Ishrat- Modi, Shah under CBI scanner


The Central Bureau of Investigation is looking to question Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and former home minister of the state, Amit Shah who went by the code names black beard (kaali daadi) and white beard (safed daadi) in connection with the Ishrat Jahan encounter case.

CBI sources tell that they are trying to find out if Modi and Shah were aware of the encounter. The CBI has been alleging that a fake alert had been sounded by the Intelligence Bureau and passed on to the Gujarat police who in turn carried the encounter. The CBI feels that the top leadership in the government ie the Chief Minister and then Home Minister may have been informed about this.

The CBI is basing this largely on the investigation conducted on the then DGP of Gujarat Vanzara who is alleged to have told an another officer in the department that he had got a go ahead. He is alleged to have said that the go ahead has been given by white and black beard, which the investigators today allege were code names in the police for Modi and Shah respectively. The go ahead is alleged to have been given on June 13 2004 as per the CBI’s investigation.

The CBI in its status report has further alleged that Vanzara had called up Modi’s residence around 14 hours before the encounter. This call was made at 2.49 PM. It is also the case of the CBI that Vanzara had called Amit Shah’s residence at 10.57 pm which was five hours prior to the encounter. There were calls made after the encounter too, the CBI has alleged.

The CBI has been granted time to put out a chargesheet by July 2 and these new details are expected to part of it. However the CBI will just put in these details into the chargesheet but are expected to seek more time to probe this angle considering the high profile nature of the persons they allege are involved.

The CBI’s chargesheet is also likely to include the names of Rajinder Kumar, the Intelligence Bureau official who is alleged to put out this fake alert. The CBI states that Kumar had asked Vanzara as to what needs to be done of Ishrat and her accomplices who were in the custody of the police. The CBI says that the fact that they were in custody and later killed goes on to show that the encounter was a fake one. Further the CBI has also stated that there is more than one testimony of the various police officials involved to show that it was Kumar who had masterminded this entire operation. Kumar however during his questioning had denied any involvement and only said that the alert was a genuine one and the IB has no role in ordering a state police as to what ought to be done of the alert.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

5 thoughts on “Ishrat- Modi, Shah under CBI scanner”

  1. Another thing,the new law(not allowing convicted MP and MLA in parliament )that supreme court has brought in,out of blue,it appears that,they are on congress payroll.It is clear indication of judiciary doing the job of legislaure.Someone from BJP should raise PIL in Supreme Court regarding the wrong way adopted for the right thing.


  2. CBI, better know as Congress Bureau of Investigation, will manufacture all sorts of evidences against Narendra Modi at the behest of the Congress High Command because they are pretty sure that their end is just a few months away and if at all Narendra Modi was to win and come to the centre, none would be spared. To that effect, there is enough and substantial evidence to chargesheet plenty sitting ministers for loot, murder, rape and tyranny. Their Leadership is also not exempt from this future threat. Therefore in the little and few months ahead, the Congress with their stooge agency, the CBI, will bring out whatever they can against Narendra Modi that would somehow halt his candidacy from Prime Ministership. Their morbid fear of him is so transparent on the faces of all those whom so choose to speak on TV that it is honestly laughable. There has never ever in the history of India there been a leader who has evoked so much fear and torment to his political opponents across all political spectrum including segments of his very own BJP. But the people of the Country are watching, the youth of the country are watching, the poor of the country are watching the Congress ploy of unjust oppression!


  3. So far all we have is the words of CBI. The same CBI that has found no evidence against anyone in 1984 Pogrom (the only pogrom in independent India). Same CBI that was called parrot by SC. Same CBI that has never got anyone significant ever punished.

    And building a case in press is classic ‘congie style’. Anyone who believes this agency is a fool. If they indeed prove cases against any politician (including Modi), then they’ll do a signal service to the nation – in setting a fear of law on powerful. But, what they do is just partisan politics.


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