RSS terror remark- What have the investigators got?


The remark by Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde on terrorism and training camps run by the RSS has created a furore across the nation. It has even given the likes of Hafiz Saeed, top man of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba some ammunition to bash India.

The question is what prompted Shinde to issue such a statement linking the RSS to terrorism by some Hindu fundamentalists and if the investigators have been able to ascertain the direct role of the RSS in the various attacks that rocked the nation in the past couple of years.

Although in the investigating circles there was talk in hushed voices regarding a possible link between some Hindu radicals and incidents of terrorism, it was Hemanth Karkare who exposed this nexus for the first time. During this time there was also talk that many of these Hindu radicals enjoyed the support of some members of the RSS. So what have the investigations into the various cases relating to terror by Hindu radicals shown?

The biggest name from the RSS which came into the public domain in such cases was that of Indresh Kumar. The allegation was that he was linked directly to Devendra Gupta, an accused in the Ajmer blasts case. The other names from the RSS to figure in terror probes were that of Lokesh Kumar also said to be part of the RSS. It was alleged that Indresh Kumar who was part of the working committee of the RSS was linked directly with Gupta, a pracharak and Lokesh Kumar.

Further the preliminary investigations into the Ajmer blasts case showed that Indresh Kumar was in the know of some of the terror plots and had even helped Gupta and also Kumar. It was also stated that there was an attempt to carry out a blast at the Jamia Millia Islamia in the year 2007 and the intent was to attack Vice President Hamid Ansari. This was as per a confession made by a doctor and it was also stated that Indresh Kumar was in the know of this plot.

The other details that emerged were regarding the fight between Colonel Purohith and Indresh Kumar in which it was stated that the latter had not done much to retain the rule of the king in Nepal. It was due to this fall out that Purohith decided to go out on his own and get his own type of justice. However the other side of this story would go on to state that Indresh Kumar was the person who organised the Madhesis in Nepal as an anti Maoist Force in a bid to preserve Nepal as the only fully Hindu Rashtra. However Purohith thought otherwise and felt that more could have been done.

Here one should look at the investigations conducted by the Rajasthan Anti Terrorism Squad which had arrested Devendra Gupta, Chandrashekhar Borad and also Lokesh Sharma in connection with the Ajmer blasts case. Here it was found that Indresh Kumar was in contact with Gupta.

Further the Rajasthan ATS found that Gupta was not only in touch with Indresh Kumar but had also been in touch with around 8 members of the RSS, VHP and also the BJP.

These leads even led to the CBI coming into the picture and questioning a person by the name Ashok Varshney who was the former prant pracharak of the RSS in Jharkhand. They even questioned Ashok Berry who is said to be a central committee member of the RSS. It was revealed that Gupta had stayed with Varshney at the RSS bhavan in Kanpur.

Apart from the Ajmer blasts, the investigators also found that the Malegaon blasts were masterminded by Sunil Joshi who was later killed. According to the investigators he was an RSS functionary closely associated with Sadhvi Pragya Singh, who today is under arrest in connection with the Malegaon blasts. At that point in time, the investigators from the ATS, CBI and also the NIA had said that they had under their scanner nearly 100 persons who are believed to be linked with the RSS.

After this came the confession of Swami Aseemanand. Although it must be stated here that the confession was retracted later by him in court. In his confession which he claims was made under duress, he names Sunil Joshi, Indresh Kumar, Sadhvi Pragya Singh and senior RSS pracharaks, Sandeep Dange and also Ramji Kalasanghra. He even went on to state that it was Indresh Kumar who had financed many of the blasts and the attacks were executed by Sunil Joshi.

Aseemanand was working for the Adivasi Kalyan Ashram of the RSS in Birbhum, Bankura and Purulia districts of West Bengal from 1977. He had said that he had motivated some RSS pracharaks and other Hindu radicals to carry out strikes against Muslims.

What the investigators are saying:

Ironically despite all these names doing the rounds none of these cases have attained any sort of closure as yet which again leaves the alleged role of the RSS in these cases to remain open ended. It has been found that there are many elements who had turned rogue and decided to take to terror activities. However there is nothing on record to show that the RSS as an organisation had provided space or funds to carry out such activities.

