COVID-19 could have been prevented, but WHO sounded alert late: Panel

New Delhi, May 12: COVID-19 could have been prevented earlier, an independent global panel concluded today.

It said that a toxic cocktail of dithering and poor coordination meant that the warning signals went unheeded, the panel also said. 

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Profiteering during a pandemic: When a vial worth Rs 40k is sold at Rs 10 lakh

New Delhi, May 07: With the second wave of COVID-19 raging on and black markers making merry over shortage of medical supplies, the Delhi Police has booked over 300 cases.

The cases pertain to hoarding of drugs, injections and oxygen cylinders. The police have also arrested 140 black marketeers, while 450 vials of Remdesivir injections, 285 oxygen concentrators and 242 oxygen cylinders have been seized.

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How countries across the world are helping India fight COVID-19 surge

New Delhi, May 04: Amidst the spiralling of the COVID-19 cases, India has between April 24 and May 2 received 17 consignments comprising medical equipment that include cylinders of medical oxygen, ventilators, oxygen containers, BiPAP machines, monitors, rapid kits to detect COVID-19 among others.

Britain was the first to rush equipment to India followed by Singapore which sent 256 oxygen cylinders. Russia too extended help, while countries like Romania sent 75 oxygen cylinders and concentrators.

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During meetings with heads of mission, Jaishankar tasks envoys with acquiring medical essentials

New Delhi, Apr 30: External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar held a briefing with all heads of missions across the world on the ongoing crisis.

The envoys have been tasked with acquiring medical oxygen, Tocilizumab and Remdesivir.

Several officials that OneIndia spoke with that India’s gestures towards the international community to fight the pandemic in the early days has paid off. All major countries like the US, Germany, South Korea, Japan, EU, Russia and even China have been helping India at this hour of crisis.

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PM Modi held 66 official COVID-19 related engagements since Mar 2020, highest in April 2021

New Delhi, Apr 30: Between March 2020 and April 2021 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has had 65 official engagements exclusively related to COVID-19. These include meetings with the government officials, state chief ministers, foreign leaders such as US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

These would also include addresses to the nation. In April, the PM had the most engagements. There were 21 such engagements and the maximum were in the past two weeks in April. These meetings focused only the second outbreak of COVID-19. This is the highest number of meetings that the PM took part in since March 2020. In March 2020 when the PM announced a nation-wide lockdown, he had held 14 meetings relating to COVID-19.

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Vaccine registration for 18 and above: First three hours saw 383 million API hits

New Delhi, Apr 29: Vaccination is a critical component of the containment and management strategy of the Government of India in its fight against the COVID Pandemic. 

A Liberalised and Accelerated Phase 3 Strategy of Covid-19 Vaccination will be implemented from 1st May 2021. Registration for the new eligible population groups commenced today from 4pm.Potential beneficiaries can register directly on CoWINportal ( or through the Aarogya Setu app. 

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How India’s international diplomacy is paying off in the battle against COVID-19

New Delhi, Apr 29: As India battles a second surge of COVID-19, several countries have come New Delhi’s aid. Prime Minister Narendra Modi came under immense criticism for the vaccine diplomacy and many questioned the need, while stating that he should have catered to India’s need first. 

Several officials that OneIndia spoke with that India’s gestures towards the international community to fight the pandemic in the early days has paid off. All major countries like the US, Germany, South Korea, Japan, EU, Russia and even China have been helping India at this hour of crisis. 

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Multiple levels of casual attitude led to second surge of COVID-19: Dr. Shastri

New Delhi, Apr 27: As India grapples with the second and a deadlier wave of COVID-19 cases, many questions have been raised about the preparedness as well as the reason behind the spread.

There is no doubt that there have been multiple levels of casual attitudes with regard to the pandemic in second round, leading political scientist, Dr. Sandeep Shastri tells OneIndia.

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Help from outside amidst outbreak clear indication Vaccine Maitri has paid off

New Delhi, Apr 25: In a welcome move, the US has said that it stands by India as the country witnesses a surge in COVID-19 cases.

President Joe Biden in a tweet said that the US will stand by India as the latter stood with Washington during the first wave of COVID-19 last years. Last year during the first wave, India supplied hydroxychloroquine to the US, Europe and over 100 other countries. India had also supplied 6.5 crore vaccines to 93 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

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You broke a very important protocol: PM Modi pulls Kejriwal after meeting went live

New Delhi, Apr 23: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took strong objection after Arvind Kejriwal went live during a meeting with the Chief Ministers whose states are reporting a high case load.

After Kejriwal spoke and the same went live, PM Modi took strong objection and said that he had broken a very important protocol. These are private conversations and are never televised and this behaviour is unacceptable the PM also said.

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