Long day ahead for Jayaa and Yeddi

3.01 pm

After an hours break, the proceedings both at the special court and High Court have commenced. While Jayalalithaa answered nearly 300 questions while recording her statement, Yeddyurappa’s lawyers contiuned arguments at the high court of Karnataka.
Yeddys counsel is stressing on the point that the case against his client is frivilous. However the court observed that they need to put out a valid ground if they chose to seek interim bail.
Jayaa meanwhile continues to stand in the box and record her statement.

1.29 pm
The Karnataka High Court has adjourned proceedings on the bail plea filed by yeddyurappa to 2.30 PM. arguments on the inetrim bail plea by a battery of lawyers will continue in the afternoon after the court resumes following a lunch break.

11.34 am

The Karnataka High Court commenced hearing on the bail plea filed by B S Yeddyurappa former Chief Minister of Karnataka. A battery of lawyers are in the court to argue the case.
Yeddyurappa who is in judicial custody has sought interim bail.

10:57 am

Uday Lalith who was the  special proisecutor in 2G case will argue the case on behalf of B S Yeddyurappa, former Chief Minister of Karnataka. The proceedings at the High Court is expected to commence in a while.
Yeddy who is in jail after the Lokayukta court rejected his bail plea had moved the high court against this order.


There were some minor skirmishes at the Special Court Bangalore as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa entered the court hall. A battery of her lawyer/supporters who were present at the venue demanded that they be let inside the court hall and when they were prevented from doing so they engaged in arguments which eventually led to pushing. The police however brought the situation under control.
Jayalalithaa’s statements would be recorded at 11 am and this would go on till 5 PM barring a lunch break between 2PM and 3 PM. The Additional Commissioner,  four DCPs and 1500 police personnel are standing guard to provide her security.


Amidst all the chaos in the courts today, Bangalore had something to cheer about. The much awaited Metro Rail known as Namma Metro was flagged off for commercial operations.
In the first phase the metro rail would run between MG Road and Bypanahalli on elevtaed tracks.

10:31 am

Jayalalithaa has just reached te special court bangalore. the proceedings will commence at 11. a special van has been arranged for her where she would be until the proceedings begin.

10:19 am

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa arrived at Bangalore in a special aircraft. Guarded by 1500 police personnel she was driven to the Special Court which is at Parapana Agrahara, 20 kilometres away from the city.
She will have to step into the box at 10.55 am following which her statement will be recorded.

Meanwhile the Karnataka High Court will hear the bail plea filed by former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. The matter to be heard by Justice Pinto is listed at serial number 55 and is expected to come up by 11.30 am.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, on Thursday, is expected to have a long day ahead at the special court in Bangalore. She may have to spend around seven hours at the Court on Thursday.
Apart from tight security no other special arrangements have been made for the Tamil Nadu chief minister within the court hall, which has been shifted to Parapana Agrahara that also houses the central jail in which former Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa is lodged.
Jayalalithaa will also have to stand in the box just like any other accused. She is expected to arrive at the court premises by 10.30 am and would enter the court hall at 10.50 am. Special judge B Mallikarjunaiah will record her statement at 11 am.
The procedure will continue till 2 pm, when the court breaks for lunch for an hour, following which the process would commence and go on till 5 pm.
Although CM Jayalalithaa will not receive any VIP treatment within the court hall, a special bus would accompany her from Chennai on Thursday. She is expected to take rest in this bus.
The special court is hearing the disproportionate assets case against her. The case was shifted by a Supreme Court verdict five years ago from Chennai to Bangalore.

Jayaa trial- of delays and adjournments

The Special Court trying the disproportionate assets case against Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has begun recording her statements. The marathon proceeding which commenced at 11 AM will go on till 5 PM today.
Jayalalithaa arrived in Bangalore amidst tight security and currently there are nearly 1500 police personnel guarding her. Security is at an unprecedented high and no one barring here lawyers have been permitted to enter into the court.
The case against the TN, Chief Minister has not been short of drama. The case dates back to 1996 and has had a long history of delays, adjournments and several appeals. In all there have been 150 adjournments in this case. In fact even before she appeared before the court in person today, she had moved the Supreme Court complaining about the security arrangements, but the Supreme Court had rejected that claim on the assurance that the Karnataka Government had made adequate arrangements.
Jayalalithaa is the Prime accused in this case. In the year 1996 the DMK government had filed a case suo motu against her based on the complaints filed DMK leader K Anbazhagan. It was alleged that she had amassed wealth worth Rs 66.6 crore which was disproportionate to her known source of income. In this case the other accused persons are her close aide, Sasikala, V Sudhakaran and Ilavarasi.
The case against her commenced in Chennai but then once she became the Chief Minister in the year 2001, the DMK moved the Supreme Court stating that the case be shifted out of the state since she being in power would mean that she would try and tamper with the evidence. The Supreme Court took cognisance ofw this petition and ordered the transfer of the case to Bangalore, where a Special Court was set up.
Once the case was transferred to Bangalore the proceedings started off on a positive note, but then it was dogged by delays due to various reasons. One of the main reasons was that the documents which were all in Tamil had to be translated and the Karnataka government was not finding the right persons to do the same. These documents involved the deposition of at least 250 witnesses.
In the midst of this there was also an application moved before the Supreme Court seeking certain explanations on points of law relating to this case. The case was then stayed for nearly a year before the stay was vacated and the proceedings could commence. After this the special judge who was hearing the case was elevated as judge of the High Court and it took a while before a new judge could be appointed.
Two months back Jayalalithaa had moved an application before the same court seeking an exemption from personal appearance. She said she would give a written explanation and would also face the trial through video conferencing. However the same was rejected and her personal appearance was sought.
The matter then went up before the Supreme Court and the court was of the view that she appear in person and no such exemption could be granted to her. Just two days before she could appear before the Court she once again moved the Supreme Court stating that not enough security arrangements were made for her and hence she could not appear before the Court. The Supreme Court however on Wednesday rejected her application and asked her to go before the Special Court in Bangalore on Thursday.

