Persecution of Hindus: What western media understands but won’t tell you

protestsThe narrative of western mainstream media has been a chant against the steps taken by the Indian government. They conveniently don’t talk of the persecution of Hindus. However, a report by Fox News has busted this narrative.

Despite it being none of their business, the western mainstream media has gone to town about our immigration policy, the newly amended citizenship law and everything else that concerns our country, India.

What the western media does get but won’t tell is that the Hindus have been persecuted for years by Muslims in India. It is nothing new and it has happened for over eight centuries now. Busting the narrative by the western mainstream media, Fox News has put out a brilliant article titled, “Muslim Persecution of Hindus in India—The Story You Won’t See In the Western Mainstream Media. The article is authored by Phyllis Chester, Ph.D.

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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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