Colombo bombings: Why it may not be a bad idea to look at Maldives as well

img_0039-3New Delhi, Apr 24: A day after Sri Lanka said that they do not believe that only locals were involved, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the deadly Colombo suicide bombings.

This came in the wake of the investigators pointing a finger at a radical group known as the National Towheed Jamat (NTJ). While the attacks and motive do bear the signature of the Islamic State, the question is whether the group was capable of carrying out such a major strike on its own. This considering the group has lost considerable ground in its once before strongholds of Syria and Iraq.

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Did Sri Lanka take Mohammad Zaharan and his National Thowheeth Jamaath lightly?

New Delhi, Apr 24: The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Colombo bombings, but the scanner of the Sri Lankan agencies will continue to remain on the
National Thowheeth Jamaath (NJT).

NJT, a radical Islamic group emerged in the year 2015. Led by Mohammad Mohammed Zaharan. He is a known radical Islamist and has been accused of preaching hate on online platforms. Having spent time both in India and Sri Lanka, he has been under the radar of the intelligence agencies of both countries

India’s April 4 advisory to Sri Lanka on Easter bombings was extremely specific

New Delhi, Apr 23: It is now clear that Sri Lanka failed to act on several warnings about a massive strike, including an extremely specific one given by India.

Officials in the intelligence agencies tell OneIndia that for several months now, India has been monitoring closely the activities of the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and also the National Thowheeth Jamaath, which is suspected to be behind the Colombo bombings. The official said that the activities of these terror groups were not just being monitored in India, but in the entire South Asia region.

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Abu Hasan al-Mujahir, the ISIS terrorist who sought revenge for New Zealand mosque attack

New Delhi, Apr 23: Sri Lanka has said that the deadly suicide bombings in Colombo were in retaliation to the Christchurch mosque shootings.

It may be recalled that in the month of March the spokesperson for the Islamic State, Abu Hasan al-Mujahir had released an audio in which he called for revenge in the aftermath of the New Zealand mosque attack in which 50 persons were killed.

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How ISIS infiltrated Sri Lanka and helped carry out the Colombo bombings

There were clear indications of an Islamic State hand in the attack. Post the attack, several pro-ISIS channels portrayed that the attack was a revenge for strikes on Mosques and Muslims in General.

On Monday more such channels released images of the bombers and identified them as Aby Ubaida, Abu Mukhtar and Abu Barra. Moreover the attack also comes a month after an ISIS operative Abu Hassan al-Mujahir released a video in which he called for revenge in the aftermath of the New Zealand Mosque attack, which claimed 50 lives.

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Chakravyuh: How Indian agencies kept a check on the growth of the Islamic State

New Delhi, Apr 23: Sri Lanka has said that there is a foreign hand behind the ghastly suicide bombings that rocked the nation on Sunday in which 321 people were killed.

On Sunday there was plenty of buzz on Islamic State channels justifying the attack. On Monday more banter surfaced and the ISIS named three suicide bombers. This also coincided with a video message by ISIS operative Abu Hassan al-Mujahir released a video in which he called for revenge in the aftermath of the New Zealand Mosque attack, which claimed 50 lives.

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How ISI radicalised Sri Lanka through the Pakistan High Commission

New Delhi, Apr 23: Sri Lanka witnessed one its worst terror attacks, a decade after it ended the reign of terror by the LTTE. After battling a civil war for years, the country has now come under the grip of Islamic terrorism.

There were warning signals since 2016 itself, when 32 elite Muslims joined the Islamic State. To trace the rise of Islamic terror in Sri Lanka, one needs to go back a couple of years.

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Colombo bombings: ISIS suggests revenge for strikes on Muslims

Colombo, Apr 21: The Islamic State supporters have indicated that the Colombo bombings were in retaliation for strikes on Mosques.

It may be recalled that in 2016 there were reports that 32 elite Muslims had joined the Islamic State. The ISIS had warned that it would target the Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

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Colombo bombing: National Thowheeth Jamaath under scanner

Colombo, Apr 22: The Sri Lankan police have arrested several members off the National Thowheeth Jamaath in connection with the deadly serial bombings that struck the nation on Sunday.

The NTJ is known to be anti Buddhist and has in the past been involved in the vandalisation of Buddhist statues.

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Colombo bombings: India sent specific alert to Sri Lanka last month

New Delhi, Apr 22: The Indian intelligence agencies had sent out a specific alert to Sri Lanka a month back warning that the country could be attacked.

It was on the basis of this alert that the Sri Lankan police had sent out an advisory stating that Churches would be attacked. The advisory was sent out on April 11 by the police in which it warns that 11 Churches would be attacked on Easter Sunday.

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