India-China talks: Constructive, but no result

New Delhi, Jan 13: Following the 14th round of the military commander level talks, India and China have decided to meet again as the outcome of the discussions were not positive.

India was hoping to persuade the Chinese about the disengagement at Gogra Hot Springs. India also discussed the patrolling rights issues in the Depsang Bulge in Daulet Beg Oldi sector.

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What to expect from the Indo-China military commander level talks

New Delhi, Jan 11: The meeting between the Corps Commanders of India and China will take place on the Chinese side of the Chushul-Moldo Border Personnel Meeting Point.

India has hopes that the meeting would be a constructive one and all pending issues would be sorted out. The Indian delegation this time would be led by Lt. General Anindya Sengupta.

Lt. General Sengupta had taken over from Lt. General P G K Menon as the Commander of the Fire and Fury Corps last week. This would be the 14th found of talks with China and it would be held on January 12.

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Manipur assembly sat for 17 days per year

New Delhi, Jan 10: The Manipur State Assembly on an average sat for 17 days per year.
The longest session was the 4th session, from 2nd February, 2018 to 23rd February, 2018. It had 15 sittings, a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms said.

The highest number of hours contributed for assembly sittings were 101.39 hours in 2017 where assembly had 23 sittings. The lowest number of hours contributed for assembly sittings were 67.49 hours in 2020 where assembly had 12 sittings.

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PM’s security breach: Punjab cops stare at action under SPG Act

New Delhi, Jan 08: The Punjab Police could face action under the Special Protection Group Act, following the security breach that took place in the state during the visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Centre and the Punjab government have ordered probes into the incident in which the PM was stranded on the road for 20 minutes during a protest. Going by the initial probe, it became clear that the Punjab government failed to follow the SPG Act which sets the protocols during a visit by the PM.

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PM Modi security breach: 13 rules in the Blue Book that Punjab govt flouted 

New Delhi, Jan 06: The security lapse as a result of which Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s convoy was stuck in Punjab for 20 minutes has become a major issue and brings about questions of the handling of law and order in the state. 

While the state of Punjab chose to play down the incident, the fact is that there was a major security lapse and the rules laid down in the Blue Book were not followed. Chapter XXVI of the Security arrangements for very important personages/protected persons lays down specific tasks that the police force of a state has to carry out. 

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PM’s convoy took to the road only after confirmation from Punjab DGP 

New Delhi, Jan 06: A major security breach was reported from Punjab on Wednesday in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi got held up for 20 minutes due to a protest. 

The Punjab Government was quick to defend itself and one of the main points it made was that the PM was supposed to take the air route. However what the government failed to say was that when a VVIP travels there is also an alternate plan if the air travel does not work out. The local police ought to have sanitised the Contingency Route and the Main Route so that the PM’s travel by road was secure. 

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How the Punjab Government bungled on PM Modi’s security 

New Delhi, Jan 06: A major security lapse was reported from Punjab on Wednesday in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi got held up for nearly 20 minutes due to an ongoing protest while he was on his way to Ferozepur. 

While the Punjab government has claimed that there has been no lapse, the fact is that the local police is in charge of the route that any VIP takes. The immediate security detail of the PM is handled by the Special Protection Group (SPG). However which ever part of the country the PM moves by road, the security detail is handled by the local police. In this case it is the Punjab Police. 

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Kerala cop under scanner for sharing info of RSS, BJP workers with right wing Muslim groups

New Delhi, Jan 03: A Kerala police constable has come under the scanner after he leaked information about leaders of the RSS and BJP to the SDPI. P K Anas, attached to the Karimannoor police station in Idukki was suspended after a probe alleged that he had shared information with a local SDPI member who was arrested in connection with an attack on a bus conductor.

Superintendent of Police, Idukki, R Karuppaawamy said that Anas has been suspended, but no case has been registered against him. We will take a decision on registering a case based on the findings of the probe. The probe will look to u conversations the constable’s motive behind leaking official date. We will also see if he had leaked sensitive information, the SP also said.

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Jamia, Oxfam and thousands of NGOs lose foreign funding permit

New Delhi, Jan 01: The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) Registration of around 6,000 NGOs has ended from January 1. Many of these NGOs have not renewed their application while in some cases the Ministry of Home Affairs has refused to renew their application.

Among the several NGOs whose registration has not been renewed are Oxfam Trust, Jamia Milia Islamic, Indian Youth Centres Trust and Tuberculosis Association of India.

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