Hyderabad blasts- Who had the first information?

blastThe question being asked on the Hyderabad blasts is who had the information regarding the reccee that was done which led to these attacks. Sources in the Special Cell of the Hyderabad police say that it appears that the Delhi police had the information first which was in turn passed on to the Maharashtra police which in turn helped them crack the 13/7 and Pune bombings.

The first of the arrests which helped bust the renewed Indian Mujahideen modules were carried out by the Delhi police. It was the arrest of Imran Khan of Nanded, Langde Sayed Firoze from Pune, Asad Khan, Aurangabad and Irfan Mustafa of Ahmednagar. It was the arrest of these men that led to the bigger picture and the investigators for the first time spoke about the Darbangha module in Bihar.

During the interrogation of the above mentioned persons, the Delhi police managed to track down Syed Maqbool who today is being termed as the man who surveyed Dilsukhnagar. It was at the same time that the Delhi police also provided leads which suggested that three men- Yasin Bhatkal, Waqas and Tabrez were involved in the 13/7 blasts.

Based on the charges leveled by the Delhi police, the Maharashtra ATS picked up the case and claimed that both the 13/7 blasts and the Pune attacks were inter linked. This also led to the cracking of the two cases.

The interrogation report prepared by the Delhi police in respect of Maqbool was available all the time. The confession of Maqbool is part of the Pune blasts investigation and has also appeared in several media outlets back in November 2012 itself. Maqbools questioning was specific and gave the investigators leads about the Hyderabad plan. He had said that Maqbool had along with Imran helped conduct a reccee of Dilsuknagar, Abids and Begum Bazaar in Hyderabad.

There is an argument on whether this information was shared or not. An officer from Hyderabad says that this information was never shared with them by the Delhi police. We cannot go by media reports and if there was a specific mention of Hyderabad, it ought to have to been communicated to us officially. The Delhi police are however in denial about not sharing the information. An officer say that information was given promptly to the Maharashtra police and they in turn had even put out pictures of Waqas and Tabrez who are being blamed for the Hyderabad attack today.

The Delhi police however point out that the bigger name is Maqbool as he is the one who had vital information regarding Hyderabad. The local police and special cell (Hyderabad) was well aware of this person and the moment he was arrested they should have followed up this case and sought more details officially. Moreover this information had also been passed on to the Intelligence Bureau which has sent out information regarding the same to many police stations including Hyderabad.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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