Kashmir- Saeed doesn’t want perception change

hafizsaeedHafiz Saeed is roaming around freely in Pakistan and recently has been seen flood victims in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. What really is he doing there?
Intelligence Bureau reports state that Saeed is on a three pronged mission at the moment the most important one being not to allow the perception of a large number of Kashmiris change. India was hoping that a large number of Kashmiris would change their perception towards the Indian army in the wake of them being helped at this moment of crisis. The Lashkar-e-Tayiba has directed it’s cadres in the Valley and also all his sympathisers on the social media to ensure that the hate Indian army campaign is on in full swing so that the perception does not change.

An intercept picked up 48 hours ago suggests that the Lashkar is planning a major mission in Kashmir once the flood situation subsides. They have ensured their sympathisers of a major pay out in the next couple of days if they continue with the hate Indian army campaign. Already some banners against the Indian army have come up in the Valley and Lashkar sympathisers have been tweeting furiously against the army spreading a hate campaign.
The second part of Saeed’s plan is to raise funds after a set back in the wake of his Jamaat ud Dawa being banned. The ban proved costly for Saeed as money cannot move around freely. Now under the garb of flood relief work he has set up counters in Pakistan under fake names to collect money. Saeed has chosen not to name a particular organisation to collect funds as he does not want the heat. He is targeting a collection of at least 7 million dollars most of which will be diverted to fund the Lashkar.
The third part of the plan is to activate his martime wing to push people into the Valley. This operation is however likely to fail as alerts have been issued well in advance and the Indian agencies say they can thwart this attempt.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

One thought on “Kashmir- Saeed doesn’t want perception change”

  1. Wy we talk of Hafiz. Our people, who witnessed the hardship faced by Army in rescuing them, how their own Government vanished, their own leaders left Kashmir to safer places, their own huriyat vanished and their own Chief Minister was sitting idle in his house, WHEN day and night Army Personnel, leaving their family in despair, taking boat rides, sending helicopter sorties, conducting medical camp, should negate Hafiz. They should NEGLECT HAFIZ. That way, Kashiris convey their gratitude to Indian Army.


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