Sriramulu from Bellary


After much debate and a lot of tweeting by one time God Mother, Sushma Swaraj, B Sriramulu will now fight on a BJP ticket from the Bellary parliamentary constituency. Bellary which is famous for its mining miseries will be a crucial constituency for the BJP.

The state BJP in particular felt that in order to secure Bellary and the neighbouring constituencies, it was extremely crucial to bring Sriramulu back to the party. Sriramulu had quit the BJP over the mining issue and floated the BSR Congress party which put up a good showing in the Bellary regions during the 2013 assembly elections. He clearly snatched away the BJP votes which hurt the party bad especially in a constituency which has been its strong hold since the past ten years.

Despite allegations of corruption in the mining case and more importantly the volley of tweets by Sushma Swaraj opposing Sriramulu, the party went ahead and announced his name. The BJP just do not want to take any chances and lose out strongholds in a bid to attain the magic figure in parliament. Sriramulu is a factor in Bellary, Raichur and also in the tribal belts in Northern Karnataka. The BJP is expecting to win at least 3 seats under his leadership.

While Sushma who had once called Sriramulu her son met with Rajnath Singh to oppose his candidature, her views were overlooked. The party argues that there are corruption allegations against him and none of them have been proven as yet. Moreover it is important that the BJP stands united in this battle and all those who had left should come back and strengthen the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

2 thoughts on “Sriramulu from Bellary”

  1. Honestly, i have my own aspersions on BJP’s candidature selection. Do I get a sense of discomforting feeling that the old brass are not willing to let go off their egoistic seniority and want to still own their seats with least consideration whether it would be hurting their Party’s bright poll chances! This is yet another case to ponder among the several BJP is considering or otherwise. Jaswant Singh, as I write this, is submitting his resignation since his candidacy was not considered. Leaves a very bad image for the Party and dims its chances of coming at the centre.

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