The importance of ethical hacking

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In the past 12 months at least 42 million Indians were hit by cyber crimes and the recorded loss of the same was a staggering 8 billion dollar loss. In such an event and while conducting an estimate, it becomes clear that in order to stem this rot, India needs at least 4 lakh more ethical hackers.
Mohan Gandhi, who passed out of IIM Ahmedabad provides anti piracy solutions through his company Entersoft Information Systems. In this interview with, Gandhi speaks about the challenges while dealing with cyber security and also what it is to be an ethical hacker.

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Bundh day Karnataka


Off the road- Autorickshaws, • KSRTC, BMTC buses, Airport-bound taxis
Closed: Markets, schools and colleges, petrol bunks

Is Delhi the new hub for fake currency?


Rs 2.16 crore worth of fake Indian currency has been seized this year out of which Rs 1.56 crore worth of fake currency was from the National Capital, New Delhi alone. While Rs 1.56 crore alone was from Delhi, the remaining seizures were from West Bengal (29.88 lakh), Bihar (Rs 20 lakh) and Punjab (Rs 9.22 lakh).

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Kaveri River Water Sharing : What Are The Solutions?

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By Kiran K S

Kaveri or Cauvery river is one of the 7 holiest rivers for Hindus. In many Dharmic poojas, the water filled into the kalasha or holy vessel, is adored with a chant. “Gange cha Yamune chaiva, Godavari Saraswati. Narmada Sindhu Kaveri, Jalesmin Sannidhim Kuru”. It essentially means the water being used for the worship of Bhagawan or Bhagawati, is as sacred as the combination of all 7 holy rivers.

Kaveri is the “Jeeva Nadi” or life sustaining river. It is very highly revered by both Kannada (also Kodava) and Tamil people. You can hear 100s of celebratory songs like the super hit song Kodagina Kaveri . You can also see many customary celebrations like Aadi Perukku which is a very special time for Kaveri delta people. In short, SHE is the mother for those who live along its banks.. and SHE is theirs! These people do not understand the artificial linguistic state formation boundaries, politics, courts and other systems.

But today, when you hear Kaveri, what comes to your mind? If you are a person from Tamil Nadu (or Pudhucherry for some part) the “villain” is a state to the north west, Karnataka. If you are from Karnataka (or to some extent Kerala), the “villain” is a state to the south east, Tamil Nadu. And, this is not something that is for just 2012 or 2007 or 2002 or 1991.. this is happening for over 200 years now. The holiest of rivers adored and worshiped as “Kaveri Maata” or Mother Kaveri, has become a humongous political, agricultural, legal, economic and propaganda fight in South India. It does not even leave students or movie industry folks..

Why did this happen? How did this happen? Is there any way out, even if the process is gradual?

For that some basics will be needed. No, I am not going to present every detail about how the dispute got magnified till this time. There are enough resources in internet, court papers, government documents and in media for you to read through. Also, if you are reading till here, most likely you have a special interest in this case, as for most India out of South India, this is just one of those “burning” issues that keep coming up again and again. Like Telangana, Amarnath Yatra, state border disputes and more. Not much interest will be left by now, for those folks. So this is for only those who have a stake in Kaveri water or those who want a peaceful south India in the long run. I am in no way an expert in this topic, but since I drink Kaveri water every day, I have special interest in learning more from my readers here. For that I will present what I have understood about the topic and seek your comments and/or corrections.

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Why can’t the Sexual Harassment at Workplace law be gender neutral?

By Legal Fighter

Expose: Women and Child Ministry is desperately trying to get an anti-male extortionary bill passed despite severe opposition from the country regarding the same.

Men’s Rights Organizations, representing more than 50% of the population of the country have already highlighted the unconstitutional nature of the proposed bill for sexual harassment at workplace.

Crucial Points:

  1. Based on presentations made by men’s rights organizations, The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources Development had also recommended that the law should be made gender neutral and men must be provided protection, at par with women.
  2. We fail to understand the problem in making the law gender neutral, for, if women don’t harass men, then there would be no complaints filed against them or very less complaints filed against them.
  3. There are already so many sections in the IPC that cater to sexual harassment and indecent representation of women. But this law is not being made to provide justice. It is being created just to make another channel of extortion from men by blackmailing them.
  4. It is ironical that the Government of India is ready to provide protection to men from sexual assault but not from sexual harassment.
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Romney vs.Obama

Why the BJP did not make the Cauvery issue political?


There are protests galore in Karnataka over the Cauvery issue and there appears to be no solution in sight with farmers only intensifying their protest with each passing day. The Cauvery Waters issue has always been political in Karnataka and those who have defied Tamil Nadu’s demands have always made gains politically.

A question that many would ask is why the BJP in Karnataka did not capitalise on the issue and defy the release of water. While any such move by Karnataka would have earned the wrath of the Supreme Court, it would have still have been beneficial for any party politically.

The fact is that the Karnataka BJP which rules Karnataka had first planned on defying the order of the Cauvery River Waters Authority which ordered the release of 9000 cusecs to Tamil Nadu. Even after the Supreme Court rap, many leaders in the state had said that they should stand by the demands of the farmers and defy the order even at the risk of losing power. Continue reading “Why the BJP did not make the Cauvery issue political?”

Yeddy’s new party and the secret Congress plan

Pic: Economic Times

A last ditch attempt of peace between former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa and the party have failed and the strong man of the party will float a new political outfit on November 19th. Yeddyurappa who was ousted as the Chief Minister of Karnataka by his own party has been sulking over not being given the post of party president.

He has indicated that a new political outfit will be launched on November 19th at Davangere after he breaks away from the BJP, a party which he has built in Karnataka over the past three decades. Continue reading “Yeddy’s new party and the secret Congress plan”

Cauvery- Hunger strike from Thursday

The farmers protesting the release of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu would sit in an indefinite hunger strike at the Krishna Raja Sagar dam near Mysore starting tomorrow even as the Union Government has assured to send expert team to both states to study the issue.
The indefinite hunger strike which was to commence today was postponed to Thursday and 1000s of farmers led by their leader Made Gowda will go on a hunger strike. They have demanded the reversal of the order of the Cauvery River Waters Authority headed by the Prime Minister which had ordered the release of water to Tamil Nadu. Continue reading “Cauvery- Hunger strike from Thursday”

Is there any significance in the NIA’s Pak visit

The decision by the Indian government to send a team of the National Investigation to Pakistan is significant
as it would help the agency fill up the blanks in the 26/11 investigation. However the amount of data we could gather would entirely depend on how much Pakistan allows us.
While a formal request would be made, NIA sources say that it is important for their investigation since there are many missing answers. But we need to see how much our ambit would be while we go to Pakistan. Even if we do not get path breaking answers it would still strengthen our case in court as the probe would have covered all dimensions. Continue reading “Is there any significance in the NIA’s Pak visit”