Breaking: ISIS claims its first attack in the Kashmir Valley

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480The Islamic State has claimed its first attack in Jammu and Kashmir. Amaq news agency, the propaganda wing of the ISIS said that it was responsible for the killing of a police man in the Valley and with the wounding of another in Srinagar city.

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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

2 thoughts on “Breaking: ISIS claims its first attack in the Kashmir Valley”

  1. This, as it appears from several previous claims, is the new ISIS strategy of comforting themselves with claims, more fake than real, of their existence. They have been vitrually wiped out of existence, and whatever wherever they have fled to, there also they are being systematically eliminated, eradicated with the same type of executions they carried out during their brief hey days. Yes, India is a soft state with a bloody secular tag and a bloody minority policy which gives them some oxygen to breathe. There may be ground for a few kakas from kerala in their present injured and lean outfit , perhaps washing cloths, cooking, cleaning their toilets etc for which they get recruited into, Yes, they may be having sleeper cells within their religious outfits trying to indoctrinate others to their style of Islam. But, by and large, being a conglomerate than a religion, the various factions of Islam will not let the other grow over them. Hence, even in India, there will be a counter narrative to the ISIS from within. NIA should of course be shrewd and monopolize on these differences to annihilate them. If the dumb Syrians could, so could we Indians ignoring the secular bellow from complicit quarters. But there must be a sense of purpose to conduct this rather than await a catastrophe before acting. Hence, act we must and eradicate it at its nib……not just ISIS but its fringe elements like IM, PFI, SDFI, SIMI so on and so forth.

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