Burdwan blast- TMC under scanner

The Trianamool Congress which has been under the lens following the investigation into the Saradha scam has more on its plate to deal with. This time it is their leader Nurul Hasan Chaudhary who is being grilled after it was found that the members of the Al-Jihad had used his house cum local party office to prepare the bombs at Burdwan.
Both the National Investigating Agency and the Intelligence Bureau are questioning Hassan a local TMC leader who has so far claimed innocence. I had only rented the house out to these youth and know nothing more he told the IB and the NIA. Several members were preparing bombs and were in possession of 59 IEDs and had planned on targeting the Durga Puja celebrations in Kolkata. However the bombs exploded while they were preparing them which blew the lid on the entire terror plot. Two of the terrorists died in the explosion.
Intelligence Bureau officials say that this is a very fishy case since the antecedents of the youth were not checked before the house was rented out. Moreover they had chosen a house belonging to a leader of the ruling party in West Bengal. Incidentally this house also was used as the local party office of the Trinamool Congress. This case is a nexus of both terror and politics we suspect said the officer of the Intelligence Bureau who is probing the case in Burdwan at the moment.
The NIA says that these were members of the Al-Jihad which comprised members of the SIMI which is helping the Al-Qaeda set up its India wing. All the literature that has been found at the spot suggest the same. The operatives were clearly trying to cover up a lot and more importantly we suspect that they were trying to protect their mentors. Two ladies Rumi Biwi and Amina Biwi who were part of this group were trying to burn up the documents and put up a fight before the agencies could arrest them. They even brandished guns but were overpowered. At first these women tried to burn down the documents which were there with them. These documents contained important leads such as the agreement with the landlord and also material on bomb making and the modules which were conducting this operation.
Even as the cries by the BJP and the CPM for a probe into the Trinamool-Terror nexus is growing louder, the four member IB team and the NIA have complained to New Delhi about non-cooperation by the local police. In their complaint they have stated that there is utter non-cooperation on part of the local police unit who are refusing to share vital details with the agencies.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

6 thoughts on “Burdwan blast- TMC under scanner”

  1. Earlier Bangladesh complained that TMC people are funding the terrorist groups of Bangladesh. Then came Saradha Scam wherein a TMC MP is already in jail. Now bomb making and another TMC MP is being questioned. Wah. Bengalis should be proud for having such a CM and such a party as their ruling party. Earlier Bengalis were laughable stock by electing CPI(M) as their ruling party for 25 years and pushing West Bengal down in development. With no industry, no employment Bengalis were spending on their PAST glory. Now TMC case. What happened to our Bengal intelligentia.

      1. I wait for a while Sir, TN & Kerala will be next on radar. @Swamy39 has been mentioning TN & Kerala too will be next is My opinion.

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