Ishrat- No mention if they were terrorists

The charge sheet filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation in the Ishrat Jahan encounter makes no mention of the Intelligence Bureau official Rajinder Kumar, but states clearly that the encounter was fake.
The CBI’s first charge sheet in the case states that Ishrat and her accomplices were taken into illegal custody days before the encounter and kept in the custody of the Gujarat police.
Further the chargesheet states that they were all trainquilised and later killed in a cold blooded fashion on June 15 2004. Their bodies were later thrown on the road where it was made to look like the encounter was fake. Further the CBI states that weapons were sourced from the Intelligence Bureau office and planted on them to make it look like a genuine encounter. We have evidence to prove all this the CBI stated before the court.
The Gujarat police headed by D G Vanzara staged this encounter. The night before the killing Vanzara and 8 others stationed police officials at all border areas terming it to be a nakabandi and stated that they were looking for four terrorists of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. However all the time these persons were in the custody of the police. The CBI has charged Vanzara and 8 others with kidnap and murder.
Further the chargesheet states that it has more angles to look into and also find out the role of the state intelligence head. They would also want to probe members in the state administration who are said to have been told about the encounter. We are studying the calls made between police officials and politicians, the CBI pointed out. With regards to Kumar the CBI states that it needs to probe further and also investigate the motive behind the killing. Prima facie it appears it was done to show a hit, the CBI states.
However the chargesheet does not get into the details whether Ishrat and her accomplices were terrorists or not.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

3 thoughts on “Ishrat- No mention if they were terrorists”

  1. Well, the preliminary intention of the Congress Party in attempting to choke Narendra Modi via their puppy tool, the CBI, seems to be bearing fruit at least at this point in time. All the mega scams are forgotten. All the misgovernance are forgotten. All the infighting within the Government is forgotten. All the catastrophe, the man made calamity that hit Uttarakhand is totally forgotten. But, the entire PaidMedia is now vying for better TRPs over this issue with total disregard, with total anonymity to the genuine calamity and tragedy of Uttarakhand which should have been their focus at this point in time. But then, being rightly called PaidMedia, where else would they focus their energy on?

    Be that as it may, what is so obvious is that the MODIPHOBIA is fast catching up on the Congress led UPA2 Government and its various agencies including the PaidMedia. The Consequence is of course for the time being a setback for Modi but certainly not a victory for Congress.


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