Terrorist desperation- Its not just Modi

terfundsSince the past one and half weeks there has been hectic activity among terror groups and each of these outfits have adopted to various tactics calling for Jihad. While everyone tends to go bersek attributing this to Narendra Modi taking over the country’s new Prime Minister what one also needs to understand that the desperation is more to do with the fact that they are becoming a diminishing race.
The arrests carried out by the National Investigation Agency in which SIMI operative Haider Ali and three others were arrested incidentally marked the end of the last known modules in India. This is a huge set back for the terror outfits who have virtually not a single organised module left in the country today. Taking this into consideration, it is very obvious terror groups are going to become desperate in a bid to reinstate themselves on Indian soil.

The pattern adopted by the various terror groups directly points to them trying to make a desperate come back. The real intent is re-build and Modi only happens to be an excuse as they feel using this name will unite like minded radicals.
The fact that they are desperate can be seen with the below mentioned incidents:
At a Bhopal court,  several members of the SIMI shouted slogans, ” Jai Taliban, Ab Modi teri Baari.”
In Kozhikode in Kerala posters calling for Jihad were pasted along several walls.
Ansar Al-Tawheed fi Bilad Al-Hind (The Supporters of Monotheism in the Land of India) according to Washington DC made an appeal to the Al-Qaeda and Taliban to come forward and protect the Indian Muslims.
At Gujarat’s Sabarmati jail yet another incident of trying to free SIMI head Safdar Nagori was revealed. A website being operated from an Island called Tokelau in New Zealand was found by the Gujarat cops. The website had coded information on various SIMI names to be released from the jails especially Sabarmati.
An Intelligence Bureau official tells rediff.com that these are clear signs of desperation. The arrests made two days back was kind of a death blow as this was the only active module operating in India. The arrests of Yasin Bhatkal and his aide Assadullah Akthar marked the end of a major module. This was then followed by the arrests of Tehsin Akthar and Waqas Ahmed which put an end to another big module.
The arrest of Shakir Hussain, the Sri Lankan operative in Chennai and a subsequent arrest of his aide in Malaysia dented a major prospect of the ISI trying to target India through the South.
It may appear that India has seen the back of terror with these arrests. While a huge task has been attained, one must also bear in mind that these groups do not give up easily. The ISI in Pakistan has a great deal of enthusiasm to set up Home grown outfits in India. Their own groups such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba continue to remain active, but the attacks that they carry out are largely dependent on what policy the Pakistan intelligence and military want to adopt. Take the case of the 26/11 attack. The same was approved by the ISI only to keep the Lashkar engaged as many had threatened to quit and join the Taliban for the Afghanistan battle, the IB official also points out.
The ISI is still in possession of some of the deadliest minds of the Indian Mujahideen and the SIMI. There is Alamzeb Afridi, Shadab Baig, Bada Sajid, Sultan Armar who are still training in Pakistan. There is also Riyaz Bhatkal, Amir Reza Khan and Iqbal Bhatkal who are still under the protection of Pakistan who can very well oversee the rise of the IM and SIMI yet again. The IB also is tracking at least 5 students from Chennai who have gone off the radar and are training in Syria. All these persons will some day return to India and try and fight the establishment the Intelligence Bureau beleives.
What is even more worrying is that groups such as the Al-Qaeda and Taliban are taking a very keen interest in the Indian affairs. They may not come down to India and personally set up modules, but when groups such as these sound a war cry, there is 99 out of 100 chance that a misguided youth will fall trap and take the path of terror, the officer further points out.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

2 thoughts on “Terrorist desperation- Its not just Modi”

  1. Yes, they are desperate, but without guidance and focus. Yet, their sleeper cells are very much alive and ticking. Planning will be going on at a vehement pace as to how to disrupt the nation by any which way they can including possibly disrupting the swearing in ceremony of Modi. However, Modi is a man beyond their petty intelligence. He can outwit and outthink these idiots by a mile and this is what is bothering them. When in Gujarat, they could do nothing in that soil post 2002. They fear a similar situation post May 26 2014 once Modi takes the reigns of governance officially. Yes, they are desperate and so is the muslim community at large too. Speculative murmurs of possible infringement on their freedom is abundant. That curbs on their inflow of unaccounted money from outside sources would be imminent is also bothering them because that is their biggest weapon. By and large, they fear an India like Gujarat which they can not fathom. Hence, all possible thrust will be adopted to rummage the peace and tranquility of the nation.

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