Batla verdict- How the Delhi police won?

Batla House findings raise suspicion of fake encounterThere have been mixed reactions to the Batla House encounter verdict in which the Delhi court today held that the encounter was genuine. There have been many twists and turns to this case and many who were claiming that the encounter was fake believed that the court would uphold their view.

However the court came to the conclusion based on circumstantial evidence and also a very crucial ballistic report regarding the bullets that were fired at Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma.

It was argued by the defence that the police party had first resorted to firing. It was alleged that the police first fired at Atif Ameen and Mohammad Sajid. However the counter argument to this was that had the police resorted to fire first then both these persons would have fallen down immediately after being injured. This would mean that they would not have been in any position to fire at the police. Hence it was established by the police that it was the boys trapped inside the house who opened fire and the Delhi police resorted to retaliatory fire.

Further the prosecution argued that it was MC Sharma and Balwant Singh who were first hit by the bullet and it was only after this that the police opened fire. The Delhi police who were also given a clean chit by the National Human Rights Commission stated that in that 30 page report, it was clearly stated that the police had not violated any human rights.

However the counsel for Shehzad argued before the court that bullets found on M C Sharma did not match with the weapon that they recovered from the accused. However the Delhi police proved this wrong in court and also added that not only had Shehzad destroyed evidence and obstructed police officials, he even managed to flee the spot. However another boy in the building Saif handed himself over to the police and during interrogation, he led them to Shehzad. He was convicted by the court today and held guilty of murder and conspiracy.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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