NIA readies Sunil Joshi murder chargesheet

suniljoshiThe National Investigation Agency is all set to file its chargesheet in connection with the Sunil Joshi murder case. The agency which has been investigating this case for over a year now say that the motive was to ensure that secrets do not get out and also add that it was the work of his close circle.

The prime intention of the murder on December 29 2007 was to ensure that Joshi does not spill the beans on the activities. Joshi was accused of being an extremist and it was also stated that he was the one who knew everything about the Malegaon blasts. There was a tussle between him and some of associates and he had decided to come clean on the entire issue. This the NIA says was with an intention of entering into public life and he wanted a clean slate. However this did not augur well with the rest of his troop as a result of which they murdered him.

The NIA would name Lokesh Sharma and Rajender Pehlwan in their chargesheet as the main accused in the case. It is alleged that these two men who were closest to Joshi had pulled the trigger on him and later tried to shift the blame on other outfits.

The NIA had questioned several people in connection with this murder. However the agency claims that it was able to confirm this fact following the arrest of a person by the name Jitender Sharma an advocate who is alleged to be connected with this murder.

Joshi once a blue eyed of his associates is alleged to be the mastermind behind the Malegaon, Ajmer and Mecca Masjid blasts. Right from the planning to its execution, Joshi was said to be involved and the fact of the matter according to the NIA was that he knew a bit too much. However Joshi felt that he was putting in a lot of his time being a foot soldier at the behest of his bosses. During the investigation the NIA found that he wanted to play a more pro active role in society and hence wanted to come out of this terror rung. He decided the only way to do so was to come clean and also surrender himself before the police. However his men were worried that he would spill out all the information thus leading a series of crack downs across the country. At first his associates tried to talk him out of it, but this only led to confrontation and arguments and Joshi stood firm on his stand. Even his request to be given a more important position was rejected and this only made him more adamant, the NIA says. At the end of it, his associates decided that it was best to kill him off and end the matter.

The NIA says that this has been a very tough probe since there was a lot of evidence that had gone missing. At first there was no indication that his associates had carried out the murder. In fact in the first charge sheet some Islamic outfits were blamed for this murder quoting revenge for the Malegaon 2006 blasts. The NIA says that they have managed to piece together a lot of evidence and are hopeful that the same would be accepted by the court before which they would file the charge sheet soon.
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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

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