Sources in the NIA however point out that some members of the RSS had funded these radicals without the knowledge of their organisation. It is difficult to prove a direct link, but we are not giving anyone a clean chit. Most of the RSS functionaries who have been questioned in connection with these cases have maintained that they knew these people but were not aware of they were up to. There was a need to fight to aggression from across the border, but none had authorised anyone to take an extreme step. The RSS had even distanced themselves from these elements and had said that there were some rogue elements and they had nothing to do with them. Varshney and Berry had even stated that there was nothing wrong in knowing a person like Devendra Gupta. He is an RSS worker and was regularly spotted at functions of the RSS. But that does not mean we were aware of the plot.

Investigators state that despite several allegations being hurled at Indresh Kumar, there is nothing as of now to show a concrete link. In some cases we have found that he was in contact with these operatives, but the links regarding to his financing of these activities is still under investigation. It was also found that some of these persons were taking his name as they felt let down and cheated when Kumar did not come to their rescue when they were arrested.

With regard to the training camps of the RSS which the Home Minister had linked to terror activities, investigators point out that most of these camps were found in the jungles. Many were camps that were operating individually and funds that had been raised were done through donations. There is no proof as yet to show that something has gone out of the RSS coffers to provide funding for these camps. However investigators are also quick to add that the probe is far from over and it is a deep rooted network which would take time to bust. Whether these were RSS functionaries operating under different banners in a bid to keep the organisation out of the radar is something that we are looking into. For this the probe relating to Indresh Kumar also the murder of Sunil Joshi needs to be completed. The NIA maintains that they have found a link between the Ajmer, Samjautha, Malegaon and Mecca Masjid blasts. It was basically the same ideology that was at work, but undertaken by different modules. Although the role of several RSS pracharaks in these cases had come to light, it would be too early to say that the camps and the blasts were executed at the behest of the RSS and this as we earlier pointed out would require a deeper probe and a thorough one to ascertain, an NIA official pointed out.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

7 thoughts on “RSS terror remark- What have the investigators got?”

  1. Name one mainstream and dominant Muslim organization which was against partition?
    Name one mainstream and dominant Muslim organization, who fought alongside RSS during the 62 war with China? Nehru ensured RSS cadre were part of the republic day marchpast during the following year because of the supportive role played by RSS during the war.
    Any flood, any calamity, RSS works without prejudice of religion or caste. For them, Nation comes first. Same way there are so many Muslim volunteer organizations that work effortlessly but don’t even find their mention in mainstream media, because these muslim groups are ‘secular’ but not ‘secular enough’ to suit Congress’es future plans. Many of these groups work in close sync with RSS and other groups.
    The so called folks who were close to Aseemanand were working overtime to bring about Hindu-Muslim amity. Aseemanand was a thorn in the flesh of Christian missionaries working in the Dang tribal districts of Gujarat. We know what the NIA(Non-Indian Agency) is up to under orders from top Congress echelons.
    No offence to anyone, but wasn’t it a foregone conclusion that both Samjhauta, Mecca Masjid blasts in Hyderabad and Malegaon(2006) blasts were carried out by the same LeT-Huji-Simi nexus with more than enough evidence provided by both American and British agencies who gave crucial links which corroborated with the initial investigation before the investigation was steered into a different direction by Congress’es own dirty tricks department who find willing schemers in Intelligence agencies.
    No evidence of RDX was found in Samjhauta blasts and UPA’s own forensic experts had blamed it on incendiary substances in bottles. The blast had caused a firebomb which engulfed the coach without giving people any time to escape. Heck, they even found one unexploded bomb as CLINCHING evidence. What happened to all that evidence? All of a sudden, it was an RDX bomb which killed close to a 100 Pakistanis without even shattering a window pane or causing any damage or ripping any limbs apart. All the victims died of burns and asphyxiation.
    The 2006 Mumbai local train bombings had RDX which caused extensive damage to the compartment with blown roof and twisted metal all around. More so, there were multiple explosions in 2006 were a series of 7 blasts that killed 209 people and left over 700 injured. Agreed, the loco coaches and regular rail coaches are built differently but they are certainly not so different to withstand a single massive explosion that kills 100 Pakistanis without maiming anyone or causing any impact damage within the compartment. The one’s who lost limbs were those who jumped out of the burning train. Some died and some were disabled for life. So how come an RDX bomb killed 100 people in a single bogie of Indian railways without causing any physical damage to the railway carriage, but it took 7 RDX explosions to kill just double the number of people(209 killed) in 2006 Mumbai blasts and completely devastate the railway coaches.
    People, all you have to do is just compare pictures of Samjhauta blasts and Mumbai 2006 train bombings to arrive at your own conclusions. The truly disgusting thing here is the Media playing willing accomplices in Congresses dirty game of dividing the country on communal lines, as if BJP hadn’t caused enough damage with Babri demolition.
    With such mounting evidence, how come UPA is still pushing ahead with the Hindu terror bogey in these cases with barely any evidence against these people. The only evidence they have is through that of association. When the Muslim boys who were picked up by Hyderabad police got a clean chit and by their own admission, they’ve said they were forced to sign on empty sheets then how can the police and NIA not be guilty of fabricating evidence out of thin air just to please their political bosses?
    Lt. Col Purohit has himself stated that he was a Govt. agent working on orders from the top. So was the Congress responsible for arming a disgruntled bunch of Hindus to set off Malegaon blasts in 2008 which implicated Abhinav Bharat? Karkare’s stint with RAW and his constant updates to Congress MP Digvijay Singh and Digvijay’s selective and well timed disclosures to the media leave a lot to be desired. In the end, we know how Congress flirted with Bhinderwale which led to a decade of unrest in Punjab and resulted in thousands of lives lost,just to keep a check on the Akalis.
    Same happened in Assam where they supported ULFA to keep the AASU and Mahanta factions who were student leaders during that time in check. BJP crushed ULFA by launching Operation Bajrang. They went to Bhutan and wiped out ULFA’s presence completely. BJP went and did the cleanup job in Assam which was a creation of Congress. The ULFA leaders who managed to escape moved to Bangladesh but they haven’t been the same dreaded terrorist organization since their complete ouster from Bhutan, all thanks to BJP.
    I don’t wish to sound like a BJP fanboy here, because they have their own hands dirty with their own brand of communalism but that doesn’t leave Congress’s hands any cleaner either.

