Aseemanand’s Modi claim unsubstantiated

Pic: jagaran
Pic: jagaran

With Swami Aseemanand denying that he ever named Mohan Bhagwat in an interview to the Caravan he has only displayed yet another case of dropping big names and then backtracking.
An officer who had questioned Aseemanand tells that he is known to drop big names in a bid to divert the probe and when we decide to act on it, he has always backtracked. He has also once taken the name of Narendra Modi during his questioning, but there was absolutely nothing to suggest that the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate was aware of anything that Aseemanand was up to. In the case of Modi, Aseemanand had said that he had met him during an RSS event in Ahmedabad and told him, “it is decided that I will become the Chief Minister. Let me come to power and then I will do your work.”
The NIA on further questioning found that there was nothing to suggest that Modi had remotely assured to help him with his alleged terror activities. In fact Aseemanand was carrying out work in the forests in Gujarat where he was part of a tribal rehabilitation programme. The discussion was more on that, than the alleged terror angle for which Aseemanand is being tried today, NIA sources also pointed out.
Aseemanand has been known to back track most of his statements. He had infact three years back made the life of the NIA extremely difficult. He was taken to the Hyderabad jail where he met with an accused who was arrested in connection with the Mecca Masjid blasts. Aseemanand says that it was after the meeting with the Muslim youth that he had a change of heart and realised for an act committed by him, innocents had been arrested. He begins his very lengthy confession before the NIA and states that it was he who coined the sentence, Bomb ka badla bomb.” He also goes on to name several others involved with him. The NIA which thought it could ride on this confession was however in for a deep shock when he denied everything he had said before the court claiming that the same was done under duress. The NIA which says that it had expected the same, however built on the leads which it got through the statements of Aseemanand. Although he has denied the statements, it did help us attain a finality in several cases, NIA officials also point out.
The NIA says that he was more or less broken when he was brought into custody and questioned. He did feel that he was let down in a lot of respects. But he never had anything to substantiate his statements while dropping the big names. It was being done more to divert the investigation and at times when he felt let down by some members of his organisation, he threw in the big names, but then immediately went back on his statements, NIA sources also say.
The NIA has however decided to stay away from the Aseemanand-Bhagwat controversy saying that it never figured in their probe. If he has said it then he should say it before the court. We are not acting suo motu on these statements. Moreover he has denied making such a statement. The magazine on the other if it claims has ample proof can also petition the court and implead themselves as a witness in the case. Depending on what the court says, we will act, NIA officials also point out.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

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4 thoughts on “Aseemanand’s Modi claim unsubstantiated”

  1. Aseemanand’s proclamations are unsubstantial as is his numerous previous remarks. This has been acknowledged by NIA too. But at this point in time when the country is just around the corner of a general election, any comments implicating the BJP or RSS is of news value regardless of its authenticity. There is a concerted effort by all BJP and RSS adversaries to somehow get them implicated in the communal nemesis that entails them, through media and through incoherent propaganda. There has never been an election where, facing inevitable defeat, most of the political parties are banking on a communal angle to assure a possible win. They fail to recognize that people have become more smart, more aware, more educated and more receptive of the political platform prevalent in the country and are defiant of not being taken for a ride again and again as they have been till this point in time. The repeated and frequent Modi bashing, BJP bashing and RSS abusing is not finding ears of comfort for the propagandists. Rather, it is leaving a negative impact on the voters and setting in a sort of stale political discourse that does not address the common man’s interests. Therefore Aseemanand’s rhetoric will not reap the desired results BJP’s adversaries so impatiently wait for.

    For the records, Muslim League was formed on December 30, 1906 with a view to initially safeguard the *Muslims* (not Indians) of India and subsequently went on to break the Nation in the name of religion.

    RSS was formed on September 28, 1925 as an educational group to train Hindu men by character-building to unite the Hindu community, to counter British colonialism in India and suppress Muslim separatism that was becoming rampant then (and continuing to do so now) and only interested in cultural sameness as opposed to racial or religious segregation.


  2. I do believe that legally there is some distance to conver to punish Aseemanand or Col. Purohit. Even more in case of Sadhvi Pragya from what has come to light. I am sure fair bit of politics is involved in keeping this issue warm instead of fast tracking and closing it with their conviction (or release).

    But, do I really doubt that there is Hindu Militancy in India? Do I really doubt RSS’s involvements in something unsavoury?

    Answer has to be NO. If organizations like Shivsena, MNS or Sri Ram sena can go beat up people on flimsy excuses – murdering folks in the name of communal violence or even exploding bombs is just a step more. I personally know a case in Mangalore where a Muslim youth known to me was murdered (in 1992) by people belonging to Hindu Yuva sena folks, and none was punished.

    Islamic Militancy world over has been dastardly enough. It is sick mentality for people to support such mindless terror just because a few Hindus do it in the name of protecting religion.

    We certainly need stringent laws to deal with Mobs of any kind. And we also need fast tracked trials for acts of terror, instead of never ending trials.

    If a mob goes and vandalizes any property, then their leaders should be made to pay (irrespective of cause). It is absurd that we have goonda & criminal elements getting protection in the name of religion, language, region and ideological façade.

    I strongly believe BJP (Modi?) should summon enough courage to ask RSS to mind its methods.


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