Patna blast- The men behind it


The Bihar police and the National Investigation Agency handling the Patna blasts appear to be making headway in their investigations.

Over the past couple of days they have picked up several persons for questioning. While many have been detained, according to the First Information Report the primary players in the case are Imtiaz, Ainul, Tehseen Akthar, Hyder, Numan and Toufeeq.

Ainul alias Tarique- He was the suspect number 2 in the case. Ainul a close aide of Tehsin Akthar, the new IM boss died earlier today in hospital. He was infact one of the first persons to be apprehended by the police when they found him fallen down in pain at the railway station. He sustained major injuries on his head when the bomb he was assembling went off.

Imtiaz- He is the main accused in the case. He is said to be the one who led the operation on that fateful day. He was the one taking orders from Tehsin Akthar and has also been accused of staying in Patna for nearly a month to oversee the preperations for the operation. He is the one who infact code named the operation as Machli 5 which meant target Narendra Modi.

Hyder- He went by the pseudo name black beauty. He was in fact the person who was liasoning between the operatives in Patna and Ranchi. He is also said to be one of the persons who planted the bomb at Patna.

Numan- This person hailing from Ranchi was one of the foot soldiers. He is alleged to have planted two bombs near the Gandhi Maidan. He was picked up a day later based on the questioning of Imtiaz. He has been named in the FIR and the police are still questioning him for more details.

Toufeeq- Another foot soldier said to be very close to Imtiaz. He arrived at Patna four days before the blasts. He was primarily responsible for planting bombs in the railway station. His name too figures in the FIR.

Tehsin Akthar- The mastermind behind the attack and allegedly the new boss of the Indian Mujahideen. He is said to have taken over the mantle of the IM after the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal. He was part of Yasin’s core team which helped re-establish the IM. His role in the Patna blasts was confirmed by Imtiaz. Tehsin according to the investigation oversaw this blast right from scratch. In fact the police say that he stayed on in Patna for nearly a month under the guise of a tourist guide. He is named in the FIR, but is yet to be arrested by the police.

All the above mentioned names figure in the FIR and are viewed as accused. The names mentioned below are still viewed as suspects and they are still being questioned in order to ascertain their role in the case.

Being questioned-

Mehere Alam- Some have termed him as an informer in the case. However the National Investigation Agency says that he was detained for questioning in connection with the Patna attack. He was the same person who gave the NIA the slip yesterday and was brought back and re-arrested from Kanpur. The details of his role are not clear as yet, but sources say that he could helped the operatives during the operation.

Tabish- He was detained for questioning by the NIA yesterday. Tabish is said to be the alleged funder of the blast. He is alleged to have been given the mantle of collecting funds for the attack. However these are as per the confessions of Imtiaz. Tabish is yet to reveal the details of his involvement to the NIA.

Arshad Ahmed- He was picked up for questioning from the East Champaran region in Bihar. He is said to be part of the Darabhanga module and is suspected to have helped in the logistics and transportation of the bombs to Patna. He is still being questioned and is still viewed as a suspect.

Tausim- A close aide of Imtiaz, he is also suspected to have planted bombs around the Gandhi Maidan. He was picked up from Ranchi and is still being questioned by both the Bihar police and the National Investigation Agency.
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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

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