Siddu beats Gowda

All possible combinations to defeat the Congress in the two by elections fell flat. Both Congress candidates, D Suresh and Ramya beat their rivals in the Deve Gowda led Janata Dal (S) by huge margins.

Although right from the start it was clear that the Congress would win, there were egos and prestige at stake. Anita Kumaraswamy wife of H D Kumaraswamy and daughter in law of Deve Gowda was up against D Suresh of the Congress. Anita who had lost the assembly elections needed a win to save her political career. Moreoever it was a battle for the Vokkaliga votes between the two parties. Gowda who is called as the champion of the Vokkaliga could do little to salvage pride.

Ramya who made her electoral debut trounced C Puttaraju by 67611 votes at Mandya while Suresh beat Anita by 137000 votes at Bangalore rural.

This victory is considered to be a major victory for Siddaramaiah in particular who completes 100 days in office today. He is known to be in a battle with Deve Gowda whose party he was part of. He had quit the JD(s) terming it as a family party.

Moreoever during this election the BJP which was once betrayed by the JD(S) decided to team up with the same party. The BJP did not field any candidate in both these constituencies. However the ploy did not work.

This is a moral victory for Siddaramaiah who has always been considered an outsider in the Congress as he is just five years old to the party. Siddaramaiah who led the Congress to victory scraped through to the post of Chief Minister. He can now breathe with confidence and ensure that his term as CM is not disrupted. However this is just one hurdle crossed and the bigger test for him is the General elections next year. The Congress is banking heavy on Karnataka as they are down in other southern states.

Political analysts would say that the biggest loss is for the JD(S) and thw Gowda family. They had held these seats but ended up losing them very badly. They put up a bad show in the assembly elections as well. Ironically for them they have been losing in Vokkaliga belts which is a big cause for worry. The JD(s) needs to now look for survival and will conduct a brain storming session to ensure that they survive until the next elections.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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