Jayaa will appear before Blore Spl Court

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa will make her first appearance before the Special Court in Bangalore on October 20th which is trying the disproportionate assets case against her. The Supreme Court while disposing off an application filed by Jayalalithaa ordered her to appear before the court inBangalore tomorrow.

Jayalalithaa who had been asked to appear before the special court last month had moved the Supreme Court stating that the Karnataka government had failed to provide adequate security and hence she would not be able to appear in person. However the Supreme Court while disposing off the application took on record the submission by the Karnataka government which stated that adequate security measures had been undertaken and there would be no problem for her to appear before the court.

TheSpecial Courtwhich is housed in the court premises at theNrupathunga RoadinBangalorehas been hearing this case since the past 5 years now. However there were several delays and the case has moved at a very slow pace.

Police officials in charge of the security around the court premises say that adequate arrangements have been made in the area and there would be no trouble for her to appear before the court. There is every possibility that none may be allowed into the court hall tomorrow where Jayalalithaa would stand trial.

The disproportionate assets case against her was filed in Tamil Nadu. It was alleged that she had amassed wealth more than her known source of income during her stint at the CM between 1991 and 1996. The case was however transferred out of Tamil Nadu toBangalorefollowing an application which stated that she would try and tamper with the evidence and influence the witnesses considering the clout that she enjoyed in the state.

Why is Yeddy back in jail?

There was a a lot of drama surrounding B S Yeddyurappa’s discharge
from the hospital today. The former Chief Minister who has just
reached the Central prison in Bangalore where he will be lodged had
stated that he was upset that the media was making a mockery out of
his illness and hence he preferred being in jail.
However the information that comes in now would only suggest that he
had decided to return to jail since his legal team was very upset
about him being in hospital despite all reports against him showing a
He had complained of chest pain on Sunday morning barely a few hours
after he had reached jail. The doctors at Jayadeva Hospital decided to
keep him under observation for 48 hours and at the end of it told him
that there was nothing wrong with him. He then immediately decided to
move himself into another hospital complaining of depression.
His legal team took strong objection to this as they felt that this
could prove fatal to his own case. Sources said that Yeddyurappa was
told that now that all the tests have come out as negative it would
not be right for him to remain in hospital. Moreover the latest
problem of depression is something that they cannot prove before the
court and it would automatically amount to a pretence when the matter
comes up before the court.
The legal team also took strong exception to the fact that he
continued to meet people in the hospital. The Chief Minister had also
visited Yeddyurappa in hospital and this in fact had sent out a wrong
message that he was trying to throw his weight around. In addition to
the Chief Minister, there were God Men, cabinet ministers among other
well wishers who also visited Yeddyurappa in hospital. The legal team
felt that if the problem was so serious then he ought not to have had
a flurry of visitors in the hospital. However Yeddyurappa in the first
two days of him being in hospital continued to meet with well wishers
and this in fact had ticked his legal team off.
Yeddyurappa has been guided by his legal team since the time he was
sent to judicial custody. In fact he had acted on their advise before
surrendering himself before the court. A member of the legal team
informed that it is very important that the Court has a clear image of
Yeddyurappa while they hear the bail plea.
They would not want the proceedings to drag on since bail please could
take easily up to a month. The hearing on his interim bail plea is
slated for tomorrow before the Karnataka High Court. The complainants
who are the respondents in this case would obviously object to his
bail and this would mean that they would get time to file their
objections which could take up to another week. However Yeddyurappa’s
contention is that he is seeking interim bail and hence that be
granted on the grounds of urgency.
For Yeddyurappa it is very important that he is out of jail since he
already feels that he is fast losing clout in the BJP. The high
command of the party infact is watching every development very
cautiously and at any cost they do not want any of Yeddyurappa’s
actions to affect the ongoing Rath Yatra being undertaken by L K
Advani. The BJP is fighting the Congress on the issue of corruption
and the Yeddyurappa incident has only been causing a problem for them
in their fight. In fact just before Yeddyurappa had surrendered before
the court, he had spoken with Advani who in turn advised him that it
would be better if he surrendered before the court instead of the
Lokayukta police carrying out his arrest.

