IM- UP govt in denial mode?

tehseen1Monu who also goes by the alias, Tehsin Akthar is the most dangerous Indian terrorist according to the National Investigation Agency. He poses the greatest threat to the nation today says a report by the National Investigation Agency which had recently launched a massive manhunt for him.

The NIA further points out that Tehsin heads 13 modules in the country. Out of the 13 modules operational, 5 are from Azamgarh, 4 from Darabhanga, 1 from Ranchi, 1 from Hyderabad and 2 from Karnataka. This is a clear indicator about the operational areas of the Indian Mujahideen and it also goes on to show that the outfit no longer relies on its powerful Maharashtra module.

The IM is not a very big force today, but is extremely lethal. It has a core team of members who are committed and ready to strike at any time, the NIA says. Apart from Tehsin, the rest of the active members today are Ariz Khan, Javed,Shahnawaj Alam, Mohammad Sajid, Mohd Khalid, Mirza Shadab Beg, Iqbal Bhatkal, Riyaz Bhatkal, Ismail Chawdhary and Amir Reza Khan.
The NIA says that despite the recent blasts being masterminded from Bihar, the Azamgarh module is still the most dangerous. This is the module that became stronger after the Batla House encounter and several youth felt that wrong was done and hence took up arms. The members of this module are considered to be the most lethal, according to the NIA.

The NIA files would indicate that Tehsin alias Monu worked very closely with Yasin Bhatkal. Even Yasin during the interrogation has claimed that Monu is an important player in the IM. He has the support of all the operatives and was instrumental if rebuilding the Indian Mujahideen, Yasin had told his interrogators.

While there is so much data on Monu, none are able to tell clearly as to where exactly he is. He was very much in Bihar and Ranchi at the time of the Patna blasts. In fact he was at Samastipur at the time of the Bodhgaya blasts is all what investigators know about his whereabouts.

The NIA says that the IM operatives never operate in clusters. They come together for a mission and then disperse almost immediately. The core team has remained the same for quite some time. However the IM is careful about not repeating its foot soldiers for every operation.

The NIA in particular feels that the Uttar Pradesh needs to wake up to the threat and stop ignoring the problem at Azamgarh. It is evident from our investigations that the focus has slowly shifted back there after the heat on the Bihar modules went up. The NIA has in fact plastered information regarding the Azamgarh module and its operatives in all police stations in the state. NIA officials say that they face a similar problem in Uttar Pradesh that they faced in Bihar a few months back. Some officers are extremely hesitant to act upon such information and always demand for more. As a central agency, there is an extent up to which we can do and need the cooperation of the state police and in the case of Bihar or UP it has not been forthcoming the NIA officer also points out.

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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

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2 thoughts on “IM- UP govt in denial mode?”

  1. Of course, when the Home Minister says minorities can not be arrested, why should not SP do the same in their own State. This is all a whole gimmick of poor internal security at the hands of some incompetent loose heads under a terribly communal and vote bank political mother party in Congress!

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