With focus on Demchok, Hot Springs, India-China to hold WMCC this month

New Delhi, Oct 21: After the last round of military commander level talks failed, India and China will hold another meeting of the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on the border affairs this month.

The WMCC meeting would focus on resolving issue after the last round of military commander level talks held last week hit a deadlock. While the dates are yet to be finalised, the talks would focus on disengagement at Demchok and the Depsang Bulge.

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India expressed readiness to provide humanitarian aid to Afghans says Taliban

New Delhi, Oct 21: The Indian representatives who came face to face with a delegation of the Taliban in Moscow were told that New Delhi had provided humanitarian aid to Afghans.

The Indian delegation was led by Joint Secretary (Pakistan-Afghanist-Iran Division) J P Singh while the Taliban team was led by Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi. The two sides met on the sidelines of the Moscow Format meet on Afghanistan which was convened by Russia.

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Indian reps to come face-to-face with Taliban leadership at Moscow today 

New Delhi, Oct 20: The Indian representatives will come face to face with a delegation of the Taliban today during the talks to be held in Moscow. These talks comes a day after the US pulled out of a meeting of the extended troika which was hosted by Moscow on Tuesday. The special representatives from China, Russia and Pakistan took part in the meeting. 

The meeting would bring India face-to-face with the Taliban leadership who have also been invited for the talks. The Taliban had recently taken over Afghanistan following the withdrawal by the US troops. 

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India-China military level talks break down 

New Delhi, Oct 11: The 13th round of talks between India and China remained inconclusive. The talks broke down as the Chinese side could not provide a forward path regarding the disengagement of troops. 

“During the meeting, the Indian side made constructive suggestions for resolving the remaining areas but the Chinese side was not agreeable and also could not provide any forward-looking proposals. The meeting thus did not result in resolution of the remaining areas,” a statement from the Indian Army said. The Army also said that the two sides have agreed to maintain communication and stability on the ground. 

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India-China talks: Delhi presses for disengagement at Patrolling Point 15

New Delhi, Oct 11: India has pressed for an early disengagement of troops in the remaining friction points in eastern Ladakh at the 13th round of military talks with China that lasted for around eight-and-half hours.

Sources tell OneIndia that the talks largely revolved around disengagement at Patrolling Point 15. The disengagement has been stalled at this point since the face off began over a year back. The negotiations on Sunday took place on the Chinese side of the Chushul-Moldo border point in eastern Ladakh.

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Indian Army repelled a Chinese intrusion at Arunachal Pradesh

New Delhi, Oct 08: A tense standoff took place between India and China after troops of the latter transgressed in Arunachal Pradesh. The incident took place last week across the Line of Actual Control.

A source tells OneIndia that in this area Chinese incursions have taken place several times. Both sides disengaged after a physical engagement took place. It lasted a few hours, the source also said.

No damage was reported to the Indian defence sector and unverified reports say that some Chinese soldiers may have been detained, following the incident. Both sides undertake patrolling activities up to their line of perception, the source said while also adding that there is a difference in perception of the Line of Actual Control in this area.

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Afghanistan to be India’s prime focus at SCO, Quad

New Delhi, Sep 16: The key focus of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting would be on the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and evolving situation in the country.

New Delhi has flagged concerns following the Taliban takeover and said that it poses a massive challenge in the region. The SCO meeting will be held this week in Dushanbe, Tajikistan this week.

During the meet, India would also raise concerns about the role being played by Pakistan in Kabul.

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What would India’s role in Afghanistan be with the Chinese backing Taliban

New Delhi, Sep 14: India is watching closely, China’s role in Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover. While India may have shut down its embassies and consulates in Afghanistan due to the evolving situation, it has however kept a communication channel open with the Taliban.

Afghanistan watchers tell OneIndia that, India will tread patiently on the issue. There is still plenty of confusion in Afghanistan and unless the entire process settles down, New Delhi will not decide on the next move.

However, the concern would be the Chinese involvement in Afghanistan. China is looking to fill in the geopolitical space which was recently vacated by the United States. China would also be looking to consolidate its influence in Asia.

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Taliban has Pakistan to thank for its takeover of Panjshir

New Delhi, Sep 07: The battle for Panjshir was not an easy one for the Taliban. After fierce fighting, the Taliban was able to capture the province.

In the early 1990s, the Northern Alliance was able to control the supply lines from Tajikistan to Panjshir.

This time around there were two important factors that helped the Taliban.

The Taliban had captured provinces north of Panjshir and hence the alliance was unable to control the supply lines. This resulted in cut of of ammunition, food and fuel. However another crucial aspect in the battle for Panjshir was Pakistan itself.

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Afghan crisis: India’s secularism should not precede national security

New Delhi, Aug 25: In the past week scores of Afghan nationals have come into India. With the situation turning from bad to worse following a takeover by the Taliban, several persons from the country have been coming into India.

The Centre has said that all Afghan nationals must travel to India on e-visas only. All previous visas have been invalidated in the wake of the evolving situation in Afghanistan following a take-over by the Taliban.

It is has become amply clear that Pakistan had played a major role in the victory of Afghanistan. Security experts have warned that Pakistan may take advantage of the current situation and may look to send in rogue elements into India from Afghanistan.

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