Love Jihad- Kerala’s latest victims


A battle over a concept called as Love Jihad has broken out in Kerala and this time it is the Christians who are up in arms against this concept. The Global Council of Indian Christians say that the Christians are greatly disturbed by this concept which according to them has victimized 2868 women. They quote the example of a lady called Deepa Cherian now Shahina who had converted to Islam. Shahina was later arrested by the Kochi police on the charge that she had allegedly supplied SIM cards to T Nasir, a Lashkar-e-Tayiba operative.

The Christian Council says that Love Jihad today is an international conspiracy and has been taken note of in the cables exposed by Wikileaks. It is an international conspiracy of a diabolic “love jihad” design to trick innocent girls by the misguided Indian Muslim youth to convert them to Islam and marry them as part of a deep-rooted criminal ploy, and use them for immoral and terrorist activities in the country.   The latest case in the list of such painful incidents is that of a Christian lady from Kochi in Kerala who left her husband working in the Middle East and apparently married a Muslim driver of a school bus and now become an easy accomplice in their terror activities.  Kochi city police recently arrested that lady on charge of supplying SIM cards to Thadiyantavide Nazir while he was in prison.

Dr.Sajan K. George, President of Global Council of Indian Christians says that the woman originally named Deepa Cheriyan, had accepted the name Shahina after converting into Islam by certain elements. Deepa is married to a person who is abroad.  Deepa developed the affair with Naushad who was working as a driver. When she came to India she came with two SIM cards and allegedly provided them to Nasir. Deepa Cheriyan (31), also known as Shahina, was arrested from SRM Road at Kochion Wednesday by a police team led by Sunil Jacob, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ernakulam.

Dr George says that Deepa like many others is a victim of Love Jihad. He says that as per Wilileaks under the caption of Love Jihad it states that the US diplomats in their report from Chennai consulate had said: “Both Hindu and Christian groups have expressed fear and outrage at the ‘plot’, while Muslim groups have felt the need to defend their co-religionists against the conspiracy theorists”.

It  also said that “Controversial phenomena of ‘love jihad’ – an alleged conspiracy of foreign-funded “charming” Muslim men attempting to seduce, marry and convert Hindu and Christian women – had caught the fancy of American diplomats, who in their cables to Washington last year expressed that the episode generated a lot of “religious tensions” in south India.

The Catholic Church in Kerala was very much seized of the matter. The report said that “the Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance of the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) had reported that there had been 2,868 female victims of the ‘love jihad’ in Kerala from 2006 to 2009 alone. The panel had made several recommendations to parents through its newsletter, including a recommendation to monitor children’s cell-phones and computers, so that they can be better prepared to fight the phenomenon and resist what many call “charming” young Muslim men involved in the scheme.”  The Kerala High Court had also issued an order for the police to investigate the cases of two college-going girls allegedly forced to convert to Islam after marrying Muslim men. Some members of the police, politicians and both Hindu and Christian religious groups continue to suspect that ‘forced conversions’ are occurring, and that the culprits are receiving foreign funding for their efforts”.

The report further said that “In order to verify such claims and reports, US diplomats had met a number of people from different groups, including Sajan K George, national president of the Global Council of Indian Christians. The cable, as disclosed by WikiLeaks, said that George was convinced that “there was a concerted effort in south India by Muslim men to get Christian women fall in love with them in order to convert them”.  Quoting George, the cable said his group found it necessary to warn Christian parents and young girls of the danger posed by the ‘love jihad’ so that they can be better prepared to resist what many call “charming” young Muslim men involved in the scheme.”

The latest report from Luton, a township about 30 miles from the London city centre, hits the nail on the head that the Love Jihad is undoubtedly an International menace.  A racially explosive leaflet urging Muslim men to – quite literally – seduce Sikh and Hindu girls into their faith is being hawked on the streets of Luton.

The council says that they need to fight this menace and have set out some guidelines in order to prevent this. They recommend to parents that the cell phones of the daughters be monitored. Parents should also monitor computers of their daughters and also keep a tab on their movements to avoid such incidents of Love Jihad.

The police in Kerala say that this menace is still on in the state. Most of the time the victims are being used as conduits in crime and the Shahin or Deepa case is one such example. Many of these girls do not realise what they are getting into and often fall trap to such men trying to lure them into conversion. However the police also add that despite a conversion figure of 2000 odd being given it cannot be said that all cases pertain to this concept called as Love Jihad. There are some genuine cases as well, the police also point out.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

9 thoughts on “Love Jihad- Kerala’s latest victims”

  1. hinukal poojikunathe vaalum parijayum asura shirasukalum kayilenthunna devi rupatheyane athu manasilakiyal naale karayandi varilla VANTE MATHARAM


  2. Dear Mr. nanjappa

    thanks a lot for this extremely informative piece , just like all your earlier works.

    it is indeed such a serious issue but not properly highlighted by many sections of media, due to different reasons. of course, since nothing can be effectively proved or even tried ( love doesn’t have religion will be d usual answer, if any from islamic groups) , i dont know what is the solutions to it.

    people are aware of it but it is a strategic move by ‘working’ on the sentiments of lovelorn girls. in such a situation, wud a mass awareness campaign help? if hindus organize a meeting decrying love jihad, aren’t there chances of some media channels taking up cudgels against these defensive hindu groups only? since these channels will never accepts the practice of ‘love jihad’

    so what is the solution?


    1. A lack of unity while fighting such issues is lacking. I think there shud be more awareness and parents too shid play a bigger role in curbing this menace. Thank u for ur comment sir


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