Target Modi- What is Pak thinking?

9532a51e-de71-41c4-9b92-3a116139dfbaWallpaper1There have been various reports put out by our Intelligence Agencies which speak about the threat perception of our leaders. Clearly all the reports which have come out in the recent months have stated that the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi tops that list.

While there is no doubt that Modi is very high on the radar of terrorists, the other important point to ponder over here is why will Pakistan take such a risk and support his elimination.

C D Sahay, former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing gives a perspective of the Pakistan thinking on Modi.

Speaking of such threats one needs to understand that there are two kinds of threats where individuals are concerned. The first one is person specific and the second position specific. In the case of Narendra Modi ever since he was chosen to be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP he faces both a person and position specific threat, Sahay says.

The former RAW chief also points out that Modi without a doubt is being watched all over the world especially in Pakistan. The threat person of Modi gets accentuated by the likely emergence of him becoming a major player in national politics. People in India are already going gaga over the fact that he may become the Prime Minister very soon.

It is clear says Sahay that Pakistan and its sponsored local groups pose the greatest threat to him. Generally Pakistan has been saying that they have no issue who ever is elected in India and also go on to add that they had great dealings with the National Democratic Alliance under Atal B Vajpayee. They would continue to say for public consumption that they have no issue even if Modi comes to power. However what is worrying is the other stream of thought within Pakistan. They are sure that the reaction to a 26/11 type attack would not be the same as it was. If Modi in power and a similar attack were to take place, Pakistan is well aware that the reaction will be entirely different. Pakistan will face a major implication in such a scenario as they are aware that he will not take it lying down¸ Sahay says.

Further the former RAW chief also points out that Pakistan would like Modi to be drawn into an internal conflict when compared to an external one. Any major attempt to target him will lead to major communal violence in India as the attack would be stage managed by the local groups at the behest of Pakistan. Such communal riots will force him to respond and react internally and if this were to happen Pakistan would have achieved what it is looking for.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

5 thoughts on “Target Modi- What is Pak thinking?”

  1. The threat perception is not only from the pakis but also internally arising from the congress itself. This can very well happen as this is the party which is the biggest casualty at the moment and there is nothing in them to confront the Modi juggernaut. Well, the other parties would welcome any such move as every one is going to be pushed to the oblivion. The point now is to have a very close watch on these parties too and their actions and reactions. For a party which has a rich and terrible history of eliminating great leaders like Subash Chandra Bose, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, Shyama Prasad Mookerji etc., this is not going to be a tough job. After all the head happens to be from the dreaded italian mafia.

  2. Thanks Vicky for the continuous updates on the very sensitive and most important issue that occupies the minds of Indians and its adversaries alike and that is the safety and security of Narendra Modi. As it were, any attempt at his life would leave India burning. That, as concluded rightfully by Mr. Sahay, would benefit Pakistan substantially and encourage them to invigorate their local handles substantially. The various Islamic organizations that train their guns on Modi have nothing much to loose as it is part of their doctrine to destabilize the nation. They would go to any extent to achieve it and there are, to assist them, plenty local bodies who are more loyal to Pakistan than to India. These destabilizing forces congregate in pockets of metros in such a way that any counter action becomes impossible unless harming the innocents. The vote bank politics practiced by Congress and other regional parties has sufficiently enabled these anti national groups to safely settle in these pockets under the garb of minority protection and practice their nefarious activities. Vote bank politics is the poison of the day. Once that gets eradicated, which is what Modi would do the day he takes office, the Nation will be saved. A Politics based on Indian-ness has to resurge for the nation to progress – and only Modi can do that under the circumstance. That exactly is what the politicos don’t want to do and who are willing to go to any extent to negate it – including killing Modi if need be!!!!

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