    We have selective mention of Hindu terror every month at most English dailies and English Media with nothing more than trying to link it to RSS and BJP, but nothing beyond that. It has almost become a ritual these days.


  2. I really love reading your blog. I learn so much! The news in “my part of the world” seems to be more concerned with Michelle Obama’s new haircut and Lindsay Lohan doing whatever it is she does. I have to Google who these people are, that you write about, and what governments they represent, because they sure don’t seem to get a mention on ANY of my major news feeds or TV
    stations. American media – keeping us blissful and ignorant for over 50 years!


    1. thank you very much or reading my blog and i am glad you like it. although there is a fair amount of the haircut gossip kind of news that we get to read here too. it has become a necessary hazard of journalism i guess 🙂


  3. RSS and terrorism are poles apart and only yellow-eyed/blind people could think of matching them together. The Sangha has never advocated and supported terror activities. Probably few minds who were in touch with some of the RSS men were agitated by the pseudo-secular’s misdeeds may have reacted by getting into terror acts, which are just minor incidents. Nothing is prooved in the court rooms and only the so-called confessional statements by the alleged bombers are making news. The public is officially informed by the Home Minister that RSS and BJP is supporting terror activities. Why do we need the courts to decide the case when the Home Minister himself has decided the verdict? Are the judges of the concerned court’s sleeping?

    Indresh Kumar a very highly respected leader in the Sangha has the maximum number of muslim friends, particularly from Kashmir valley. He cannot be part of the so called terror module as alleged and rightly your blog mentions that there is nothing concrete evidence that can lead the probing agencies towards Indresh Kumar till this stage.

    Whatever might be said about Congress minority appeasement plan, but down south their fate is going to be very poor. Andhra which gave maximum seats in the last LS is all set for a clear wash-out for the congis this time. Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) is all set for a total polarised mandate with clear signs of BJP gaining a better advantage. Kerala as usual would return a set of comrades and TN with Jayalalitha cronies and both are anti-congress. However Karnataka is the only state which may give a few more seats than their pervious tally and this leaves the nappy-prince to scratch his empty head.

    One has to understand that this nappy prince got frightened by seeing Narendra Modi and hence the utterance of the Home Minister that terror is being supported by BJP & RSS!!!


  4. Nothing more than Congress’s ground preparation for 2014. Muslim votes are predominant to a Congress victory and therefore, they would bow down to any sort of national insecurity to achieve it. For RSS to involve in nefarious activities is preposterous since it is their Country and nothing deters them from that loyalty whereas all other sources of Terror has a reason for inflicting terror, be it for their religious dogma or for their large scale agenda of islamization and christianization – both going simultaneously. It is just absurd otherwise.


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