Poribortan was for the Jamaat!!


Poribortan (change) was in every sense in West Bengal. The Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh was dead in the 2006-07 after being brutally beaten by the Bangladesh establishment. From a huge strength of 2500 modules it dropped to 130. It was then that the Jamaat-e-Islami stepped in with its great contacts in West Bengal. Today the JMB which has been named by the National Investigating Agency has 280 operatives 56 modules and the capability of making 600 bombs.

From a meager 4 modules and 20 operatives in 2010 the JMB which was completely beaten down by the Bangladesh establishment got a breather thanks to the lackluster attitude of the West Bengal government which was infact tipped off at least 16 times by Central Intelligence Bureau officials in the past 4 years.

These developments in the past four years have almost gone out of control and with Bangladesh seeking report after report, the Union Government decided to even send down its top security establishment in batches to review the Burdhwan incident. While NIA director Sharad Kumar took stock of the situation on Friday, on Monday, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval wis likely to visit West Bengal along with the chief of the Research and Analysis Wing and the Intetelligence Bureau head.

The JMB which was locked in a major battle with the Bangladesh establishment was literally driven out of there. However they found support in the Jamaat-e-Islami which had a similar cause of driving the Awami League out. The entire plan to overthrow the Awami League commenced in 2009 and it was the Jamaat which stepped in and helped the JMB with the funds to set up operations. The fact that the Jamaat had links with the SIMI and also an Indian wing helped the cause even further. In the year 2010, they set up 2 modules in West Bengal with a set of 10 men. However they infiltrated several more in the coming years and it was in the year 2014 alone that they sent in 190 men along with the 1109 infiltrators who came into India from Bangladesh, two reports, one by the Intelligence Bureau and another by the National Investigating Agency submitted to the Home Ministry states.

The Jamaat-e-Islami used its political clout in West Bengal and according to both the NIA and the IB the establishment was well aware of their plan. There are indications that some top leaders who did not want their names to be dragged in advised the local leaders to help the JMB set up operations. In the bargain, government land was given away to set up illegal Madrasas and also part of the modus operandi an operative by the name Anirusul kept in touch with local leaders and too their houses on rent to avoid the heat.

By 2014 the JMB had managed to set up 53 modules across West Bengal and had proposed to prepare over 500 bombs both crude and sophisticated with an intention of carrying out attacks in Bangladesh.

During the course of our investigation we have found that the JMB was aided by the Jamaat for funds. It was the Jamaat which also had an Indian wing that came in handy to build up the local contacts. We have seen a great deal of aggression among the members during their interrogation and also at the time of seizures, an NIA officer probing the case informed. The aggression was aimed more at covering up the incident, the officer also pointed out.

Further the NIA has also found that several methods had been used to raise funds for the outfit. The cash flow was free into West Bengal and never restricted. The largest money flow was in the year 2012 and 2013 and it went completely unchecked. The money was raised through Hundi collections in Saudi Arabia, crop tax in Bangladesh and also some part of it is attributed to scam money that was parked in a Bangladesh bank, NIA officers point out.

An Intelligence Bureau official said that life was literally breathed into the JMB thanks to the casual attitude on part of the West Bengal government. It must be recalled that the JMB had 2500 modules in Bangladesh in the year 2006. However after the crack down they were tottering with just 130 modules and it was these modules that came in handy after they tied up with the Jamaat-e-Islami and set up their entire base in West Bengal with an intent of targeting the Bangladesh establishment.

The women folk played a very important role in the re-birth of the JMB. They were roped in to coax the younger lot to join the force. They wanted to ensure that all the modules were linked through families. The JMB’s strategy was to rope in family members connected with each other so that the working pattern would be a united one. Further they also encouraged several members part of the JMB to marry the women and ensure that it becomes one full fledged family.

Bangladesh dossier- The Indian Intelligence Agencies have a dossier prepared by the National Security Intelligence of Bangladesh. This dossier suggests that members of the Jamaat had been meeting with local leaders in West Bengal since the past four years. This dossier attempts to draw a link between the members of the Jamaat, JMB and the local leaders in West Bengal and chalks out several strategy meetings which were aimed at not only reviving these outfits but also attacking the Awami League. The dossier also speaks about the presence of several SIMI members in West Bengal who aided the process.


Al-Qaeda steps in: Joining the chorus to throw out the Awami League, even the Al-Qaeda in its recent magazine has suggested the same. In its recent magazine Resurrgence, the Al-Qaeda accuses the Awami League of creating almost a Hindu nation and hence the time had come to throw them out.

This call by the Al-Qaeda was very much on expected lines since this outfit is the one which had set up two Dawahas in Bangladesh to ensure that the outfit does not die. The Jamaat and also the SIMI are subservient to the Al-Qaeda and had even formed the Al-Jihad outfit with an intent of creating a sub-continent base.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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