Yeddy back in jail

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka has been discharged from hospital and taken back to the Parapana Agrahara prison. Yeddyurappa who was under obseevation since Sunday morning was discharged from hospital and taken back to jail amidst tight security this morning.
Yeddyurappa was sent to judicial custody after a Lokayukta court rejected his bail plea on Saturday. He moved the High Court for bail and this matter will be heard on Thursday.

Jayaa unhappy with security

J Jayalalithaa, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has informed the Supreme Court that she would find it difficult to appear before the Special Court at Bangalore as the police have not made adequate security arrangements. In an application before the Supreme Court of India, she has stated that as per the information available it is clear that the Bangalore police have not made enough arrangments for her security and hence it may be difficult for her to appear before the court.
A special court had been set up in Bangalore to try the disproportionate assets case against her and others. The case which was originally being conducted in Tamil Nadu was shifted to Bangalore following an application before the Supreme Court in which it was stated that the case be shifted. It was contended that since she was a high profile personality there is every chance of her tampering with the evidence.
The Special Court had issued summons to Jayalalithaa directing to appear in person before the court but she had not done so. Another application was filed seeking her presence in person before the Special Court and on the last date of hearing the court had directed the Bangalore police to provide adequate security so that she could appear in person. Following this order she had agreed to appear in person before the court.
The Supreme Court will now hear the matter pertaining to her latest application on Wednesday. The Bangalore police will now have to provide an explanation before the Supreme Court regarding the security arrangements and if they are able to convince the Supreme Court that it is up to the mark then the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister will have to appear in person before teh Bangalore Special Court on October 20th.

Delhi court blast-connecting the dots

The haul at Ambala has kept investigating agencies on their toes and today they are not even ruling out the possibility of the Delhi High Court blasts being remotely linked to the attack.
During the course of the investigations, the agencies conducting the probe are exploring the possibility of the Delhi court blasts and the Ambala Haul being interlinked. In fact when the Delhi blasts had first occurred there was an intercept from the intelligence bureau that the blast could have been the handiwork of the Babbar Khalsa outfit. However officials of the National Investigating agency felt the Delhi blasts was the handiwork of the Harkat-Ul-Jihadi and the Indian Mujahideen. They beleived that they had specific leads regarding this outfit and hence decided to probe in this angle.
Today however following the Ambala haul, investigating agencies are looking into possibility that the Babbar Khalsa could be involved in the Delhi blasts. During the course of the investigation into the Ambala case the police found that it was the Babbar Khalsa with the help of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba which had planned on undertaking an attack at New Delhi. However the more important aspect that has come into focus is the four modules in Northern India which have been jointly opened up by the two outfits with a specific intention of targetting Punjab and New Delhi.
Further the probe has also revealed that the BKI had been transporting the ammunition to Delhi and the plan was to carry out attacks at the Patiala House court. With the help of the IB the police have also learnt that the operation was being headed by top militant Jagjith Singh Tara who also happens to be the prime accused in the murder of Beant Singh former CM of Punjab. It was found that the Delhi module which is under him had carried out surveys of the Patiala House court and the intention was to carry out a blast in the month of October.
This probe had also led the police to specific information that the arms were provided by Lashkar operatives in Kashmir and cadres of the BKI were planning on using these for a blast in New Delhi.
Today investigators are trying to find links between the Delhi court blasts and the Ambala haul. The entire Delhi blast case rests on the emails that were sent out after the blasts. There were a couple of arrests too that were made, but more information regarding the mails have cropped up than the real operation. However today with the Ambala haul case giving out more details the investigators feel that they should look into the Delhi blasts case along with this case.
There are very many similarities between the two cases. In both cases the ammunition had come from the Valley and the target was Delhi. Going by these similarities and also the creation of newer modules in Nothern India it becomes clear to a certain extent that both incidents could have been inter linked. Moreover the police now feel that even the Delhi High Court blast could be the handiwork of the BKI and the mails could have been sent out by a couple of youth who were not even connected with this incident. They could have done so for some financial favours, an investigator pointed out.
NIA sources inform that they are yet to look into this angle but also added that case is now being looked into by the police and they would await a detailed report.
The IB speaks about the various intercepts they had shared regarding the BKI-Lashkar link. There has been an increase in their movement. The Lashkar has been bringing in the arms into the valley and sharing it with BKI operatives who have set up modules in Punjab. In addition to this the BKI operatives have also helped ISI agents smuggle drugs and also fake currency.
This probe is about to take an interesting turn and a lot would depend on how the agencies coordinate between themselves. The probe into Delhi High Court blasts has already created much confusion regarding the agency which carried out the attack. However the emergence of this new angle should put things into perspective if probed properly.

