SMK on campaign- Will it make a difference?

Will he or will he not was the question? S M Krishna is back on the streets campaigning for the Congress in Karnataka which faces the May 5 assembly elections.

He is not an aspirant for the post of Chief Minister in case the Congress comes to power in Karnataka. Many leaders in the Congress who have been loyal to him had requested him to campaign for them. They feel that Krishna could swing the Vokkaliga votes to some extent and more importantly he may make a difference in the IT sector of Bangalore as he had earned the tag of hi-tech Chief Minister once upon a time.

Krishna will not go on an extensive campaign this time. He would be largely restricted to Bangalore. He commenced his campaign at the Vijaynagar constituency. On commencing his campaign, Krishna said that he believes in Vijay or Victory and hence he chose this constituency. He will also be seen at the Sarvagna Nagar in Bangalore today. The Congress leaders are expected to ask him to canvas at Tumkur, Mandya and Mysore.

It appears that the Congress is using his resources largely in the Bangalore-Mysore-Mandya belts due to the large number of Vokkaligas in this area. Moreover Krishna is a native of Maddur which is around 80 kilometres from Bangalore. Krishna will be up largely against the Janata Dal (S) which is confident of making inroads in this region. The JD(S) had positioned itself as a party of Vokkaligas. Moreover the JD(S) is also banking on the Cauvery waters issue and it often accuses both the Congress and the BJP of not doing enough for the state of Karnataka. Krishna will have to battle this issue when he campaigns in this belt where the issue is of prime importance.

It may be recalled that when Krishna faced the elections following the end of his tenure as Chief Minister, he had not contested from his home town of Maddur. This was largely to do with the handling of the Cauvery waters issue. He had contested and won from the Chamrajpet assembly constituency in Bangalore city.

Krishna who does a lot of road shows has only been targeting the BJP in the state. The ruling party is in tatters today and the BJP cannot provide any stability. There have been three Chief Ministers in the past five years. Only the Congress can provide good governance and stability he says.

Krishna however is not a crowd puller like Siddaramaiah. There is a great deal of curiosity when he comes out to campaign, but when compared to the crowds a Siddaramaiah would pull, Krishna stands behind.

There was a million dollar question about him taking part in the campaign for the Congress. Even in 2008, he made a slow start to the campaign. This time around before the commencement of the election process, many of Krishna’s supporters had said that he is a CM candidate. However today all speculations have been laid to rest and Congress sources would indicate that due to his age he cannot be a contender for the top post.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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