Burdwan- The grand cover up

Pic: http://www.kolkatatoday.com/
Pic: http://www.kolkatatoday.com/

Even as the West Bengal government has rejected an NIA probe, members of the agency say that the probe here onwards is going to be extremely tough. By the time our officers reached the spot there was a teething hurry on part of the local police to destroy the evidence.

We have now been told that a large consignment of the bombs were taken away to the banks of the Damodar river and detonated. The bomb disposal ‎was very much present and could have contained any explosion if that is what the local police was worried about, the NIA says.

On questioning some of the suspects we also learnt that the accused at the spot were being aided in destroying the evidence.
On interrogation of the two women we learnt that communication details between the local leaders and the ploy to target the Bangladesh government is what was being protected. What we learnt is that the police wanted it to seem like a cylinder blast and hence all the explosives were taken away and detonated.
To local police claimed that it was dangerous to keep the explosives and hence were detonated. They also blamed the NIA stating that there was no instruction to preserve the explosvies. The NIA however said that standard operating procedure mandates that evidence is preserved. They can be prosecuted for destruction of evidence the NIA further stated.
The cover up:
Intelligence bureau officers and the NIA term this an attempt to cover up the operation:
1) make it seem as though it is a cylinder blast
2) burn down all documents linking local leaders to the Jamaat-e-Islami which was planning on using West Bengal as breeding ground to target the Awami League.
3) Coaching the accused to reveal nothing.
4) Non-Cooperation ‎with central agencies.
5) reject an NIA probe despite national and international ramifications.
6) Ignore the IB alert after Jamaat link to Saradha.
‎‎The Intelligence Bureau has issued an alert stating that several Jamaat-e-Islami militants may try and flee West Bengal in the wake of investigations into the Burdwan blast. Jamaat members who have been operating under the banner of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh JuM(B) will make attempts to flee West Bengal. The warning is specific to the states of Bihar, Assam and Jharkhand where these operatives may try and enter into the alert states.
The IB which shared details of the Burdwan probe with the National Security Intelligence in Bangladesh will also share information with each other. Security along the Bangladesh border too has been stepped up to ensure that the members of this outfit which teamed with Al-Qaeda and SIMI do not manage to escape.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

2 thoughts on “Burdwan- The grand cover up”

  1. Its frightening to know deep deal between MomitaBhano govt and Jamaat. If NaMo govt show same spineless appeasement track of UPA, in next 5yrs Jamaat may claim west, east bengal as theirs. ISIS may use it as springboard to launch terror attacks in East India, NE.

    Modi govt shall take firm action against WB gov even if that meant imposition of Prez rule, to bring WB under control.

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