This sophisticated weapon is the new headache in Kashmir

Srinagar, July 31: The propaganda mechanism is at its peak in Kashmir. An image of two terrorists posing with a new weapon has surfaced. This is a relatively new weapon and has not been used in the Valley.

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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

One thought on “This sophisticated weapon is the new headache in Kashmir”

  1. India should follow the Israeli model and must populate Kashmir with people from other states, This is the only way to keep Kashmir law and order in check, All the Kashmiri pandits should return back to their lawful land.

    Kashmir pundit

    All Hindu Leaders and Kashmir pundit, never leave Kashmir have to affirmed their resolve to lead this free Kashmir from terrorism movement to its logical end no matter how brutal and cruel terrorist aggression may be. People have been assured not to panic but show steadfastness, dedication and discipline so that any of the ill intentions of the Enemy Pakistan are not allowed to derail our struggle for the goal of self-determination.

    Leaders have assured the nation that we have been fighting the Pakistan aggression and brutalism for decades and now we are facing do or die situation which demands utmost discipline and determination. That we will never succumb to any pressure as we believe ours is the just cause and we will fight to achieve it till our last breath.

    Kill to death how many more terrorism from Pakistani leaders

    that not only Pakistan sends whole of its terrorist or army to Kashmir we will fight them tooth and nail and like always this time also they will be defeated.

    It is a long and continuous struggle and we need to be prepared for a prolonged but definite phase now. All India need to be activated and needy people especially victims of the present turmoil need our utmost attention.

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