Where BSY could matter

Pic: gallery.oneindia.in
Pic: gallery.oneindia.in

A very keenly observed party for the Karnataka elections this time is B S Yeddyurappa’s Karnataka Janatha Party. B S Yeddyurappa feels that he will win 43 seats although poll pundits give him anything between 5 to 10 seats in the May 3 2013 elections.

Victorious or not, Yeddyurappa is sure going to make a difference in some constituencies. He could win some of these constituencies or split the votes. The fact however would remain that the votes that he would split would be that of the BJP’s.

Yeddyurappa prior to entering into the fray prepared an analysis of all constituencies and he has divided them into A and B categories. Although he claims that it would be an easy victory in all these constituencies, that may not be the case when the results are out.

The KJP analysis is an interesting one as it has targeted only those constituencies where the BJP is strong. It has fielded candidates who were part of the BJP once upon a time and this has made the job of the BJP difficult.

At least 90 per cent of the constituencies that the KJP has chalked out are in Northern Karnataka. It is evident that Yeddyurappa who still considers himself as the undisputed leader of the Lingayats has targeted North Karnataka since the region has a large population of people from this community.

A KJP worker points out that they may not win 43 seats, but they are very confident of winning 20 seats at least. If Yeddyurappa does manage 20 seats then there is no doubt that he would become kingmaker. Today many give the Congress 90 seats and they feel that this figure has fallen after the infighting in the party. In such an event if a Yeddyurappa does manage 20 seats, then he becomes the automatic king maker in the state.

Here are the constituencies that Yeddyurappa is targeting and has put in all his resources.

Shikaripura, Aland, Chincholi, Bhatkal, Byadgi, Haveri, Hanagal, Bidar North, Tiptur, Belgaum, Rajajinagar, Kundgol, Gadag,  Basavakalayana, Aurad, Bidar, Nagatana, Indi, Sindagi, Tarikere, Honnali, Yeshwanthpur and Magadi.

These are the constituencies which the KJP has placed under the A category and they say that they are confident of taking all these seats.

Under the B category which is mentioned below, the party is hopeful of majorly splitting both the Congress and the BJP votes. The constituencies under the B Category are:

Magadi, Sedam, Gulbarga South, Chennageri, Varuna and Hukkeri and constituencies where Congress has an upper hand.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

2 thoughts on “Where BSY could matter”

  1. Dear Vicky,
    There is one mistake in your A category. KJP did not field candidate in Yeshawanthapur. Always the surveys from national media always favors National parties, I am not expecting them to predict better prospects for regional party like KJP. I am of the opinion that KJP will become force to reckon with good number of seats. Dont write off the KJP party. Just ask K S Eshwarappa the man who supposed to canvass for other BJP seats is now realizing the mistake of taking on BSY. In Tumkur the battle is mostly between JDS, KJP and congress. BJP is nowhere in the picture(Ask Sogadu shivanna and BC Nagesh how it is difficult take on BSY). Vokkaligas leader is HDD/HDK, Kuruba leader is Siddu and likewise Lingayts treat him as their leader. If Lingayats back BSY, the undoubtedly he will man of of the moment after elections!.

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