Yasin Mallik cost to ISI, Rs 45 lac a month

Yasin Mallik is the highest paid separatist or terrorist today in the Kashmir valley. Despite being rescued by the Indian army and then doing a complete u-turn by fanning sentiments against the same people could be explained due to his fat paycheck of Rs 45 lakh he receives every month.

Over the past ten years several agencies have probed these separatists and have found illegal flow of funds into their accounts. However today Mallik the blue eyed boy of the ISI is being paid the highest amount and his instruction is don’t give up and never let go. There is a constant trail of this man by the agencies in India who tell Times Now that he has been receiving this salary in several installments every month. However after the spate of probes that were launched by the Indian agencies including the Central Bureau of Investigation, he has the money delivered through the borders and he has his men to collect it for him. 25 lakh in cash was delivered to a Yasin Mallik aide in Kathmandu in the month of July while the other transaction was tracked to a hawala operative in Delhi. The final part of the payment was delivered to him through a conduit who slipped into the Valley through the Pakistan border. This amount has not reached any bank and thanks to the spate of probes there has been no deposits found in his accounts which suggests he has been parking the money in the homes of his well wishers. The National Investigation Agency and the Intelligence Bureau are finding out more on this trail.

The agencies who have been keeping a watch on him have managed to gather this information through those close to Mallik who says he very often tells them about the kind of salary he gets and the last we heard him say was the amount ran into Rs 45 lakh a month.

The only other separatist to have got this kind of a salary was Abul  Gani Lone. His monthly salary was fixed at Rs 30 lakh and this amount was collected on his behalf by his daughter who was based in Delhi.

According to the military intelligence, Mallik is a very resourceful man for the ISI who has an exceedingly good network. He has his men spying on the army operations all the time. He is always given information every time the army has done something good for the people of Kashmir. He is always there or sends his men to change the mindset of the people as he was seen doing yesterday as the army battles to save the lives of the Kashmiris.

While the salary paid to Mallik remains with him and he is free to what he wants with it, there is also further renumeration that comes in when he raises money to spread hatred in Kashmir. He gets ten percent of the money that he raises. He is suspected to have raised over 5 million dollars in the past dollars in the past five years and a chunk of this came during his visits to the US, UK and Saudi Arabia.

Mallik like the rest of the separatists gets a king’s welcome in Pakistan and has several orchards and palatial houses in Kashmir. The Indian agencies apart from blaming Pakistan also blame the local government which has very often seen giving them a free hand.

The last CBI probe conducted on these persons would give a sense of what kind of a lifestyle they lead after spreading hatred in India.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

7 thoughts on “Yasin Mallik cost to ISI, Rs 45 lac a month”

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  2. India is a big nation and it is a shame that it could not curb one person getting monthly salary from enemy nation. What for we are having such big net work of intelligence and BSF. We have to cut the money route. Impound his passport. When he tries to go to Nepal, arrange with that country to arrest him and keep in Nepal Jail. Fix our borders sealed, so that no one can enter or exit.

    Why Rajnathji is not active in Home Affairs, I do not know.


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