Darabanga- Yasin’s baby

The Darabanga module at Bihar can easily be considered as Yasin Bhatkal’s child. It was the module that was formed immediately after the busting of the Pune module in Maharashtra.

According to Intelligence Bureau officials, the Darabanga module in Bihar could easily be considered as the most successful module for the Indian Mujahideen. It was based entirely on a rustic theory which involved low level operatives most of who were illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. There were strict instructions that none shall communicate over phone or email. In fact all the blasts, be it a 13/7, Dilsukhnagar or the Pune serial blasts were planned out of this module. The first attack out of this module was however the Varanasi blast which remains unsolved till date.

Yasin very successfully managed to coordinate with the likes of Fasih Mahmood and Asadullah Akthar the two Gulf based operatives. Fasih and Akthar managed to rope in the funds through which the Indian Mujahideen survived. Meanwhile at Darabanga, Yasin coordinated with the local operatives. According to the IB, Yasin used illegal immigrants as foot soldiers who were paid a paltry Rs 1000 per operation. However Yasin’s biggest weapon was the politics that went into the Darabanga module. The Bangalore police had even complained that the government over there was not cooperative when they wanted to search Darabanga.

Now with the Bihar police questioning Yasin, there are many questions that they would want to know. The Bihar government which faced a set back after the Bodhgaya blasts has taken the issue more seriously and the police over there feel that they have a lot to extract out of Yasin. They would want to know all the possible modules in Bihar which aide the IM and also get into the details of the Bodhgaya blasts.

An officer part of the operation told rediff.com that initially it was thought that the Delhi police would question him, but Yasin’s bigger crimes have been in Bihar as it was a launching pad for him. Hence it was decided that he would first be questioned in Bihar and ensure that he gives out all details of the modules over there.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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