Congress rebellion spreads to 60 segments


The Congress does realise that the rebellion that it has been facing ever since the ticket distribution process commenced has turned out to be extremely counter productive. A internal study conducted by the think tanks in the party reveals that the party is facing rebellion in at least 60 constituencies.

Rebellion in 60 constituencies is no joke, Congress sources tell There is a lot we need to do and as the D-Day of May 5th draws closer we need to set all this right.

The Congress has however commenced its clean up exercise by targeting the smaller fries in the party. A day back the party expelled nine rebels who were part of the rebellion against the Congress command in the state. However these were leaders from the district levels and the Congress has been careful not to target the bigger leaders who have been rebelling against the party.

Srirangapatana, Mandya, Bhadravathi, parts of Northern Karnataka, Karwar are some of the major places where the Congress is facing a rebellion. There are senior leaders such as Srikantaiah, Sangamesh Diwakar Babu, Atmanand among other strong Congress leaders who are in rebellion mode. The party has however not gone too strongly against them as they feel that it could worsen their prospects and have decided to take a safe path.

Apart from this, the Congress is also facing a three way split in the party. There is Siddaramaiah and G Parameshwar aiming to become the Chief Minister and on the other hand S M Krishna is clearly unhappy with all the events surrounding the Congress.

Congress sources say that they will crack the whip at the grass root levels since these are the persons who are working on ground against the interests of the party. The president of the party, G Parameshwar is hopeful of fighting the tide. He however adds that there were issues of rebellion at first, but today the Congress house is in order.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

4 thoughts on “Congress rebellion spreads to 60 segments”

  1. Congress always had dissidents in almost every election pan India. Hence, Karnataka infighting comes as no surprise. Let the voters themselves opt for their future. Having said that, if the voters were to turn a blind eye to the sheer lack of loyalty for welfare of Karnataka Congress is conspicuously staging by these infightings, only for incorrigible personal benefits, they themselves will have to suffer. 🙂

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