Sadhvi Pragya cleared of Joshi murder

Sadhwi Pradnya Thakur. Photo courtesy:
Sadhwi Pradnya Thakur. Photo courtesy:

After an ordeal of six long years, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur will be given a clean chit in the Sunil Joshi murder case. Sunil Joshi who has been named as an accused in the Malegaon and Samjautha Express blasts case was found murdered at Dewas on December 29 2007.

The National Investigation Agency which was handling this case had named Pragya Singh Thakur, Harshad Solanki, Vasudev Parmar, Anand Raj Kataria and Ramcharan Patel in the case. However during the course of the investigation the NIA found nothing on the above mentioned persons and have now decided to drop charges against them in the Joshi murder case.

Sources in the NIA tell that the case is clear today and they have found that Joshi was murdered by Lokesh Sharma and Rajendra Pehalwan. They were aided by two others, Jitender Sharma and Dilip Jagtap. The NIA will now proceed against the four persons. All the four have been arrested, but the real breakthrough came by only after the arrest of Lokesh Sharma. Sharma who was a youth wing leader of the BJP was recently arrested at Mhow. During the course of the interrogation he reported exactly what had happened. He also pointed out that Sadhvi Pragya Singh was not involved in the case. He said that Joshi had fallen out with them and was threatening to spill the beans on their activities.

Joshi wanted to contest the elections and hence wanted to come clean. He had even thought of surrendering before the police which did not go down too well with his accomplices. This was the main reason for the murder, the accused who are in the custody of the NIA confessed.

The NIA has now decided to take this case further by seeking a sanction from the Home Ministry to prosecute Sharma and three others. Subsequently they would also move an application before the Madhya Pradesh special court to drop charges against Pragya Singh Thakur, Harshad Solanki, Vasudev Parmar, Anand Raj Kataria and Ramcharan Patel.

The NIA says that there are certain aspects that are remaining before they could finally close the case. The murder weapons which has been recovered has been sent to the Central Forensic Sciences Laboratory for examination.

Ganesh Sovani, advocate for Sadhvi Pragya Singh tells that this is a welcome development. It is good that the truth has prevailed and charges will be dropped against my client. She however is still an accused in the Malegaon-2 case and we are hopeful that she will be discharged in that case as well. Her bail application is still pending before the court and we are hopeful of a verdict very soon, Sovani also informed.

NIA officials say that their primary agenda would be to complete this case as soon as possible. It had its own repurcussions and appeared to be connected to the Malegaon and Samjautha case. Whether Sadhvi was involved in the Malegaon case or not is still under investigation and we are hopeful of solving that case soon as well, sources also pointed out.

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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

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