Custody would humiliate Yeddyurappa

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The Karnataka High Court which on Thursday granted anticipatory bail to former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa made a strong observation- ‘ taking a former Chief Minister into custody who continues to be in public life will humiliate him.’
The observation was made by Justice Subhash Adi while granting anticipatory bail to Yeddyurappa, his two sons and son in law.
Justice Adi observed that similar cases had been filed against Yeddyurappa and he was granted bail. Further the same court had quashed the report of the Lokayukta which had recommended criminal proceedings against him. This Lokayukta report was the source for the Central Empowered Committee (CEC) to recommend to the Supreme Court to direct seeking a CBI probe.
The CBI had argued that the accused persons were evasive in their replies. The court however stated that the CBI however does not state that the accused failed to appear for questioning. Just because the answers were evasive it does not mean that they need to be interrogated in custody. Moreoever there is no allegation that the accused are tampering with the evidence or hampering the probe.
The court stated that there is nothing to show that the accused are committing similar offences. The CBI had interrogated the accused for a month without taking them into custody. Moreover the case is based on documentary evidences, the court also observed.

Drama: this Yeddyurappa matter too was not short of any drama. Two days back pamphlets were distributed in the court accusing the judge of being biased. It stated that bail would be granted by the court as Yeddyurappa has promised to make senior leader, Jagadish Shettar the CM. It was alleged that Shettar is close to the judge.
The order which was to be pronounced yesterday was put off to today.
Prior to the commencement of the order today, Justice Adi asked both parties whether they had any objection to him passing the order. He commenced dictation only after no objections were raised.


One thought on “Custody would humiliate Yeddyurappa

  1. Wonder if this is the same judge who earlier wrote a judgement saying An FIR against Yeddyurappa by Mr. Hegde goes against natural justice, because he wasn’t heard and his reputation will be spoiled?

    Our HC rulings are really weird. By their token no FIR can be filed against anyone before a case against them is proved!! If that is so, why we need to have judiciary?

    And this judgement is weird too. Why is Yeddyurappa’s humiliation any worser than the humiliation of any other citizen? If law applies to other citizens, shouldn’t it apply to Yeddyurappa? “How so high he may be”??

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