Right wing terror vs state of Maharashtra


The Maharashtra government conveyed a strong message when it stated that it proposes to act tough on right wing terror. In a recently filed affidavit before the Bombay High Court it indicated that it had recommended to the Union Government to ban Sanathan Sanstha under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA).

Interestingly the government of Maharashtra is yet to take a decision on Abhinav Bharath and says that this is under consideration and a decision to this effect would be taken very soon. Sources in the Maharashtra ATS who were part of recommending this ban say that they have carefully considered all aspects and have found that the Sanathan Sanstha had a hand to play in the blasts at Thana and Panvel blasts. Moreover there have also been links of the outfit to the attack at Goa following which we found it necessary to make such a recommendation. The case of Abhinav Bharath is under consideration and more proof is being collected regarding the outfit. Once that process is complete then a formal recommendation would be made, the officer also pointed out.

The Sanathan Sanstha has however reacted sharply to this affidavit and compares the actions of the state government to the Mughal raaj. Why has the name of the Sanathan Sanstha come up when the petition before the Bombay High Court was dealing with Abhinav Bharath, spokesperson for the Sanstha, Abhay Vartak told rediff.com. It is said that we are linked to Abhinav Bharath and that is not correct. The State Government has clarified in the affidavit that a proposal to ban Sanathan Sanstha has been forwarded to central government. Thus the State Government has initiated this action with a crooked objective to defame Sanathan Sanstha and stop the activities of Sanathan to unite nationalist minded Hindus. We are investigating under which false and misleading information, the State Government has submitted the proposal to ban Sanathan Sanstha. We have not indulged in any anti-national activities nor committed any crime.

Many highly qualified and respectable citizens are performing sadhana under the guidance of Sanathan Sanstha. The activities of Sanathan Sanstha are expanding at great speed. Sanathan Sanstha has constantly exposed before the public, injustice meted out to Hindus by the UPA government of Congress and N.C.P. Naturally, this proposal to ban Sanathan Sanstha has been prepared with by ulterior motive keeping in mind the above activities of Sanatan Sanstha. UPA government has a history of persecuting nationalist citizens by misusing their powers. Sanathan Sanstha will not silently tolerate its defamation by the government.

Vartak also pointed out that they had recently met with R R Patil regarding this issue and had requested him to personally inspect the activities of their organisation and not come to a conclusion so soon. However he refused to do so, the Sanstha spokesperson also pointed out.

Officials would however point out that it not without reason that they have jumped to such a conclusion. There have been scores of arrests that have been made and we have a clear indication regarding their activities. We did our best to curb their activities, but is found to be widespread in the state and neighbouring areas. It is important that a ban in imposed in order to maintain law and order, the officer also pointed out.

The Bombay High Court during a recent hearing had taken a strong view about why a ban had not been imposed on Abhinav Bharath despite being directed a year back. The government had informed that the Maharashtra police had recommended to the state government to include these organisations under the Schedule of Terrorists Organizations under Section 35 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, (UAPA) 1967.

The case against Abhinav Bharath however does not appear to be very simple. First and foremost there is a confusion regarding the name of the organisation. The Abhinav Bharath, a public charitable trust in a petition before the High Court had said that it was an older organisation and had no links with the Abhinav Bharath which is said to be Hindu Nationalist organization based whose members were arrested in connection with the 2008 Malegaon blasts. The Trust had moved the court in 2009 against the use of the name “Abhinav Bharat. The court had however in lighter vein suggested that the name be changed in order to avoid confusion.

In addition to this the biggest link that the police have is Colonel S Purohith, who was alleged to be a member of the Abhinav Bharath. There was a confusion that was caused following his deposition before an army court in which he said that he was not an accused, but was only part of this group as he proposed to find out about their activities while he was undercover. This is however not been accepted by the ATS which is probing the case and they say that their allegations against him would stand and the matter would be taken to trial independently. Once the investigations are complete against Purohith and his men then a decision on Abhinav Bharath is likely to be made by the state government, the official also pointed out.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

10 thoughts on “Right wing terror vs state of Maharashtra”

  1. The conspiracy to brand Hindus and their outfits as *Terror Organizations* is within the larger game plan being envisaged by the Bilderbergians and Islamists alike in conjunction with their political ally in Congress. Manufactured reasons, planted evidences and relentless propaganda against several Hindu outfits is the norm of the incumbent GOI, rather, the Sonia Government of India. There is widespread blasphemy against Hindus, their temples and their organizations unleashed by the SGOI, however, despite lack of any corporeal evidence. The pursuit against highly decorated individuals of the Hindu society at the behest of those engaged seriously in the larger game plan for a disintegrated, ruptured and divided India is their primordial agenda. The cliche, right wing terror, coined by the pseudo secularists and propagated by the paid media can not be remotely compared to the Islamic and Xian Terror Units that function within India with and under the protection of SGOI. The emergence of Hindu Organizations as such was thanks to the State’s shameful treatment of Hindus, disregard for their distress, apathy for their plight, and amongst innumerable other reasons, total castigation of their beliefs, practices and cultural values for the sake of puny “vote bank politics” or minority appeasement. When a push becomes a shove, counter measures are bound to emerge and the advent of Hindu unity is directly related to this one particular vice vehemently practiced by SGOI now and their predecessors earlier, pre and post independence.

  2. The so-called Hindu terror is just a reactionary force which may not last long. The State is over-reacting and thereby shifting the attention away from the muslim terror outfits. The Sadhvi has really received a very bad deal and should have got the minimum basic requirements. Worst, human rights does not apply to the rightists.

  3. Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru enjoy kababs and biryani, while Saadhvi Pragya Devi looks as if she’s aged 20 years in just 5. She rots away with cancer and illness while the police took forever to file chargesheet against her.

    A Lt Col assigned to assimilate with “saffron boogey men” is himself found guilty ! His communication trail to his superiors, army court of enquiry all take a backseat as a serving 2 star officer found in company of “hindu terrorists” is just too good a story to be let go for the vote bank sympathizers who’ve been long looking for a sucker to take some heat off islamists.

    Every murky terror incident, including the Samjautha Express is pounded upon Abhinav Bharat. Wonder why US DoJ still has the name of Illyas Kashmiri and his Brigade 313 along with Qasmani as the main perpetrators behind Samjautha Express ? And now the new drama with Sanathan Sanstha . What next ? Prajapita Bramhakumaris being banned as “terrorists” ?

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