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Yeddy bail plea adjourned

The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday issued notices while adjourning hearing on the bail plea filed by former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. The court said that it would hear the matter on the interim bail plea filed by Yeddyurappa on Thursday.
Yeddyurappa had moved the High Court after his bail was rejected by the Special Lokayukta court on Saturday. He was remanded in judicial custody following that order. Yeddyurappa was however shifted to hospital due to health reasons and after being kept under observation for 48 hours he is likely to be released today.

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Yeddy moves court for bail

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka B S Yeddyurappa has approached the Karnataka High Court seeking bail. Yeddyurappa who was remanded to judicial custody on Saturday moved the bail plea through his advocate Ravi B Naik.
The plea is however expected to come up for hearing before Justice Pinto only tomorrow.
Yeddyurappa in his bail plea has stated that he is entitled for an interim release since there is a provision considering the fact that nature of the complaint was private. It is probably for the first time in the country that a person has been denied bail on a private complaint. A private complaint had been filed before the Governor alleging a land scam by Yeddyurappa and 21 others. After having accorded sanction for prosecution the Lokayukta court took up the matter.
The second ground by Yeddyurappa is that only he has been denied bail while the rest of them have got it. Also Yeddyurappa states he had surrendered before the court himself and he would cooperate with the investigation. Lastly he has also cited his medical condition for bail.
Meanwhile Yeddyurappa continues to be in hospital and the doctors say that he would need to be kept under observation for another 48 hours.

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This time Yeddy turned to the law and not the Gods

B S Yeddyurappa who was sent to judicial custody yesterday is known to be a God fearing man. Yeddyurappa who can be safely classified as the most God fearing Chief Minister of this country had always been seen at temples each time he faced a crisis in the past. However this time around very surprisingly the former Chief Minister relied entirely on legal help and during those moments before his surrender he sat put at his home and did not even think of visiting a temple as he would normally do.
In the morning the Lokayukta court rejected his bail plea and issued an arrest warrant against him. Yeddyurappa who was watching the news from his home decided to stay put in his house. He immediately asked his secretary to call his entire legal team and also a few high ranking police officials who were close to him when he was the Chief Minister. While the Lokayukta police went to the court to collect a copy of the warrant, Yeddyurappa was immersed in discussions with his team. According to one of the members of the team, the police officials close to him advised him to go underground and only surface once the bail plea was filed before the High Court. However members of his legal team were not too keen about the same and felt that it could have a bad effect on the future of the case. Yeddyurappa himself was not too confident about going underground as he thought that he would be in more trouble if he did so. He even quoted the ongoing Yatra being undertaken by L K Advani and said that it could cause some embrassment to the veteran leader. In the meantime he is also said to have called up Advani and consulted him about the same. Advani too is said to have advised him to surrender before the police.
During the course of all these discussions, the Lokayukta police headed by Abdul Ahad had reached his residence. Normally they would barge into the house and carry out the arrest, but they too decided to wait for him to come outside. They did not want to be too harsh with him considering that he was a former Chief Minister and still a very influential member in the BJP which runs the government in Karnataka.
During this wait another discussion came up and that was whether he should surrender to the police or the court. However all his advisors suggested that he goes before the court and surrnder himself. If he had gone before the police it would have technically still meant an arrest and this would have been very embarassing for him.
Yeddyurappa looked relaxed when he finally came out in the open. However within the four walls of his house he was quite a picture. He was extremely nervous and surprisingly the very short tempered Yeddyurappa was very soft too. He made a lot of calls and was frantically seeking advise from each and everyone he called. It is also said that he made a call to the famous Tumkur mutt which has the control over most of the Lingayats in Karnataka.
He played out this drama for nearly an hour and once it was decided that he would surrender before the court, he decided to make an exit through the back door of his house. The Lokyukta police who were waiting for him at the front door took a while to realise that Yeddyurappa had already left and was before the court. They then went before the court and completed the rest of the formalities.
Yeddyurappa who was taken into judicial custody however spent very little time over there. He is said to have vomitted following which he was shifted to the hospital. At the Jayadeva hospital he complained of chest pain and was admitted in ICU. Today the doctors say that they may need to perform an angiogram on him.
His legal team is all set to file the bail plea before the Karnataka High Court on Monday. Although it would be filed without fail they are attempting to see to it that the matter is taken out of turn. However it is unlikely that the matter may come up tomorrow itself and there is a possibility that it will be taken up on Tuesday.