The Udupi battle

20080821udupi3Udupi would be a very interesting constituency to watch out for. It has been in the news for some very wrong reasons in the past and also the BJP which had made it a strong hold appears to be losing steam over here.

At Udupi for several years, the advantage was always with the Congress and the party has won 12 times. The BJP however started to make inroads only recently and won the seat thrice.

The first of the problems for the BJP began when it had to drop Raghupathy Bhat, the sitting MLA from the constituency to contest the elections this time. There was a CD aired on a news channel which had alleged that he was in bed with a woman. Today the BJP has gone with Sudhakar Shetty who had first contested in 1999 but lost to the Congress. In the year 2004, they replaced him with Bhat which prompted him to contest as an independent. He however ended up third in the race.

While the BJP would need to pull off a miracle to ensure that Shetty wins, the Congress is trying to make the various scandals a poll issue here. They quote the sleaze CD which was aired recently. They also speak about how the BJP promoted the Church attacks and also the pub attacks. Further the infamous rave party which was alleged organized by the BJP administration is also an issue for the Congress.

The BJP is however unfazed by these allegations and speaks about development of the area. While there is no negating that the BJP has focused a lot on Udupi, there are still some teething problems. The people of the constituency say that the parties should focus on more important problems than run a smear campaign against each other. Water scarcity and the lack of a proper drainage system are the two main issues in Udupi.

The BJP does realize that it is a tough battle ahead. The Congress is however very confident. In fact the party defeated the BJP for the first time in 45 years in the urban local body elections in Udupi. The Congress has decided to continue with the candidature of Pramod Madhawaraj who had lost to Bhat in 2008. The Congress however says that there is a trend in their favour and there is definitely going to be a negative vote against the BJP.

One must also take into consideration a very crucial aspect of Udupi. It is the home town of senior Congress man, Oscar Fernandes. He has been active in the Udupi campaign and there is a very strong rumour that he could well become the compromise candidate for the Congress if Siddaramaiah and Parameshwar do not iron out their differences during the race to the post of Chief Minister.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

6 thoughts on “The Udupi battle”

  1. Those chrisitans who talk about church attacks, why not talk about the killing of christian fisherman in kerala by the italian marines. What did sonia or oscar do? Called up italy , worked with the italian government and the relatvies of marines , sent the criminal marines to vote in Italy, freed them. The marines did not come back, despite supreme court orders. What did sonia or oscar do? Oh no italian christians are their brothers more valuable then the poor kerala CHRISTIAN fisherman. But thanks to Dr.Swamy. He went to supreme court and got an affidavit , bore the insult of the supreme court judges, got an order that made the italian ambassodar not leave the country, (which sonia had arranged for ambassodar who gave false affidavit to escape). Dr.Swamy did the job of the government of india, which was more concerned with welfare of the italian marines. Italian government was shocked, their minister resigned and they deported marines back to india, thanks to Dr.Swamy.This manio/pappu/oscar are more interested in the welfare of QUATTARCHIOS who they let escape from argentina , indian gvernement did not show evidence in court as per sonia orders, though interpol nabbed him. Defreezed all his accounts so the bofors money could be enjoyed by the her majestys sisters. They bought the sardania island in italy fromthe pakistani Aga khan with bofors money.You decide if your want protectors of italian criminals to continue the scams. I wont write about other A- ADarsh, b-bofors, c- coal or cwg, which one you like better, d-delhi rape……….Even Deve gowda/mayawathi is better compared to them.

  2. In the perplexing caste/religious based Karnataka assembly elections, it appears that who ever looses Udupi looses the State entirely. There would be elements who would want to consider Oscar Fernandez’s name beyond the Congress party he represents. And why not? While the elections are predominantly loud in smear than in welfare, all considerations by the voters needs to be respected, be it religion or caste. Interesting…..thanks Vicky. 🙂

    1. what is the contribution of oscar fernandes to Udupi or karnataka? Herald scam in which he transferred the government land to his boss sonia, which is now in the courts or the private industries he owns in UP? He has amassed more wealth than Yedyurappa , silently , but definitely beyond his means of income

  3. Oscar fernandes did nothing to udupi. He betrayed his mentor Shri.T.A. Pai, back stabbed him. Being a catholic he entered the sonia coterie of catholics including Margaret alva, ambika soni, ak anthony and got three seats for catholics in manglore. Atleast he could have given one seat to muslim, forget the hindus. Now Pramod is another fellow who like oscar has amassed wealth. His mother in morning is congress, and evening BJP. She like oscar did nothing to the constituency, expect increased her wealth. She got the bribes for the nuclear vote and prmod carried the money to udupi. Now he is distributing the wealth to get elected. The only people who really contriuted to udupi are Mr.T.A.pai, George fernandes, Dr.V.S. acharya and Raghupathi Bhat. Hope the electorate has the brain power to make the judgement.Pai and George contributed Konkan Railway, Acharya and Bhat for the roads.

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