Burdwan- An all out war on Bangladesh

west-bengal-bomb-blastAsima Bibi and Rumi the two women arrested in connection with the Burdwan blasts have told Intelligence Bureau officials that they were burning down documents in a bid to conceal details of the operations which had major political and international ramifications. The complete questioning of the two ladies by the Intelligence Bureau suggests that they had plans of not just targeting the Durga Puja celebrations, but also were preparing bombs for the Jamaat-e-Islami group which was part of the operation.

The documents that they were burning down had details of the entire operation. The operation had a two-pronged strategy. The Al-Qaeda and SIMI were looking to set up a major module and hence carry out blasts. The Jamaat-e-Islami was working with this group called Al-Jihad and their intention was to target the Bangladesh establishment with whom they have been at war. For the Jamaat it was becoming increasingly difficult to operate in Bangladesh and found West Bengal a better bet. They felt that they could collect ammunition and prepare bombs in West Bengal and transport it to Bangladesh. The documents we tried to burn down had names of local contacts and we wanted to safe guard their names at any cost.
It was not just bombs, we were even in the process of making country made pistols as the next part of our plan. We chose the house of a local leader in a bid to avoid the heat of the police, the two ladies told investigators. The material was sourced from Kolkata. We have been sourcing material from Kolkata since the past month. We brought in ammonium nitrate, IEDs and hydrogene peroxide in installments.
For the Jamaat which has been banned in Bangladesh this was a very crucial operation. We were in the process of making pistols and several bombs and transporting them across the border. After carrying out the blasts on Durga Puja we were aware that the security would go into a tizzy. While this would have ensured that the Al-Qaeda and SIMI announced its India launch and would have kept security agencies busy, Jamaat members on the other hand would have transported the rest of the bombs into Bangladesh.
The IB says that their interrogation reveals that four persons from Bangladesh had come down to Burdwan at least thrice in the past month to oversee the operations.‎ These persons were directly in touch with Prakash Mondal who was part of this operation.

The same group of people also travelled to Murshidabad once to oversee another module of the Al-Jihad which was a back up. Some local leaders of the ruling party from Murshidabad will also be questioned in the coming days, the IB official also informed.

A dossier handed over to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the Bangladesh government points to a direct link between the Jamaat and the local operatives in West Bengal. There is a constant mention of how plans are being made to target Bangladesh through the West Bengal module.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

2 thoughts on “Burdwan- An all out war on Bangladesh”

  1. Now the ball is in IB/RAW court. The accidental blast is God-send to Nation. The sooner the culprits are arrested, the better. There should not be any political consideration. Whether CM, MP, MLA, Minister, all doubtful characters are to be kept behind bar – National Security is Prime – and expose the modules to world. Luckily, we can expect co-operation from Bangla Desh and this could be utilised fully.


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