Yashki Goud, Congress leader from the Telangana region. Continue reading “RLD in Telangana- What is cooking?”