Bhagwat vs Aseemanand

mohan-bhagwat-500Swami Assemanand is at it once again and this time around he has named RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat. The accused in the Samjautha Express, Mecca Masjid and Ajmer blasts has alleged that it was Bhagwat who sanctioned these strikes.
The National Investigation Agency which is seized off all these cases is however treading cautiously on the issue. Aseemanand is known to backtrack on his statements and has done so once in the past as well which left the NIA red faced before the court. NIA sources tell that they will wait and watch and would not want to jump to any conclusions since these are statements given before a magazine. Not once in our entire questioning of the man has he ever named Mohan Bhagwat and hence there is no reason for us to act suo motu on the case. We will instead wait for a court order and only then act, the NIA official also pointed out.

The NIA further adds that if he is serious about his charge then he has an option of making that same statement before the magistrate. Once the court records the same and it becomes part of the case file before the sessions court, then based on a court order will we probe the matter. We need to rely on our investigation and during that the name of Bhagwat never cropped up. If Aseemanand is serious then he will pursue the same and record his statement before the court, the NIA officer said.
According to the statement of Aseemanand, Bhagwat had told me that I could work on these cases. “ We will not be involved, but if you are doing this you can consider that we are with you. This will be on the right course,” Bagwat is alleged to have told him.
The trial in all these cases has commenced and the NIA was hoping to close the case. Last week the sessions court at Panipat had framed murder charges against Aseemanand and the case is coming up for hearing on February 24th. According to the NIA’s case it was a conspiracy that was hatched by Sunil Joshi who was later murdered by his own accomplices. The NIA took a long time to establish this case and finally concluded that it was a murder that had taken place at the hands of his accomplices as Joshi sought to reform and threatened to spill the beans.
The RSS has dismissed the charges leveled by Aseemanand and say that he has made similar claims in the past only to backtrack on the statements. He is just dragging names for the heck of it, the RSS claims.
However some officials feel that Aseemanand is dragging names into the case since he feels let down. According to him there are many other co conspirators who have gone away scot free and his feeling is that he has been targeted selectively. However what one cannot understand is that why does he retract his statement or fall short of saying the same thing before the court which in fact could assure a logical conclusion to his claims, the officer also pointed out.

The case against Aseemanand and others- The NIA is confident that it will be able to prosecute Aseemanand and the co conspirators in the case. They have prepared a detailed charge sheet on the issue which deal with various issues.
According to the charge sheet, Aseemanand was angry about the attacks on Hindu shrines by Muslims. He discussed the matter with Sunil Joshi, Pragya Singh and Bharat Bhai. It was at this time that Aseemanand coined the bomb ka badla bomb theory.
In the year 2005 month October, Indresh Kumar and others visited Shabri Dham in Gujarat and held a meeting where Joshi and Aseemanand were present to discuss the attacks. A year later, another meeting took place at the residence of Bharath Bhai in Valsad which was attended by Aseemanand, Sadhvi Pragya, Joshi, Sandeep Dange, Ramchander Kalsangra, Lokesh Sharma and Amit. There it was decided that they would blow up the Samjautha Express since the train comprised a lot of Pakistani Muslims. They were then divided into three groups and Aseemanand and Bharat Bhai were in the first group while Joshi said he would be in touch with all these groups.
The same year a training camp was organized at the Bagli forest in Dewas which was attended by Kamal Chauhan, Kalsangra, Sharma, Amit and Chaudhary. They were trained how to make pipe bombs and also on the use of the pistol.
Following this the Jama Masjid and Old Delhi Railway station were surveyed. They backed out of the Jama Masjid plan since there was too much security. However they found that security was lax at the railway station and hence were able to plant the bomb on the train.
The charge sheet also speaks about a meeting in 2005 which took place in Jaipur attended by Lokesh Sharma, Sunil Joshi, Ramchandra Kalsangre, Shivam Dhakad, Pragya Singh and RSS leader Indresh Kumar. The NIA says that Indresh Kumar is alleged to have given Rs 50000 to Sunil Joshi to carry out the attack.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

4 thoughts on “Bhagwat vs Aseemanand”

  1. I’ve read Samjautha express chargesheet. I still could not figure out with what evidence they could say it was “Saffron terror”. Oral confessions during custodial interrogation cannot be treated as evidence as it can be retracted before magistrate. No CCTV footages showing those alleged guys roaming at the railway station, No evidence of any of them caught redhanded while procuring/holding the explosive materials. Chargesheet pinned all blame on Sunil Joshi. Chargehsheet says it was Sunil Joshi who planned, organised and executed the attacks. As per chargesheet, everytime some bomb blast happened Sunil Joshi used to come before Aseemanand and boast before him that it was done by his boys. Unfortunately, Sunil Joshi is a dead man. he cannot come back from his grave to prove his innocence. The whole theory of “saffron terror” seems to be designed to serve the politically motives.


    1. Absolutely true- blame all on a dead man because tehy cant prove anything against those alive. Its a shoddy case which is being investigated for the third time. Agencies too are well aware a lot wont stand before court and want the case to be decided on perception. Thanks for your comment


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