Nanny- Where is she?

The Indian agencies are trying to get in touch with the family of Sangeet Richard, the nanny who filed a complaint against Devyani Khobraghade. Hailing from Punjab, Sangeet has been missing since June and sources tell that she is still in the United States of America.
She had been declared as an absconder by the US and she went missing since June. There is a hunt on to trace her and the Indian agencies have their task cut out. They have been trying to get more information from her husband and the rest of the family members.

Sources also point out that some of the family members who are in touch with her indicate that she has not returned to India. Taking into account the sensitivity of the issue, the Indian officials do not want to reveal more details. She is not in India and we are getting some information from her family is what officers pointed out. There is a good chance that some of the family members may be flown into the US in order to find her.
She is very important to the case and having her depose at this stage is very important, officials point out. While the nanny may have her side of the story it is very important for us to convey to the US the other side of the story as well. Did she agree to work for less, did she start blackmailing the diplomat and why was a filed even after an injunction by the Delhi High Court. The Delhi High Court in an interim order had directed the nanny not to file any case against Devyani outside India. Moreover the officials would also want to know why she went absconding since June.
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2 thoughts on “Nanny- Where is she?

  1. Under United States law she cannot agree to work for less. An an employer you must pay certain wages and if you don’t it is a crime. As a lawyer Ms. Khobragade would surely have known this.


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