5 groups and 20K terrorists target India


The attack at Kashmir by terrorists yesterday is just a grim reminder that no leader in Pakistan can ever put an end to this menace. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif may have claimed that he would put an end to terrorism, but the fact is that it really is not under his control.

The latest reports prepared by the Indian Intelligence Bureau and the American agencies would suggest that there are 15 groups active in Pakistan of which 5 are aimed specifically at India. These 15 groups have 20000 members in all and each of them are being trained to undertake terror activities in different parts of the world. In so far as India is concerned the problem is from 5 groups which have an active strength of around 11000 members of which 2500 are in Pakistan while the rest are in India. Pakistan has allocated Rs 61 million to the Jamaat-ud-Dawa which is the parent body of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba which both agencies in India as well as the United States of America say is being used for terror and not philanthropic activity.Here are the groups that have been listed out by both the Indian and American agencies which pose the gravest threat to India:

Indian Mujahideen- This group is a home grown outfit aimed at carrying out subversive activities only in India. As per the data with the Indian Intelligence Bureau, this outfit has around 5000 members today and are spread out across the country. They also have a formidable force based out of countries such as Saudi Arabia who control the operations in India. The IM is a creation of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and carries out work for the outfit in India.

Lashkar-e-Tayiba- The most dangerous group in the world today has capabilities of carrying out a strike at any part of the world. The main objective for the Lashkar has always been India and Kashmir in particular. It started off its operations in Kashmir in the year 1993 and has been the most loyal outfit of the ISI which guides it. However today the focus is comparatively less in Kashmir and has it has been focusing on other parts of India and the 26/11 attack is a testimony of the same. It is today considered to be a global terror outfit and the agencies point out with the manpower, money power and technological advancement it can carry out an attack anywhere in India. However the ISI would not permit to go out of control and would want it to focus only on India.

Harkat-ul-Jihadi Islami- This outfit first came into existence in the year 1980 to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. After the war it moved out of Afghanistan and on the instructions of the ISI and the DGFI it built its capabilities in Bangladesh. The main focus of the HuJI was Southern India and the first of its bases were seen in Kerala and Hyderabad. It has been responsible for several terror attacks in India which include the cities of Hyderabad and New Delhi. It has a powerful leader in Ilyas Kashmiri who manages the operations for it.

Harkat-ul-Mujahideen- This group is focused only in Kashmir and believes in the fidayeen form of war against the Indian agencies. Involved in various Kashmir related incidentsit poses a bit of a problem in the Kashmir valley today and has a force of 500 odd persons. It had fallen out of favour with the ISI in the year 2003. However today it is a back up outfit for the ISI which continues to cause minor problems or irritants for the Indian army in Kashmir.

Jaish-e-Mohammad- One of the deadliest outfits that has waged a battle in Kashmir, today this group is part of the Harkat-ul Mujahideen. Although its chief Maulana Masood Azhar has taken a back seat, the group is still active in the Valley. After the arrest and later release of Azhar in 1999, the ISI had instructed the group and its members to slow down as it did not want any sort of international pressure on the IC 814 incident.

Today the agencies express concerns over this group since it appears to be making a come back in the Valley. It has some 800 odd members with it and the ISI is planning on putting the group back on track in the Valley. The ISI does realise that the Lashkar is needed for other battles across the world and in other parts of India and the JeM is obvious choice to carry forth the Kashmir battle.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

2 thoughts on “5 groups and 20K terrorists target India”

  1. It is an open secret that India is the best venue for breeding terrorists owing to its vote bank political agendas keenly followed by the people in power. Therefore, except for the sad lives of our brave Jawans, there is nothing surprising here. Whomsoever wants to come and kick our butt will do so at leisure and our establishment will sit and watch and even reason out with them calling them bhai bhai…..

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