“Jundal talks too fast, too much”

Apart from being a top ranking terrorist in the circles of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Abu Jundal is giving investigators a tough time with the speed at which he talks. Investigators say that he speaks so fast and continously that they were finding it difficult to grasp what he has been saying.
Ever since the time he has been brought in for questioning, he has not stopped talking. He is very forthcoming with his answers and very often he has been speaking his mind out about his deeds. Finally the investigators who were unable to catch up handed him some 30 sheets of paper and asked him to write down everything that he had spoken. Jundal readily agreed to write down everything.
For the investigators this is a blessing in disguise as they would find this to be a valid document before the court. It would help them coroborate the evidence with the written statements that he has given to the police.
However his talkative nature is not something that the investigators would get carried away by. The truth ultimately may be just 30 per cent and that is what we need to build our case on.
He is no ordinary criminal and does master the art of deception. When he is asked to tell his story he does tend to divert us, but we have tried our best to ensure that he answers questions to the point, a source told rediff.com. While he has been forthcoming about his role in the 26/11 attack, he is however sketchy regardings certain specific names connected with the inner circle in the Pakistani establishment connected with the attack. However it would need many more days of questioning before a complete picture emerges, an investigator informed.


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