Much needed terror academy gets underway

command1The lack of trained personnel to fight terrorism in India and more importantly the lack of understanding of the subject has forced the government of India to set up a full fledged terror academy. Work has already commenced on this project which has been suggested by the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.
The previous government created several agencies, but somewhere down the line everyone realised that having more people is not enough to curb this menace of terrorism. What India lacked was skilled professionals to tackle this problem and the very fact that the thinking of a large number of people was Left was also not helping the cause.

The academy which will come up in New Delhi will train existing officers on the various aspects that are involved in fighting terrorism. The academy would also be open for new aspirants who want to join the fight against terror.
While India is very good at Intelligence gathering, there has been a complete failure on part of various officers when it comes to understanding forensics and also cyber related crime. Terror today is fought more on the internet and very often several officers who are not up to date with the technology have been beaten. Moreover India also another major problem on hand. We are getting all the information from the net and other sources, but there are no officers who are capable of decoding the messages and by the time we get this done by foreign agencies, terrorists normally make their move.
The Academy will be on its kind and probably the first in the country. The NSA is very serious about this project and feels that unless officers are educated and trained properly the battle against terror becomes very difficult.
Today India has also become a playground for international terrorists. Several persons are getting attracted towards the Al-Qaeda and the ISIS which normally do not operate in India. The challenges are increasing by the day and many officers are still updating themselves with the pattern of the SIMI, IM and even the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. The charge sheet filed by the Bombay police in the 26/11 case is a clear example of how un-educated the officers were with regard to the modus operandi of the Lashkar.
The Academy also will have a think tank which will guide the anti terror policy. The thinking has been very Left all these years and this has not helped the cause at all, sources in the Intelligence Agencies say. In some cases, human rights have come in the way and terrorists very often use this as a shield to get away. India lacks a credible think tank and this academy hopes to address that concern.
The Academy also would focus on analysing data, terror operations and their structure, reading coded messages, talks by credible think tanks and also analysing CCTV footage in order to tackle the menace.
The Home Ministry has given its nod to this proposal and the academy would become a reality in the next six months. The academy would also focus on bringing in specialists from America and Israel who would train Indian officers on handling cross border terror and also sharing of information with other nations. In today’s world there is a dire need to have information shared on almost every platform since terrorism has a new dimension and this means that they have no borders when it comes to disrupting world peace.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

3 thoughts on “Much needed terror academy gets underway”

  1. Till date, several academies were initiated to tackle terror. But none came up in the way it should have. Neither were there trainers nor were there candidates. There was nothing in terms of incentives encouraging enough for anyone to enrol into these tedious and often life threatening training sessions simply because the erstwhile governments thought more of austerity than national security. The plight of the Indian Anti Terrorism Squad is less said the better. Therefore, even though we have had such Academics in the past, on paper I must emphasize, this is a new beginning and with its implementation, there should be a difference – let us hope!


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