Trump travel ban extended to North Korea

trumpUS President Donald Trump has announced travel restrictions into the country and the new list features people from North Korea.

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Most Americans don’t trust Donald Trump on North Korea

trump_flicker_face_yessA poll conducted shows that most Americans do not trust Donald Trump to handle the standoff with North Korea. Only 37 per cent of the Americans trust Trump to handle the North Korea standoff responsibly.

Trump a mentally deranged rogue gangster: Kim Jong Un

kimjpongDonald Trump is a mentally deranged rogue gangster. This is how North Korea’s supreme commander, Kim Jong Un described Trump following his address at the UNGA in New York.

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North Korea fires missile over Japan: UNSC emergency meet convened

northkoreaNorth Korea has fired an unidentified missile over Japan from the Sunan district in its capital, Pyongyang. The missile landed in the ocean, 2,000 km off the east coast of Hokkaido.

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Israel strikes in Syria, targets military facility

israelstrikesIsraeli warplanes struck a military position near the Mediterranean coast in western Syria killing two soldiers.

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BRICS declaration on Pak terror: What happens at the summit remains at the summit

brics2The BRICS declaration recognised several terror groups including Pakistan sponsored ones such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad as potential threats. It was an interesting development since China probably for the first time identified the threat posed by Pakistan based groups.

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The dirty bomb: When Benazir smuggled nuclear data into North Korea

hydrogenbombsNorth Korea’s testing of the Hydrogen bomb has left everyone concerned. Pakistan was quick to condemn it too, but behind North Korea’s missile capabilities there is a history attached. In the 2008 book, “Good Bye Shahzadi,” written by journalist Shyam Bhatia, the late Pakistan premier Benazir Bhutto is quoted on this issue. It said she had smuggled nuclear data to North Korea in 1993.

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Post BRICS, Pakistan will have to crack down on terror to make new friends, retain old ones

BRICSIs the China-Pakistan bonhomie wearing off? The BRICS declaration condemned the role various terror groups, but the one that was the highlight was the Jaish-e-Mohammad. It may be recalled that China had refused to support the ban on the Jaish chief Maulana Masood Azhar.

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In testing the dirty bomb, North Korea’s target is China and not US

nuclearIt is a well known fact that North Korea has increasingly used the nuclear brinkmanship in a bid to be taken seriously. On Sunday, North Korea announced that it had tested the hydrogen bomb and the announcement came at a time when China was hosting the BRICS summit.

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Amidst nuclear standoff, some swaps Trump’s and Kim’s haircuts

trumpkimAs the world watches with bated breath as to what could be the next course of action on North Korea, someone decided to swap the haircuts of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

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