Nitish weighs his options

It is now certain that the BJP will skip the Cabinet meeting convened by Nitish Kumar at 11.30, but the Chief Minister is now exploring options to dismiss the BJP ministers in case they abstain. While Kumar is certain that he would break the alliance, the next task ahead of him would be to garner the necessary support to keep his government afloat. Continue reading “Nitish weighs his options”

JD(U)- BJP divorce in a few hours

A 17 year old alliance between the JD(U) and the BJP will come to an end today. An announcement to this effect will be made following a crucial meeting of the JD(U) at 12.30 PM.
Nithish Kumar, Bihar Chief Minister who has been vocal about his displeasure following Narendra Modi’s elevation in the BJP will also convene a cabinet meeting at 11.30. Continue reading “JD(U)- BJP divorce in a few hours”

Owaisi arrested

Asad Owaisi has been arrested by the Bidar police for violating the election code of conduct. His party the MIM has fielded candidates for the urban local body polls in Bidar and Basavakalyan in Karnataka.
Owaisi was addressing a rally and the allegation was that he had not sought permission of the returning officer. He completed his address at Basavakalyan and while passing through Humnabad he was detained. Currently Owaisi is in the custody of the Humnabad police.

Asset analysis- Tripura and Nagaland

The analysis of candidates at Nagaland and Tripura state that there are 36 and 8 crorepati candidates respective. The analysis done by the Association for Democratic Reforms have the following statistics:

Out of the 60 MLAs, 8 (or 13%) are crorepatis. In 2008, there were 5% crorepati MLAs (3 out of 60 MLAs in 2008).
The Average Asset per MLA in Tripura Assembly Elections 2013 is Rs. 53.61 lakhs. In 2008 Tripura Assembly Elections for the 60 MLAs analysed the average asset per MLA was Rs. 29.98 Lakhs.
Among major parties, the average asset per MLA for CPI(M) is Rs. 27.59 lakhs and for INC is Rs. 1.83 crores. In 2008 the average asset per MLA for CPI(M) was Rs. 14.86 Lakhs and for INC it was Rs. 1.052 crores. Continue reading “Asset analysis- Tripura and Nagaland”

Meghalaya- 36 millionaires, 1 criminal

In the newly elected Meghalaya Assembly there are 36 crorepatis and one criminal candidate.
The data provided by the Association for Democratic Reforms states that out of thes 60 MLAs, 36 (or 60%) are crorepatis. In the 2008 assembly elections, 15 out of 60 MLAs analyzed (or 25%) were crorepatis. Continue reading “Meghalaya- 36 millionaires, 1 criminal”

Nagaland- 84 millionaires , 3 criminals

nagalandThe Nagaland Assembly elections will witness 84 crorepati candidates and interestingly only 3 out of the 188 candidates analysed have criminal charges pending against them. A report by the Association for Democratic Reforms and the Nagaland Election Watch states that 45 per cent of the candidates are crorepatis.

The average asset per candidate contesting the Nagaland 2013 Assembly Elections is Rs 2.21 Crore. In 2008 Nagaland Assembly Elections for the 218 candidates analyzed, the average asset per candidate was Rs 1.74 Crore. Among major parties,the average asset per candidate for NPF (60 candidates) is Rs 3.02 Crore , for INC (56 candidates) is Rs 2.85 Crore , for NCP (15 candidates) is Rs 62.51 Lakhs , for BJP (11 candidates) is Rs 14.28 Lakhs ,and for JD(U) (3 candidates) is Rs 42.57 Lakhs.

Continue reading “Nagaland- 84 millionaires , 3 criminals”

Death sentence- more precedents than laws

The hanging of Azfal Guru has raised many debates. The immediate reaction after his hanging was that there was a petition pending before the Supreme Court questioning the delay in deciding on his mercy petition and hence the execution was wrong.

Off late one has seen many cases involving a death sentence going up before the Union and State Cabinet for approval. There are three instances in which even high courts have stayed sentences on the ground that the approval of the Union or State Cabinets have not been sought. Well, all these are precedents or a rule and not a law as per the statute. Continue reading “Death sentence- more precedents than laws”

‘Ram Temple- VHP fooling the people’

Pic: samvada.og
Pic: samvada.og

The Vishwa Hindu Parsiad at the Maha Kumbh Mela resolved that it would construct the Ram Temple at Ayodhya and also stated that it was a national issue. The sentiment was echoed by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat and also the new President of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Rajnath Singh.

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Election spending in Guj and HP

poli-moneyThe National Election Watch (NEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analyzed the election expenditure documents of all the 182 newly elected MLAs in the Gujarat and all 68 newly elected MLAs in Himachal Pradesh 2012 Assembly Elections.
The maximum limit put on these Election Expenses for the Gujarat 2012 Assembly Elections by the Election Commission of India is 16 Lakh Rupees, and for Himachal Pradesh this limit is 11 Lakh Rupees.

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Our leaders with corruption charges

imageA total of 98 candidates with corruption cases under Prevention of Corruption Act have been given tickets by various political parties during elections in last 5 years (including Lok Sabha 2009 and all the state assembly elections since 2008).
The analysis by the Association for Democratic reforms was conducted in the wake of the recent judgment of by the Special CBI court where former Haryana CM and his son were sentenced to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment. Continue reading “Our leaders with corruption charges”