Cabinet reshuffle likely after June 21 as top leaders hold deliberations

New Delhi, June 15: There has been a lot of talk about a Cabinet reshuffle at the Centre. Union Home Minister Amit held a meeting with several leaders from various states on Saturday and Sunday. 

Shah also called on members of Parliament from various states, which will be going to polls next year. Sources tell OneIndia that the Cabinet reshuffle is likely to take place after June 21.

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Delhi’s corridors of power abuzz with Cabinet rejig talk

New Delhi, June 12: With the power corridors of Delhi abuzz with a chance of a Cabinet reshuffle at the Centre, sources say that the process is likely to begin in the third week of June. 

There have been several meetings of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP president, J P Nadda and the leaders are understood to have discussed the Cabinet reshuffle. Ads by 

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SAD-BSP to fight Punjab and future elections together

New Delhi, June 12: The Shiromani Akali Dal and the BSP will fight the 2022 Punjab elections together. The two sides announced that they would fight future elections together as well.

We will work to end corruption and scams under Congress’ leadership. The current govt is anti-Dalits and anti-farmers while we will work for everyone’s welfare and development, BSP MP Satish Mishra said.

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Yogi in Delhi: Change in guard in UP baseless say sources

New Delhi, June 11: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath’s visit to Delhi has triggered speculation that there could be a change in guard in the state.

Yogi met with Union Home Minister, Amit Shah and is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president J P Nadda today.

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Generation shift to generation shifting: Why is the young brigade discontent with Congress

New Delhi, June 10: Jitin Prasada is the latest from the Congress to join the BJP. This is the second jolt that the Congress received after Jyotiraditya Scindia quit the Congress and joined the BJP. 

Following Prasada’s exit, the social media was flooded with questions when the next to move into the BJP would be Milind Deora and Sachin Pilot. The questions were obvious as the Deora and Pilot are having their own share of problems with the Congress. When Rahul Gandhi took over as the party president, it was expected that he would promote the younger generation of leaders. It was meant to be a generation shift in the party, but with the old guard sitting tight, it has become a case of generations shifting. 

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Karnataka leadership change: If you are accepting transition now, no point in delay

New Delhi, June 09: Talks of a leadership change in Karnataka have been on for a long time now.

However such talks have been doing the rounds for the past many months and politics in Karnataka is similar to cricket and the result cannot be predicted until the last ball is bowled.

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At 39.22%, Congress had highest number of deserters in assembly polls

New Delhi, June 08: In the recently concluded assembly elections, the Congress had the maximum number of deserters. In all there were 60 candidates and 51 MLAs who had switched parties says a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms.

Elections were held in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry, the results of which were declared on May 2.In the recently concluded assembly elections, the Congress had the maximum number of deserters. In all there were 60 candidates and 51 MLAs who had switched parties says a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms.

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Change in national vaccination policy not due to SC observations: Sources

New Delhi, June 08: Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given an in-principle clearance to the plan for a centralised free vaccination after a presentation was made to him on June 1.

The announcement was made on Monday during the PM’s address to the nation. 

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Former Prasar Bharti CEO shares morphed image of PM Modi bowing before Nita Ambani


New Delhi, June 07: A storm has erupted on the social media after former Prasar Bharti CEO Jawhar Sirkcar shared a morphed image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

The image shared by Sircar showed Prime Minister Narendra Modi bowing before Nita Ambani. “Wish fellow parliamentarians and others in politics also received such courtesy and bonhomie-from their permanently-scowling PM. In a mature democracy, we would know the two way relationship, favours, transactions. Some day, history will tell us.” 

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Government fact checks opposition on myths surrounding Central Vista Project

New Delhi, June 07: Amidst the controversy surrounding the Central Vista project, the government has prepared a document busting myths and claims being made by the Opposition. 

The opposition has accused the government of spending lavishly on the project and had said that the money should be used to fight the COVID-19 pandemic instead. 

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