Lashkar’s RSS plot- Subhan says it all

20140729-193148-70308444.jpgAbdul Subhan the Lashkar-e-Tayiba operative arrested recently by the Delhi police has revealed that he was given instructions to draw up a list of RSS leaders. He tells the Delhi police during his interrogation that he had drawn up a list of 18 RSS leaders from Delhi and Nagpur and they were working on a plan on abducting them and demanding a huge ransom.
The Delhi police say that there is a lot of confusion regarding Abdul Subhan and many have mistaken him for the Indian Mujahideen tech chief, Abdus Subhan Qureshi. They are different people and the IM operative is still hiding in Karachi and has been making attempts to revive the Indian Mujahideen.
Subhan the Lashkar operative who was working for his handler Jawed Baluchi said that their first plan was to carry out a major attack in New Delhi on August 4th. We were aware that the security during Indepence Day would be extremely high and hence we decided to pre-pone the date of the attack, he also tells the police.

While they had decided on targeting businessmen and demanding huge sums from them, the other part of the deadly plan was to abduct RSS leaders. Subhan was tasked with recruiting youth from religious places and he claims that he had already selected around 20 youth for the job. We had instructed these youth to keep tabs on the RSS leaders whose list we had prepared. What we needed them to do over the next couple of months was to track their movements, report on their security arrangements. The Lashkar feels that the RSS needed to be beaten down as they posed a threat to the Muslims. During the recruitment drive that I undertook, I always told the boys that defeating the RSS should be primary on our agenda.
Subhan further tells the police that they had planned on seeking the advise of Aftab Ansari who was the kingpin in the abduction of Roy Barman, the shoe baron from Kolkata. He had managed to raise a lot of money from that abduction way back in 2000 and we wanted to emulate that. Ansari despite being in jail was still well versed with the various modules in Kolkata and Delhi. Despite being in jail, Ansari had access to a cell phone and was in touch with Baluchi in Karachi, Subhan also claimed.
Further Subhan also states that the Lashkar had decided to operate in two wings in India- North and South. He says that the Southern module was picking up fast and had become very lethal over the past couple of years. The job of the Southern module was to carry out high profile attacks targeting important establishments. He also speaks about a major infiltration route in Chennai through Sri Lanka and Maldives and also adds that from here many had even infiltrated into Bangalore.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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