Vedas should be part of education

dinanathbatraDinanath Batra is man on a mission. His aim to Indianise education may have come under a lot of scrutiny and criticism, but the teacher turned activist will not give up. Batra who runs the Shiksha Bachao Andolan had recently written to the Prime Minister and the HRD ministry seeking a revision of the text books in school as there were many aspects in these books which had depicted wrongly, he had claimed.

While the government of India is setting up a commission on educational reforms, Batra says he will see what the government would do, but in the meantime he has gone ahead with setting up his own commission to give the correct picture to the Indian education system.

Batra tells that the commission that he has set up is non-governmental. I am not waiting for central funds and will go about my job. There is an absolute need to study the ancient glory of our nation and hence teachings from the Vedas should be included in the text book.

We have not started this organisation so that it can run parallel to what the government is doing. It would basically study the entire system over a period of few years and then submit a report to the government. We have already begun working on this and we operate from an office in Delhi. The commission which is called the Non Governmental Education Commission has in all 31 members including me. We have highly educated persons in the commission who understand the need of a change in the education system. We will together analyse all aspects and suggests changes to be made in our text books. A report to this effect will be submitted to the Government of India. The basic idea would be to introduce a system of education which is rooted into India’s culture.

We have decided to work on this project on our own and will not approach the government for funds. We want to take education further and give the children the correct picture. There are already some universities which have effected a change in their education system with the introduction of Value education, integral humanism and also vedic math.

We would like to recommend to the government to introduce Vedas into our text books. I am aware of all the criticism by a certain quarter, but trust me it is important to have Vedas in our text books. The aim is not saffronise as has been portrayed by many. The aim is to educate and give the children the correct picture of India. I have always maintained that there is no harm and nothing wrong in children studying the history of India and in this regard I would think there is nothing wrong in including the Vedas into the text books as it is part of Indian culture and history.

Education is an important part of the system and hence it is wrong to teach our children distorted facts as is present today. We need to change that system and give the children the correct picture and hence the commission set up by us will look into all these aspects and recommend changes to the government.

We have so many greats in India whose names are not prominent in our text books. The lives and contributions of all the Indian greats should be made known to our children and hence I had sought a complete revision. What we want to do is suggest changes so that the society at large benefits and there would be proper value education in our country. While we want our children to have access to value education, I also want to make it clear that the intent is to educate and not saffronise the education system. We want to ensure that the education system is not worsened. There needs to be value education clubbed with modernisation also.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

4 thoughts on “Vedas should be part of education”

  1. It is an absolute necessity and must be included in the curriculum at every level, right from kinder garden to university. It would not only bring out the hitherto ignorance that prevails with the Indians at large with regard to our culture and heritage but also enhance confidence and capability of our younger generation.

  2. The best Modi government can do, is set up Vedic Scientific education system as competition to already present marxist education system.. A whole new education system that will teach our kids the glory of Ancient India and our civilization, will definitely infuse some much needed self confidence in our public… All those history books that Commies wrote should be thrown into dustbin along with these commies and congi morons..

  3. I do not know what Mr. Batra can do, but I do know that there is definitely an urgent need to revise the curriculum in the entire country. Not that we need Vedas but just to ensure we read facts and actual history. Present the truth to students and let them decide. All the stuff we read in our textbooks today has been concocted by commies and CONgress chamchas.

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