Terror outsourcing, IM style

IMThe National Investigation Agency has its task cut out as with each blast that rocks the country, a new theory or a new module emerges. The chargesheet that the NIA recently filed paints a helpless picture as at the end of it the agency realises that the key men are still at large and appear to be operating with a lot of ease.

The NIA lists Yasin Bhatkal, Riyaz Bhatkal, Mohsin Choudhary, Amir Reza Khan, Tahsin Akhtar, Dr. Shahnawaz Alam, Asadullah Akhtar, Ariz Khan, Md. Sajid, Md. Khalid and Mirza Shadab Beg as absconders. If one looks at the dossier on the Indian Mujahideen these are the men who have been controlling the outfit since the past many years.

With the Dilsukhnagar blasts, what we all realised was how strong the IM still is. It is a high impact blast which claimed many lives and the planning and the operation was carried out to perfection. The next big attack which has an IM stamp on it was the Bodhgaya blasts. An officer with the NIA tells rediff.com that it has all the bearing of an IM styled attack, but slowly we are realising that the outfit has started to outsource operations too. This is a hunch we have on the basis of the probe we conducted into this attack so far.

Outsourcing an operation is something that has worked well for terror outfits. Once the Lashkar-e-Tayiba created the Indian Mujahideen and directed it to work on its own in India, a lot of heat reduced on the Lashkar. The IM today is following a similar pattern and they have certainly managed to put investigators in a spot of bother. The masterminds are out there hiding while the investigators are looking to nab the foot soldiers who were not even part of the main outfit but were sourced for this operation. There is no intelligence on these persons nor is there a case diary which would suggest their links. Fresh faces picked up randomly by the IM has surely reduced a lot of the heat on the main cadre, the NIA points out.

Naxal connection-

The irony for the investigators is that their tactics keep changing and it becomes extremely difficult to keep a check. The intelligence inputs which began to float in the year 2010 are slowly gaining a lot of importance today. The input back in the year 2010 suggested that the IM was cozying up to the naxals. The IM plans to carry out attacks through the naxals who have a better logistic sense of areas and the naxals on the other hand would depend on the IM for arms and funds. Both parties stand to gain with such an association since the ultimate aim to cause death and destruction is achieved says an officer with the Intelligence Bureau unit of Jharkhand.

The anti naxal forces and also the national investigation agency would work closely on this aspect where terror is being outsourced. The revelations made by an operative by the name Manzar Imam four months back points towards the unholy nexus between the naxals and the IM. He says that the IM is getting in touch with naxals in West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar. The aim is to have a close association and also a common recruitment programme.

Outsourcing abroad- The IM does have full realisation that its operations in Dubai and Gulf are very high on the scanner. There was an easy flow of funds from these countries a few years back until the authorities there decided that enough was enough. The Intelligence Agencies have tracked several calls made by Yasin Bhatkal to Dubai and during these conversations it was found that there is a desperate plea being made for funds. However the IM has now found a better way of generating funds and an outfit by the name Hizbut Tahrir has taken over the mantle. This outfit originally from Bangladesh has close links with the IM. Although their ideologies match, their cadres work separately. The HT has been generating funds for the IM over the past 6 to 7 seven months according to an Intelligence Bureau dossier. This is a completely new channel which has not caught the eye of the authorities in the Gulf and until there is a reaction over there, it becomes difficult to curb the flow of funds.

The NIA says that the association that the IM has with the HT is emerging slowly but surely during their investigations into the Bodhgaya blasts. Although it seems as though the IM planned and carried out this blast with outsourced foot soldiers, the directive to carry out this attack came from the HT in the first place. It is an angle that is under probe, the NIA also points out.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

2 thoughts on “Terror outsourcing, IM style”

  1. Honestly Vicky, it is a lost battle under the prevalent political circumstances. There are operatives amongst the most common man walking around the streets of our Nation free of any concern that authorities will catch them simply because they know that the depth of the NIA or any investigative agency limits to its political masters who are more concerned about vote bank politics and sustanence of power than internal and inland security. Forget 1993, but the 26/11/2008 and 13/07/2011 bombings and killings has not awakened those sitting in office to formulate a concrete inland security system – except for in words. This will continue so long as Vote Bank Politics comes to predominance. Set aside such nasty inhibitiions and you will find results emerging every second with all of their bastions and operatives under national security forces’ guns. But with the lack of a political will in the prevalent union government, all we will do is thank god for each day and night spent without disaster!

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