Burdwan- Islamic Chattra Shibir


The raids being conducted in connection with the Burdhwan blast may be a never ending affair as the National Investigating Agency suspects that there are easily around 53 bomb factories that were set up in West Bengal particulary in the Murshidabad area to carry out subversive activities. An NIA officer associated with the probe said that several persons have fled and while a wanted list is being drawn out, the priority now is to hunt down these bomb factories which still have ammunition in it.

Investigations have led to several disclosures and it has been ascertained that they operated in select places in West Bengal and the main unit was in Murshidabad which had become a landing point for these terrorists since the year 2010. The operation was planned in the year 2010 with the help of the Islamic Chattar Shibhir and the execution commenced in late 2011. Since then over 180 Bangladeshis have come in as part of this plan, the NIA says.

A key person involved in this operation was a man by the name Anisur who arranged accommodation for all the cadres. He was close to the local leadership which helped him go about his work and he ensured that he got these persons a safe place to hide.

Further the NIA says that the JMB which began planning this operation in 2010 started to pick up houses and also set up businesses which acted as fronts. The case of Shakil is an indicated who ran a garment business in Barua. Under the garb of this business he collected arms and even moved the funds around.

The NIA in a report to the Home Ministry said that the local leader link is very important. further they will also place under the scanner several officers from the Murshidabad Gram Panchayat who have gone on to give documents to over 100 Bangladeshis in the past year, most of them suspected to be part of the JMB. With the help of these documents, they managed to get voter id cards and also passports which helped them in the long run. They were able to move around freely thanks to this.

The NIA in its report also states that the large number of Madrasas also played a crucial role. Members of the JMB were not only housed but the same was used to conceal arms and ammunition as well. In some cases agriculture land was purchased at a throw away price and Madrasas were constructed on them, the NIA also points out.

Further the NIA also says that the members of the JMB were initially recruited by a group known as the Islamic Chattra Shibir. This raises an eye brow since this is the same group which recruits people for the Al-Ummah based out of Tamil Nadu. This is a key link since we believe that the operatives in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu could be connected.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

One thought on “Burdwan- Islamic Chattra Shibir”

  1. Sushil Kumar Shinde, the then Home Minister should be hanged for this dilemma. He is the one who propagated Hindu Terrorism instead of concentrating in places like this where terrorism was already rooted and awaiting to explode. Shame on him and the Congress party at large for playing vote bank minority politics for the sake of power totally disregarding national security!

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