Dawood man Malabari goes missing

‎Speak of negligence and this could be the case to be quoted. Rashid Malabari is no ordinary criminal. He is the direct link between the Dawood Ibrahim syndicates South India operations and he was the one assigned the task by Chota Shakeel of killing Varun Gandhi before he was arrested in Mangalore. Today where is Malabari? No body knows, not the police nor the jail authorities.
On July 21 Malabari was granted bail by a court in Mangalore. He left the jail the next day and since then has been un-traceable. The irony is that the police never bothered to check on him and once he left jail he became a free man. It was only a couple of days back when the police went to his house following a court summons did they realise that Malabari was gone. The state Intelligence,police and the jail authorities are clueless about his whereabouts. Each one of them thought he was still in jail and were not even aware that he had been enlarged on bail.

Since his release, not one agency kept a watch on him despite knowing fully well what a hardened criminal he was. Moreover Malabari was granted conditional bail which meant he had to report to the police station regularly. The police all through did not even realise that he had not reported to the police station and it was only when the case came up before the court to review his bail did they realise he was missing.‎
Malbari has nine criminal cases in Mangalore and one in Bangalore pending against him. He was shifted from the Mangalore jail to Bellary and later to the Bangalore jail due to security reasons.
‎Meanwhile as efforts are on to trace him, the intelligence has alerted security forces to up the security for some prominent leaders. Several Hindu leaders are on his radar.
The Police Commissioner of Mangalore Hithendra R says that there are warrants issued against Malabari and also added that they do not know where he is at the moment. He has not left the country, the Commissioner also added.

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